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I had the opportunity to interview Sandra Bullock, and she surprised me with her candor. She has been through some tough times in her life, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a Hollywood A-lister.

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About Sandra Bullock

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July 26, 1964

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American, German

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Actress, Producer

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I’ve never had good fortune with sequels. Everyone says this time is going to be better. And then I’ve done them and they’ve just been not–they weren’t better. — Sandra Bullock

There weren’t roles for females in comedies for a really long time. — Sandra Bullock

Having to be nice all the time is exhausting and boring, but to play someone who just has that under layer of unhappiness, you know that it comes from someplace. — Sandra Bullock

I don’t think we spend enough time in silence, just realizing what’s floating around in our noggin. — Sandra Bullock

there weren t roles for females in comedies for a really long time Sandra Bullock quote

If you spend enough time with yourself in silence, you’ll be surprised what goes through your head. — Sandra Bullock

The first time I met [Sylvester Stallone], he had golf tees up his nose. So I figured we were going to be OK. — Sandra Bullock

I’ve been on the floor and I’ve been heartbroken. I didn’t know how I was going to stand up. But I just gave it time. — Sandra Bullock

I don’t want to not enjoy where I am at this very moment. So, every time I plan something the exact opposite happens. I hope that I’m always satisfied and content like I am right at this very moment. — Sandra Bullock

I love the written word; I love when someone takes the time or leaves you a note or sends a letter. — Sandra Bullock

I didn’t have a teenage or early–20s experience that was free and without worry. I missed the screw–everything, have–a–good–time phase. — Sandra Bullock

When you’re an actor, seeing yourself for the first time, you spend all your time just watching yourself and hating yourself and picking your performance apart. You say, ‘I look horrible. I should quit. — Sandra Bullock

Nothing makes me happier than dancing. It transforms me. It’s the only time I let out what is inside and I feel completely sensual and sexy and alive. — Sandra Bullock

I’m a huge lover of going to the theater and having that experience of people in the room. Any time you go to an experience like this, you hear it in a different way because sound systems are different. — Sandra Bullock

I was afraid of being a failure, of not having the best time or of being chicken. But every year I get older I think, What was I fearing last year?’ You forget. And then you move on. — Sandra Bullock

I hate the term ‘rom–com.’ — Sandra Bullock


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Everyone does things for love. — Sandra Bullock

We are all deserving of love. — Sandra Bullock

Who is Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock is an American actress and film producer known for her charismatic energy and wit onscreen, especially as girl-next-door characters in romantic comedies


My goal now is to remember every place I’ve been, only do things I love, and not say yes when I don’t mean it. — Sandra Bullock

It’s just too much if you make your career everything. It is everything when you’re doing it. But you have to find things you love just as much. — Sandra Bullock

everyone does things for love Sandra Bullock quote

I love good romantic comedies. There just aren’t a lot of them. But, I love comedies, and I’ll never stop doing them. — Sandra Bullock

There’s something sexy about a gut. Not a 400–pound beer gut, but a little paunch. I love that. — Sandra Bullock

I love my comedy too much to bastardize it with bad romantic comedy. — Sandra Bullock

I know nothing about love and romance, so I prefer to stick to just comedy. — Sandra Bullock

I love humor. I always will fall back on humor. That’s something that I think you can’t ever get enough of and, if it’s done well, it’s great. When it’s bad, it’s horrible. — Sandra Bullock

we are all deserving of love Sandra Bullock quote

Every movie is a love story. — Sandra Bullock

I love people in elements that they’re not used to. — Sandra Bullock

I would love to be on ‘Top Gear’ as a star in a reasonably priced car. — Sandra Bullock

I don’t know if I always want to be in front of the camera. I love producing, I love the camaraderie. I love the adventures. I love the stress. — Sandra Bullock

All the knowledge that I have doesn’t necessarily make me brilliant, but I love acquiring knowledge and then sharing it with everybody else. — Sandra Bullock

i love my comedy too much to bastardize it with bad romantic comedy Sandra Bullock quote

I think Benjamin Bratt is the most dreamy… he’s dreamy! And I love the fact that he’s got this Peruvian heritage; he’s absolutely striking. — Sandra Bullock

Falling in love–you should go with it, regardless of whether or not your heart gets smashed. You’ll be a better person. — Sandra Bullock

I love raw cookie dough, right out of the tube. The other thing I eat is marshmallow fluff. — Sandra Bullock

