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If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Sasha Velour. Sasha is a drag queen who has made a name for herself by being unique and unapologetically herself. In an industry that is often judgments and cruel, Sasha has managed to build an empire based on her love of art and self-expression. Her story is one of perseverance in the face of adversity, and it’s sure to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere. Keep reading to discover about Sasha Velour’s incredible journey.

We are glad to present you the strongest Queer quotes from Sasha Velour, and much more.


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About Sasha Velour

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June 25, 1987

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Vassar College

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Drag Queen, Artist

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Winner


There are so many voices that tell people, especially queer people, that they don’t have importance and regality. โ€” Sasha Velour

Racism is a problem everywhere, especially in this country, but all over the world, and especially within queer space. โ€” Sasha Velour

Queer art is as much about starting conversations as it is about making dramatic statements. โ€” Sasha Velour

Taking care of your mental health is important, and being able to model that for queer people who are out there every day dealing with their own struggles is very significant. โ€” Sasha Velour

the audience of drag race and the fans of drag queens are often very surprising Sasha Velour quote

I’m a drag queen who is thoughtful and serious about drag in addition to being funny, ambitious, and glamourous. โ€” Sasha Velour

The audience of ‘Drag Race’ and the fans of drag queens are often very surprising. โ€” Sasha Velour

Inspiring Phrases From Sasha Velour

Drag performance is really emotional. โ€” Sasha Velour

A superstar doesn’t just use the spotlight for themselves. โ€” Sasha Velour

My favorite diva is Dame Shirley Bassey from the U.K. I just love that every song she sings becomes crazy and intense with feeling. That’s how I feel in my daily life. โ€” Sasha Velour

drag performance is really emotional Sasha Velour quote

I’d like to see drag really cultivate its political roots. โ€” Sasha Velour

It’s important in drag to challenge things and present your own vision. โ€” Sasha Velour

My favorite thing about drag is taking one idea and flipping it on its head entirely. โ€” Sasha Velour

Everyone is welcome in drag. Everyone is important and valuable. โ€” Sasha Velour

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Drag is literally so ancient that it predates modern understanding of gender, of transness, of queerness. Drag predates modern ideas of gender, of theater at all. Drag predates the word ‘drag’ itself. โ€” Sasha Velour

i m certainly not inventing anything new with drag Sasha Velour quote

I’m certainly not inventing anything new with drag. โ€” Sasha Velour

The truth is, a lot of people go to drag shows, really, for very light entertainment, and I think sometimes maybe we don’t even give the audiences enough credit as to what they’d be down for. โ€” Sasha Velour

For me, my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength: I’m a complete overthinker about everything. โ€” Sasha Velour

I’ve found that embracing the things that make me a little strange and different from other people, and learning to love that, makes me feel beautiful and fashionable every day. โ€” Sasha Velour

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That’s what I wanted ‘Pirate Jenny’ to be: a queer, revolutionary fairy tale for the people that I love. โ€” Sasha Velour

I love hearing the same songs over and over againโ€“as long as queens challenge themselves to come up with new ways of performing them. โ€” Sasha Velour

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Drag should push the limits of what is considered fashionable or beautiful. โ€” Sasha Velour

Just in my experience as a drag queen, I’ve been able to connect with queer people around the worldโ€“and to see them connecting with each other over a shared love of drag! โ€” Sasha Velour

I’ve learned that I am a complete workaholic and that no amount of sleeplessness or exhaustion will keep me from taking on new or ambitious projects. That is both a good quality and a terrible one, I think. โ€” Sasha Velour

Drag is about asserting your power and your brilliance and your importance. โ€” Sasha Velour

drag should push the limits of what is considered fashionable or beautiful Sasha Velour quote

For a while, my favorite movie was ‘Vertigo.’ Everything in that movie was captivating to me. โ€” Sasha Velour

I think Bianca Del Rio should be in politics. โ€” Sasha Velour

Absolutely anyone can and must do drag. โ€” Sasha Velour

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