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How would you like to read the inspiring story of a young entrepreneur who went from homeless to successful business owner? That’s exactly what you’ll find in this post. Ryan White is a self-made millionaire who started with nothing and achieved great success. His story is one of determination, hard work, and never giving up. If you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration, then be sure to read Ryan’s story.

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About Ryan White

birth of the author

December 6, 1971

death of the author

April 8, 1990

deathcause of the author

Cause Of Death:
Aids-Related Pneumonia

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Now filmed white and stared unseeingly towards the new dawn. — L.J. Ross

I wondered if a white person could ever comment on the minority experience and get it right. — Catherine Ryan Hyde

Well, fancy meeting you here,’ he boomed, tucking the white stick back into his — L.J. Ross

Trust isn’t a black and white thing… Everyone has the capacity to let you down at one time or another… [but] if you can’t trust, you can’t love (pg. 215). — Amy Kathleen Ryan

But it’s such a rich white,’ I say, forcing my lips to stay curved. ‘Well, this is Tribeca,’ Grip deadpans. ‘There’s bound to be a lot of rich whites. — Kennedy Ryan


My name is Ryan White. I am sixteen years old. I have hemophilia, and I have AIDS. — Ryan White

The school I was going to said they had no guidelines for a person with AIDS. — Ryan White

Most recently my battle has been against AIDS and the discrimination surrounding it. — Ryan White

Because of the lack of education on AIDS, discrimination, fear, panic, and lies surrounded me. — Ryan White

my name is Ryan White i am sixteen years old i have hemophilia and i have aids Ryan White quote

Rumors of sneezing, kissing, tears, sweat, and saliva spreading AIDS caused people to panic. — Ryan White

Aids can destroy a family if you let it, but luckily for my sister and me, Mom taught us to keep going. Don’t give up, be proud of who you are, and never feel sorry for yourself. — Ryan White

On December 17, 1984, I had surgery to remove two inches of my left lung due to pneumonia. After two hours of surgery the doctors told my mother I had AIDS. — Ryan White

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Eventually, I won the right to attend school, but the prejudice was still there. — Ryan White

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The desire to move into a bigger house, to avoid living AIDS daily, and a dream to be accepted by a community and school, became possible and a reality with a movie about my life, The Ryan White Story. — Ryan White

eventually i won the right to attend school but the prejudice was still there Ryan White quote

I spent Christmas and the next thirty days in the hospital. — Ryan White

We had great faith that with patience, understanding, and education, that my family and I could be helpful in changing their minds and attitudes around. — Ryan White

I believe in myself as I look forward to graduating from Hamilton Heights High School in 1991. — Ryan White

Twice a week I would receive injections or IV’s of Factor VIII which clotted the blood and then broke it down. — Ryan White

A lot of my time was spent searching, thinking and planning my life. — Ryan White

i spent christmas and the next thirty days in the hospital Ryan White quote

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