Now, I love men, but I don’t need to always be talking about them. — Sandra Bullock

Sure, I’ve done movies in which I was embarrassed by my performance, or might not have cared for a co–star. Then I’d have to tell lies, like, ‘Oh, we love each other; everything was perfect!’ — Sandra Bullock

i know nothing about love and romance so i prefer to stick to just comedy Sandra Bullock quote

I love thongs. The day they were invented, sunshine broke through the clouds. — Sandra Bullock

I love fashion. I love couture. I’m going to erect a shelf in my bedroom with an art light to be the spot for the shoes of the month. — Sandra Bullock

There’s no race, no religion, no class system, no color–nothing–no sexual orientation, that makes us better than anyone else. We’re all deserving of love. — Sandra Bullock

I hear them, I hear someone bangIng on my door. — Sandra Bullock


I don’t understand women who try to be glamour queens. — Sandra Bullock

i don t understand women who try to be glamour queens Sandra Bullock quote

My mother was ahead of her time as a woman. — Sandra Bullock

Women are like ovens. We need 5 to 15 minutes to heat up. — Sandra Bullock

I admire actresses who are good to women. I don’t like the ones who just don’t like women. You can feel it. They’re degrading themselves. — Sandra Bullock

Women should do a lot more fighting. I don’t think it’s fair that we can’t get into a good fight. — Sandra Bullock

Competing with other women wastes a lot of time, and I’m just not very good at it. — Sandra Bullock

my mother was ahead of her time as a woman Sandra Bullock quote

Chocolate is the greatest gift to women ever created. — Sandra Bullock

Chocolate is the greatest gift to women ever created, next to the likes of Paul Newman and Gene Kelly. It’s something that should be had on a daily basis. — Sandra Bullock

I never realized that as a woman I would be looked at as less than until I was pretty deep in this business and realized, ‘Oh my God. I’m being treated this way because I’m female. — Sandra Bullock

I thought, let’s see what my sIlly name wIll do, and I won! apparently, name recognItIon and votIng for democratIc women counts for a lot. — Sandra Bullock

I don’t understand why there needs to be a love interest to make women go see a film. I think society sort of makes us feel that way–that if you don’t have a guy, you’re worthless. — Sandra Bullock

women are like ovens we need 5 to 15 minutes to heat up Sandra Bullock quote


You can’t have good comedy without drama in it. — Sandra Bullock

People who do comedy really are the nastiest people on the planet. — Sandra Bullock

Where was Sandra Bullock born?

Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington, Virginia, on July 26, 1964.


Usually comedy is only available to us ladies in the romantic comedy. That’s why I hate romantic comedies. — Sandra Bullock

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Comedy is wonderful when you really nail it and you hear people laughing, but it’s not always that easy. — Sandra Bullock

I really am thankful that I got to do The Proposal movie the right way with people who taught me how to do comedy better. — Sandra Bullock

you can t have good comedy without drama in it Sandra Bullock quote

I will do comedy until the day I die: inappropriate comedy, funny comedy, gender–bending, twisting comedy, whatever comedy is out there. — Sandra Bullock

I think in general, romantic comedies tend to take one person’s point of view, but every once in a while you get something that is balanced for two people. — Sandra Bullock

I think people who do comedy tend to do it well, and to do it painfully and truthfully. So making the leap to drama is easier for them because everything they’ve done is from pain anyway. — Sandra Bullock

The costume designer designing clothes that helped the comedy in The Proposal, that sold the character. Each and every detail was so perfectly thought of, what wouldn’t be here? That’s a lost art. — Sandra Bullock


I don’t think we are the only planet that has life. — Sandra Bullock

i don t think we are the only planet that has life Sandra Bullock quote

Racism, anti–Semitism, homophobia, sexism, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life. — Sandra Bullock

I’ve been trying to find the word that says what I need to be in life. ‘Brave’ is the only word. It’s the only thing that I ask myself to be. — Sandra Bullock

I don’t need any more stories. I have enough stories. I need a life. — Sandra Bullock

I’ve lived next door to people all my life. I don’t know how cute they think I am. — Sandra Bullock

I just want people to admit that there’s no one way to live your life. — Sandra Bullock

i don t need any more stories i have enough stories i need a life Sandra Bullock quote

I was a little worried that the familiarity would be a little weird, but I think for me everything is musical in my life. For me, timing is a rhythm. — Sandra Bullock

If you don’t have kids and animals, you don’t truly know what life is about. — Sandra Bullock

I think every human being has a level of melancholy in life and in general. — Sandra Bullock

My mother always told me, ‘Don’t get married. Make your own life. You don’t need a man.’ — Sandra Bullock

What was Sandra Bullock’s first movie?

