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Quentin Tarantino, the director of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, is a prolific writer who has been making films since he was twenty-one years old. His films have won multiple awards including four Oscars. ย He is from Knoxville Tennessee in the United States.
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March 27, 1963

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Film Director, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Actor

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All my movies are achingly personal. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If a Million People See My Movie, I Hope They See a Million Different Movies. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I steal from every movie ever made. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

When I make a movie, I want it to be everything to me; like I would die for it. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

all my movies are achingly personal Quentin Tarantino quote

I am a genre loverโ€“everything from spaghetti western to samurai movie. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If you just love movies enough, you can make a good one. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I want do a Mandarin language movie. It’ll probably be the next movie I do after the one I do next. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I like my songโ€“sequences in my movies, but one of the things I like about them, is I get in and I get out. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If you want to make a movie, make it. Don’t wait for a grant, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances, just make it. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

if a million people see my movie i hope they see a million different movies Quentin Tarantino quote

I loved history because to me, history was like watching a movie. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I love Elmore Leonard. To me, True Romance is basically like an Elmore Leonard movie. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

My plan is to have a theatre in some small town or something and I’ll be manager. Ill be the crazy old movie guy. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I’ve always said Thomas Edison invented the movie camera to show people killing and kissing. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Then they’d [Nazi] make movies against England, you know, in the same way, to help, you know, feather their nest for what theyโ€“their aggressions. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

i steal from every movie ever made Quentin Tarantino quote

I couldn’t spell anything. I couldn’t remember anything, but I could go to a movie and I knew who starred in it, who directed it, everything. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I’m not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I’ve always thought John Travolta is one of the greatest movie stars Hollywood has ever produced. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If I’m on an airplane, a Kate Hudson movie is what I’m looking for. I’ll sit there and I’ll cry. I think it’s the altitude or something like that. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

As a viewer, the minute I start getting confused, I check out of the movie. Emotionally, I’m severed. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

when i make a movie i want it to be everything to me like i would die for it Quentin Tarantino quote

It’s very important that every movie I do makes money because I want the people that had the faith in me to get their money back. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t want to be an oldโ€“man filmmaker, making oldโ€“man movies, and I don’t want to be the one not to know when to leave the party. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

My mom took me to see Carnal Knowledge and The Wild Bunch and all these kind of movies when I was a kid. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I write movies about mavericks, about people who break rules, and I don’t like movies about people who are pulverised for being mavericks. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Violence in real life is terrible; violence in movies can be cool. It’s just another colour to work with. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

i am a genre lover everything from spaghetti western to samurai movie Quentin Tarantino quote

I was just this videoโ€“store guy and now I was actually making movies and stuff. โ€” Quentin Tarantino


I’m not a huge big fan of music video. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I’ll write for a while and then I’ll find an appropriate song and in a weird way the music will keep me in the mood. I find music to define the mood of the movie, the rhythm the movie is going to play in. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Sure, Kill Bill is a violent movie. But it’s a Tarantino movie. You don’t go to see Metallica and ask the fuckers to turn the music down. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

To me, Godard did to movies what Bob Dylan did to music: they both revolutionized their forms. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

i m not a huge big fan of music video Quentin Tarantino quote


One can be inclined to just say, ‘F this political correctness! I don’t have time for that! โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I look at ‘Death Proof’ and realize I had too much time. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I laugh all the time. I’m an easy laugher. You can find me on any set, because I’m always laughing. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I definitely have some colleagues that I respect, and we get together from time to time. But I actually have just like genuine friends. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Unfortunately, every time I have somebody play an instrument, it’s always like, they don’t know how to do it. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

i look at death proof and realize i had too much time Quentin Tarantino quote

I totally have no love for that whole romance for that Antebellum time period. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Ou know, if yOu want to see jackbooting Nazis in movies, yOu’ve got to watch American movies made at that time. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I was kind of excited to go to jail for the first time and I learnt some great dialogue. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Movies are not about the weekend that they’re released, and in the grand scheme of things, that’s probably the most unimportant time of a film’s life. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I have loved movies as the number one thing in my life so long that I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

i totally have no love for that whole romance for that antebellum time period Quentin Tarantino quote

