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Ratan Tata is an Indian businessman and former chairman of the Tata Group, a Mumbai-based conglomerate. He served as chairman for more than two decades before retiring in 2012 and was one of the most influential business leaders in India. His work has been said to have given rise to Tataism, which can be broadly defined as the pursuit of inclusive economic growth with sustainability from both traditional sectors such as steelmaking and newer ones such as information technology. Ratan Tata has also had a major impact on philanthropy in India through his funding of causes like cancer research and education reform. The quotes compilation below highlights some key points about this leader’s life.

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About Ratan Tata

birth of the author

28 December 1937

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Alma Mater:
Cornell University

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Businessman, Philanthropist, Investor

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Chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons And Tata Group

award of the author

Padma Vibhushan


I would say that I’m blessed with a very, very good executive team that operates, reasonably autonomously, each of the companies. — Ratan Tata

I am in favour of disinvestment. But if a disinvested company has to tie up with a government company for its livelihood, there is a problem. — Ratan Tata

Business need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve. — Ratan Tata

What I would like to do is to leave behind a sustainable entity of a set of companies that operate in an exemplary manner in terms of ethics, values and continue what our ancestors left behind. — Ratan Tata

business need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve Ratan Tata quote

Telco is totally committed to commercial vehicles, where it is bound to remain a major player. What may well happen in the future is we may split the company into two business units. — Ratan Tata

I have also made this a point in our company: We need to stop taking baby steps and start thinking globally. It really seems to be helping. — Ratan Tata


The strong live and the weak die. There is some bloodshed, and out of it emerges a much leaner industry, which tends to survive. — Ratan Tata

At Tatas, we believe that if we are not among the top three in an industry, we should look seriously at what it would take to become one of the top three players.. or think about exiting the industry — Ratan Tata

I think the environment has become more competitive. That has made Indian industry more concerned with a) its customers, b) the quality of its products, and c) its brand image in the marketplace. — Ratan Tata

There has to be a drive to make the U.K. competitive in the motorcar industry or in the engineering industry. To do that, you have to give attention to the manufacturing sector. — Ratan Tata

It and the entire communications business clearly have the greatest potential for growth. But if you’re talking about sheer size, the steel and auto industries will remain at the top. — Ratan Tata

The early Rockefellers made their wealth from being in certain businesses and remained personally very wealthy. — Ratan Tata

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Britain needs a real push. It needs nationalism. The sort of spirit that comes during a war. It needs people really to want to see the UK sitting again, maybe not as a colonial power, but as an economic power. — Ratan Tata

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I have two or three cars that I like, but today, Ferrari would be the best car I have driven in terms of being an impressive car. — Ratan Tata

power and wealth are not two of my main stakes Ratan Tata quote

There are many things that, if I have to relive, maybe I will do it another way. But I would not like to look back and think what I have not been able to. — Ratan Tata

Power and wealth are not two of my main stakes. — Ratan Tata

New startups embody the creativity, the innovation of young people, and for me, it was and is a very worthwhile experience to interact with them. — Ratan Tata

I am interested in what I earn; I am interested in my growth. — Ratan Tata

I think there are many honest businessmen. — Ratan Tata

i am interested in what i earn i am interested in my growth Ratan Tata quote