Sandra Bullock’s first role in a movie was in the thriller Hangmen, in which she played a supporting character named Lisa Edwards.
Bullock’s first leading role was in Who Shot Pat?, a romantic coming-of-age film that examines racial tensions in the 1950s.

No one understands the shift in priorities about having a child in your life… until you have a child in your life. — Sandra Bullock

i ve lived next door to people all my life i don t know how cute they think i am Sandra Bullock quote

Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome. — Sandra Bullock

I now know that anything sweet, really sweet, that I have was nothing that I planned. If you don’t have kids and animals, you don’t truly know what real life is about. — Sandra Bullock

There’s no magic numbers in birthdays in my life, there are no milestones, there’s no event. Every birthday has to be celebrated to its fullest, even if it’s with one person or with 20. — Sandra Bullock

People asked me, ‘Remember in ’96 when …..’ I go, ‘I don’t. I don’t remember most of my life, because I was not present.’ I was worried, I was fearful, I was running, I was hiding. — Sandra Bullock

You grow up and share life experiences. That’s one of the best parts of this business. You share how you’re mellowing out and your new sense of self. — Sandra Bullock

i just want people to admit that there s no one way to live your life Sandra Bullock quote

I’m just having fun. And giving a sort of second shot at childhood and life–and I need to be present to do it. — Sandra Bullock


Everything works out the way the universe wants it to work out. — Sandra Bullock

I have achieved everything through either hard work or luck. — Sandra Bullock

I hate the word assistant. No one works for me. I work with everyone because I couldn’t do anything without the people that I work with. — Sandra Bullock

I need to know how the clock is made after you tell me what time it is. I want to know all the details so I can understand how it works. — Sandra Bullock

everything works out the way the universe wants it to work out Sandra Bullock quote

It’s nice we work in a place where you’re allowed to keep coming back to have new experiences together. — Sandra Bullock

I rely on music heavily, just in life and in my work. — Sandra Bullock

I would say if you are going to party, show up on time to work. — Sandra Bullock

Once you learn how to say no, that’s about the only place that you’ll have control of your work and what you do. — Sandra Bullock

It’s the rare happening when actors get together and you have chemistry, connection, just something that works, that’s bigger than what’s on the page. — Sandra Bullock

i have achieved everything through either hard work or luck Sandra Bullock quote

As for doing more dramatic work over comedy, I do whatever turns me on at the moment. — Sandra Bullock

Who did Sandra Bullock marry?

In 2005 Sandra Bullock married Jesse James, a motorcycle builder and host of the television show Monster Garage.

In 2010 Bullock filed for divorce after revelations surfaced that James had had many affairs during their marriage.


I’m not a fan of reality shows, but I am a fan of people who use their brains and skills and hard work to outsmart people, not to steal someone’s man or get drunk on TV. — Sandra Bullock

You know, people ask, ‘How does the chemistry happen?’ It’s like being in a bar when you’re drunk. You see the person, and you don’t know why, it just works. And it’s like everything goes in slow–motion. — Sandra Bullock

You don’t. It doesn’t work. One day, you wake up, and you’ve learned how to store it, and you go to another part of the heart. — Sandra Bullock


It’s sad when you say a $30 million film is an inexpensive film, but it is. — Sandra Bullock

it s sad when you say a 30 million film is an inexpensive film but it is Sandra Bullock quote

I’ve been in enough films where the studio wanted that extra little cuteness to make it sellable. — Sandra Bullock

I’ve always wanted to do a female buddy film, the kind the guys get to do. — Sandra Bullock

I will make myself sick on films, just because you want everything to be right. I can’t sleep if something hasn’t been done or is out of place. — Sandra Bullock

My quest to find a great role for myself started long before this film [ ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’]came around. — Sandra Bullock

If a film is not a success, then that’s just the way things are. Nothing I can do can make a difference. I have stopped worrying about it. — Sandra Bullock

If you can’t categorize a film for a studio, it’s really difficult for them to wrap their heads around it and give you the money. — Sandra Bullock

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