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Rock Lee is a fictitious character in the anime Naruto. He’s an underdog who faces many hardships, but never gives up because he wants to become strong and prove himself. Rock Lee has always been ridiculed for his weight, but he never let that stop him from doing what he wanted to do: protect his village and be seen as someone worth something. He trained hard throughout the series even when it seemed like all hope was lost for him, which is inspiring enough on its own; however, when you read about how much he went through at such a young age it becomes even more so. This blog post will share with you some of Rock Lee’s story with details pulled straight from the show and manga.
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Naruto Chapter 36: Sakura’s Depression

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Masashi Kishimoto

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Genin In Part I Chunin In Part Ii Jonin In Epilogue


I love folk; that’s a big part of my background. — Amy Lee

I love my cats more than I love most people. Probably more than is healthy. — Amy Lee

I love tiny, plastic realistic food magnets. I don’t know why. They’re hilarious. — Amy Lee

I love the creative process. That’s always been the closest thing to my heart, creating something. — Amy Lee

I love sushi. But after too much of it, it just starts to taste like a dead animal that hasn’t been cooked. — Amy Lee

I want to work with kids. I would love to be a teacher. — Amy Lee

The way that I’ve always gone about making music, the rule of thumb, has just been to make what I love. — Amy Lee

Everyone knows a lot about me without actually knowing me at all. — Amy Lee


My darlings, if I can’t write dark, epic music, I can’t live! — Amy Lee

Music is therapy for me. It’s my outlet for every negative thing I’ve ever been through. It lets me turn something bad into something beautiful. — Amy Lee

I announced to everyone that I was embarking on a solo tour. Not a music tour, but a tour of drugs and prostitutes. — Tommy Lee

Writing music is my therapy. It’s very purifying! — Amy Lee

My biggest dream from the beginning–besides Evanescence–is scoring film and writing music for film. — Amy Lee


There is nothing harder than being your own rock. — Michael Lee West

I don’t want to ever be a quote–unquote rock star. I want to just be me. — Amy Lee

I don’t want to be Christina Aguilera. I want to be Amy Lee, rock queen–not sex queen. — Amy Lee

Honestly I just wear what I like. You know why? ‘Cause I can, I’m a rock star. — Amy Lee

It gets cold in the desert at night, particularly up in the mountains; the stars hammer on the rock and strike frost. — Tanith Lee

They should have warned you that little princesses grow up to be red rocks and raging seas, fire dragons and warrior queens. — Melody Lee


We’ve never been a religious band, but the media wants us to be. — Amy Lee

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I’m not ashamed of my spiritual beliefs, but I in no way incorporate them into this band. — Amy Lee

I am Evanescence. I am the only original member. I have basically hired the band. Evanescence has become me. It is mine and it’s exactly how I want it to be. — Amy Lee

When I was in high school, I listened to a lot of death metal bands. — Amy Lee

People told me I can’t dress like a fairy. I say, I’m in a rock band and I cand do whatever the hell I want! — Amy Lee

There are people hell–bent on the idea that we’re a Christian band in disguise, and that we have some secret message. We have no spiritual affiliation with this music. It’s simply about life experience. — Amy Lee


So many nights I cried myself to sleep. Now that you love me, I love myself. I never thought I would say this. I never thought there’d be you. — Amy Lee

We thought we had elevated animal behavior to an art form. But then we met Ozzy. — Tommy Lee

I write by myself initially. That’s the way I’ve always written, just working on pure thought by myself. Then I bring it to the table with whoever I’m collaborating with. — Amy Lee

Inspiration comes in the middle of the night when you should be doing homework. — Amy Lee


That’s where I spent of lot of my high–school years––in the closet. It wasn’t too cramped, but you do get really hot. — Amy Lee

Evanescence fans aren’t the popular kids in school. They aren’t the cheerleaders. It’s the art kids and the nerds and the kids who grow up to be the most interesting creative people. — Amy Lee

Like now what Urban Outfitters has become is very much how I always dressed in high school by going to garage sales and getting stuff for 50 cents. Cost a little more now, to look like crap. — Amy Lee

When Evanescence took time off, I bought a big concert harp and started taking lessons like I was in high school again, which was really, really fun. I felt like I was learning again. — Amy Lee