15 Serious Questions To Ask Your Partner, As Soon As Possible

Finding what you have in common with your partner is one way of looking for qualities that lead to a compatible relationship.

We often hunt to discover what our partner likes or dislikes; a better way to find out is by asking questions. Besides, it is great to know how well you connect on an intellectual and emotional level with the other person. Among many other ways of testing intellectual compatibility, asking your boyfriend deep questions is the best since you get to know how updated he is with important news, you learn what his viewpoints are on controversial topics, as well as what topics stimulate him the most.

Why asking questions is important for a couple?

Questions are the best way to get to know your boyfriend or girlfriend, prevent drama and event cheating! So here are the most pertinent list of intimate, funny, deep, interesting & serious questions to ask to your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend.The article lists some categories of serious questions to ask your boyfriend.

Serious questions about your relationship

• Are you looking for commitment?
• What is more admirable between a stay at home mom and a career-driven mom?
• If you could pick a song, which do you think best suits our relationship?
• Would you consult me before buying me an expensive gift or would you rather surprise me with one?
• What was your first impression when you met me?
• Which fictional or real couple reminds you the most about us?
• At what point did you realize you wanted to be with me?
• Would you rather leave a great impact on your family or a big impact on the world?
• What do you appreciate about me?
• What is something you will never compromise about?
• What three things do we have in common?
• What outstanding differences exist between us?
• Should a proposal be a private intimate moment or a grand public display?

Serious questions about your partner’s life

• What is your happiest memory?
• What is your most terrible memory?
• When did you last shed a tear?
• What were some of your childhood aspirations, and have they changed ever since?
• When was the first time you were deeply in love?
• What is your biggest insecurity?
• When was the first time you said I love you?
• If you had the chance to change anything about your past, what would it be?
• Is there anything you don’t want your family to know?
• How have you changed since your childhood?
• What are some lessons in life you had to learn the hard way?
• Which tradition you had as a child would you want to do with your kids at one point in the future?

Serious questions to find out your partner personality and the vision of him-self

• Do you prefer to go out or staying in?
• How do you deal with failure?
• ‘Save the best for the last’ and ‘live for the moment’, which adage between the two fits you better?
• What helps you wind down when you’re stressed out?
• What inspires you?
• Do you dwell on the things around you or the people around you?
• Would you think of yourself as a materialistic person?
• Are you a realist, pessimist, or optimistic?
• How do you deal with failure?
• What is one thing you can’t start your day without?
• What would be your perfect date night?
• Do you think it’s okay to have a close female friend at work?

Deeper questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend

• What is your hidden talent?
• Do you collect anything?
• Do you have any superstitions?
• What is your favorite theme song?
• Would you want to go on a silent retreat?
• Sometimes do you feel like you had a past life?
• Which three foods would you choose to eat for the rest of your life?

Questions to connect together

If we like to be social is because it triggers emotions that feel good. You can achieve this asking simple questions. Emotional challengers are questions that are emotionally reaction oriented, and proved to be liked to answer to them because they make them feel good sensations thinking to the answer.

They are a great way to connect emotionally with the person you are asking the questions, resulting in falling in love for some cases where both people were asking and answering those questions. Psychologists established a list of those questions, you can download them here or read more about the experience here.

take away: serious questions to ask to your partner

Serious questions to ask your boyfriend aren’t meant to ruin the moment but rather to hear great stories that don’t come up in conversations. Questions get your boyfriend sharing his most epic moments.