The Best Relationship quotes

What is the key to a successful business relationship? Communication, trust and respect. Without these components in place, it can be difficult for any business venture to thrive. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite relationship quotes – to help remind you of the importance of strong partnerships. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working together for years, these quotes are a great reminder that success comes from teamwork.


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The best relationship quotes

1. I have plenty of money to do what I want to do, and I have the relationships. — Tim Ferriss

2. There is a direct relationship between a person’s grasp and experience of God’s grace, and his or her heart for justice and the poor. — Timothy Keller

3. No relationship works without making an effort. That goes without saying. But you should never overcompensate. — Sonam Kapoor

4. Spiritual direction is an interpersonal relationship in which we learn how to grow, live, and love in the spiritual life. — Richard Foster

5. I have rules for life, but not for love. If I think too hard about a relationship, I’ll talk myself out of it — Taylor Swift

6. To restore a lost relationship is your choice — Sunday Adelaja

7. A story that is more interesting than any novel written by Nicolas Spark — a relationship that has more emotions than any movie made by Karan Johar

8. You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God. — Tammy Faye Bakker

9. Never be content with your work, your relationships, your life. That’s the stupid advice philosophers give today. — Marty Rubin

10. Melissa and I have the best working relationship, and we feel that Jack and Jennifer have so much more to do. — Matthew Ashford

11. The two things we all want so desperately–glory and relationship–can coexist only with God. — Timothy Keller

12. Stop making a relationship about what you get and start making it about what you give, for what you give is what you’ll get in return. — Rob Liano

13. Relationships are built on trust. — Rajen Jani, Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories

14. A woman in love is her most lovely. A relationship end does not change that unless she lets it. — Suzette R. Hinton

15. Before I started writing about food, my focus was really on the human relationship to plants. Not only do plants nourish us bodily–they nourish us psychologically. — Michael Pollan

16. There’s nothing worse than walking around and talking about your failed relationship, all day, every day, for months on end. — Max Greenfield

17. To restore a lost relationship is your choice — Sunday Adelaja

18. When you’re in a relationship with somebody who is also a public personality, then it doubles the attention from the media. — Michelle Williams

19. Friendship is a relationship, friendliness is a state of your being. You are simply friendly; to whom, that is not the point. . . — Rajneesh

20. You can make goals for family, relationships, anything. — Michael Johnson

21. Good work, like good talk or any other form of worthwhile human relationship, depends upon being able to assume an extended shared world. — Stefan Collini

22. Poisonous relationships can alter our perception. You can spend many years thinking you’re worthless… but you’re not worthless, you’re unappreciated. — Steve Maraboli

23. Genius is the capacity for seeing relationships where lesser men see none. — William James

24. A relationship that is not actively nurtured dies out eventually, I told myself. Or does it? — Sandhya Jane, Second Spring

25. Patience has nothing to do with suppression. In fact, it has everything to do with a gentle, honest relationship with yourself. — Pema Chodron

26. It’s not like a boss and artist relationship; it’s like a big brother to a younger brother relationship, and he’s a great guy. So big shout–out to Akon and the Konvict Muzik crowd. — WizKid

27. Relationships have to have a give and take if they’re going to work in the long term. — Shakira

28. I’ve had a lot of mother figures. But by the time my mom came into my life, it wasn’t a ‘mommy’ thing. It’s more of an adult relationship. — Paris–Michael Katherine Jackson

29. Compromise makes relationships survive. — Rajen Jani, Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories

30. Whatever you focus your mind on, you will consciously and subconsciously work towards. — Sam Owen, 500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite–Sized Advice For Busy People

31. I tend to believe, when you’re in a relationship, if you don’t fight, it’s not a real relationship. You have to have arguments and tensions, otherwise I don’t believe it. — Richard LaGravenese

32. Relationships and trust. This is the bedrock of life. — Mukesh Ambani

33. God’s voice is always consistent with His Word. — Sue Detweiler, 9 Traits of a Life Giving Marriage: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts

34. Romantic love morphs into a loving and eternal relationship if we understand what is love — why passion is such a sweet word.

35. No one leaves a long–term relationship scot–free or without conflict. — Susie Orbach

36. I think that there is always a part of utopia in any romantic relationship. — Pedro Almodovar

37. Our basic relationship to sex mirrors our whole relationship to life. — Swami Dhyan Giten

38. If this world was made by a triune God, relationships of love are what life is really all about. — Timothy Keller

39. Your spirit needs self–love like the body needs oxygen. — Pamela Cummins, Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships

40. You just have to keep in mind that the important relationship is the relationship with the audience. That’s what I try to do. Everything else is secondary. — Matt Groening

41. Forgiveness in no way requires you to trust the one you forgive. It doesn’t mean the relationship must be restored. p. 61 — Roberta Fish, Ministering Hope to the Hurting Heart

42. Relationship is the need of those who cannot be alone. Two alone persons relate, communicate, commune, and yet they remain alone. — Rajneesh

43. The trade relationship, versus The previous quarter, is better. The tone is better, The sum of all of this togeTher, it helped us. — Tim Cook

44. With Hitchcock I had little relationship. I was called to replace Bernard Herrmann, his favorite composer, in Torn Curtain, after the bitter fight between them. — Maurice Jarre

45. Too often, the landlord–tenant relationship is unbalanced with all the power on the side of unscrupulous landlords. — Nydia Velazquez

46. Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. — Pema Chodron

47. Our choices decide our direction and carve a path for our personal lives and our careers. — Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, Balancing Work, Relationships & Life in Three Simple Steps

48. Technology & technicians, you can always buy with money; but the wealthiest person must build relationships. — Shiv Khera

49. Where there is no relationship with God there is no future — Sunday Adelaja

50. Medicine is as close to love as it is to science, and its relationships matter even at the edge of life itself. — Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal


No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, these quotes about relationships will give you the support, motivation, and inspiration you need. The key to a successful relationship is communication, so use these quotes to start meaningful conversations with your partner and strengthen your bond. Remember that relationships require effort, but with the right attitude, they can be the source of some of the happiest and most fulfilling moments of your life.

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