I’m basically like, you know, learned pretty quickly the guy who throws the first punch usually wins, so when people gave me a hard time I just punched them. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Sergio Leone was a big influence on me because of the spaghetti westerns. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Redundant Thematics

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Just because you are a character doesn’t mean you have character. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

My only obligation is to my characters. And they came from where I have been. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Even Christoph Waltz’s character, Colonel Landa in ‘Inglourious Basterds’, I never judged him. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

just because you are a character doesn t mean you have character Quentin Tarantino quote

I will never do ‘Pulp Fiction 2,’ but having said that, I could very well do other movies with these characters. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If there is something magic about the collaborations I have with actors it’s because I put the character first. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t judge my characters, and that’s my job not to judge them. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I surprised myself, that I was in the tissue of the character enough, that I could actually come up with something that I didn’t actually feel or didn’t believe. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I won’t even think about acting in a role where I didn’t do a back story for a character. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

my only obligation is to my characters and they came from where i have been Quentin Tarantino quote

I wasn’t trying to top Pulp Fiction with Jackie Brown. I wanted to go underneath it and make a more modest character study movie. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t judge my characters, and that’s my job not to judge them. It’s my job to treat them with respect and to just look at it from their point of view. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

The way I write is really like putting one foot in front of the other. I really let the characters do most of the work, they start talking and they just lead the way. โ€” Quentin Tarantino


When I’m writing something, I try not to get analytical about it as I’m doing it, as I’ m writing it. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I’m not writing novels, the screenplays are my novels, so I’m gonna write it the best that I can. If the movie never gets made, it’d almost be okay because I did it. It’s there on the page. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

everything i learned as an actor i have basically applied to writing Quentin Tarantino quote

I really become the characters when I’m writing them. I’ll become one or two of them more than others, I’m consistent that way. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If I’m doing my job right, then I’m not writing the dialogue; the characters are saying the dialogue, and I’m just jotting it down. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If I really considered myself a writer, I wouldn’t be writing screenplays. I’d be writing novels. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t really know if I’m writing the kind of roles that Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore would play. Jessica Lange on ‘American Horror Story’ is a little bit more my cup of tea. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Everything I learned as an actor, I have basically applied to writing. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I think that’s, it’s my way of writing, it’s my, it’s part of you know for lack of a better word, Godโ€“given talent that I have that I’m really good at that kind of dialogue. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I’ve always equated the writing process with editing, sort of like when I get through editing the movie, that’s like my last draft of the screenplay. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I think it almost all has to do with coming at writing from an acting perspective, because I didn’t, like, study writing. I studied acting. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

To me, movies and music go hand in hand. When I’m writing a script, one of the first things I do is find the music I’m going to play for the opening sequence. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I try not to get analytical in the writing process. I try to just kind of keep the flow from my brain to my hand as far as the pen is concerned and go with the moment and go with my guts. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t want to deal with the underneath while I’m, you know, while I’m making it or while I’m writing it or when I’m making it. Because again, I don’t want to hit these nails on the head too strongly. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Critics don’t want to see directors they like make too much of a left turn. That’s good for criticism. โ€” Quentin Tarantino


When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, โ€˜no, I went to films’. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If I wasn’t a filmโ€“maker, I’d be a film critic. It’s the only thing I’d be qualified to do. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

If the film is nominated for awards, and even if it wins them, it doesn’t make the movie any better, just as if it’s ignored that doesn’t make the movie any worse. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

when people ask me if i went to film school i tell them no i went to films Quentin Tarantino quote

Trying to make a feature film yourself with no money is the best film school you can do. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

What the internet has done is destroy film criticism. I would never have guessed that the profession of film criticism would be going the way of the dodo bird. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t have any bone to pick with critics. In fact, if I wasn’t a filmmaker I would probably be a film critic. Most of my bone is I would be a better film critic than most of the film critics I read. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

Reservoir Dogs is a small film, and part of its charm was that it was a small film. I’d probably make it for $3 million now so I’d have more breathing room. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

The next movie will be in Mandarin. I enjoyed shooting all the Japanese stuff in Kill Bill so much that this whole film will be entirely in Mandarin. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

I don’t believe in putting in music as a band aid to get you over some rough parts or bad film making. If it’s there it’s got to add to it or take it to another level. โ€” Quentin Tarantino

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