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Paula White is an American evangelical pastor and author who has been Senior Pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida since 1993. She also hosts her own talk show called Paula White Today. I was born in Tampa, Florida, to a family that didn’t know Christ, she said. My mom worked at night as a cocktail waitress and my dad was a construction worker. When she was just 15 years old, her parents kicked her out of their house for becoming pregnant with her first child – Paula’s sister Pattie says this event changed the entire course of Paula’s life forever because it made her feel God had given up on them.

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April 20, 1966


I believe and have always believed in the Holy Trinity. — Paula White

I believe that prosperity has a purpose. — Paula White

I believe God always listens to our prayers. — Paula White


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Do I believe that God is a sugar daddy? Not at all. — Paula White

i believe and have always believed in the holy trinity Paula White quote

I believe the bible helps yourself. — Paula White

I always say, you’re going to have to ask someone else, but I believe the purpose is to stand as a reconciler, a bridge builder. — Paula White

I do not believe in the ‘prosperity Gospel’ as I’ve been accused of believing it. I do believe that all good things come from God, and I also believe that God teaches us so much through our suffering. — Paula White

I believe when people can find out who they are, then you can be equipped to handle life’s situations. — Paula White

I don’t have any problem with the right candidate [for presidency]. And so whoever I believe is going to be the best for that office–and the most qualified–is the reason that we put them in that position. — Paula White

i believe that prosperity has a purpose Paula White quote


God used Donald Trump in my life as much as I was used in his life. — Paula White

There’s a lot of people that have influenced Mr. Trump’s life. — Paula White

I think, for myself, life lied to me. — Paula White

Everyone needs a safe place in life, and pastors can be people’s safe place. — Paula White

I stay in my lane of assignment and do what I’m supposed to do in life. — Paula White

god used donald trump in my life as much as i was used in his life Paula White quote

God has hooked me up.He has the life by design. — Paula White

Let’s say financially. Financially, I personally believe that you should have enough to do the assignment that you feel is part of your life. And whatever that is to do, you’re going to need. — Paula White

You’re either in a position of abundance or you’re in a position of poverty. Now, that’s every area of your life. That’s not just financially. — Paula White

You’re All That’ goes back to really building a life from the core of who you’re. And all of those things are layers. That’s just your authentic life. — Paula White

The theme of my life is overcoming. It is my personal mantra and what I help other people do. — Paula White

there s a lot of people that have influenced mr trump s life Paula White quote

God has never failed. I can sit here and say this. There is not anything in my life that I’ve prayed according to the word of God and I’ve not seen God answer. — Paula White

I will stay faithful to what God has called me to do all the days of my life, and I don’t try to figure it out. — Paula White

No one goes into a marriage–when I went into my marriage many years ago, I thought I’d end my life with Randy [White]. And the divorce is not anything that I ever wanted to happen. — Paula White

In the New Testament, Jesus talks more about stewardship and finances and management of your life than anything else outside the love of God. — Paula White

Powerful messages that defend life and celebrate true heroines can’t be contained, not even by the best efforts of some of the most powerful liberals on the planet. — Paula White

i think for myself life lied to me Paula White quote

No one sets their life out and says, ‘Boy, this is what I think I’m going to go through.’ — Paula White

I had gotten pregnant and decided make this–what people might have thought as a wrong–of course, my greatest gifts in life. — Paula White

When you find your authentic self, your identity–your true identity–how many people work a job they hate or live a life, they’re going oh my gosh. — Paula White

When those types of situations[like abuse] begin to occur in your life–I had bought in from a very early age that fundamentally something must be wrong with me. — Paula White

By your words, you form your destiny–what you say within yourself determines the end promise of your life! Your future lives in your mouth! — Paula White

everyone needs a safe place in life and pastors can be people s safe place Paula White quote

There are crucial things that cause fractures, breaks, whatever in relationships. But no one throws a life away. — Paula White

Redundant Thematics

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Remember, when something leaves your life, God is making room for something much better to enter! Get ready! — Paula White

I took that bible and I went home and I held it up and I said God, I really don’t know you and I don’t know myself and I don’t know life, but I believe the answers are in this book. — Paula White

A good pastor knows when they can’t put two sentences together. — Paula White

A spirit is a great definition for me. — Paula White

i stay in my lane of assignment and do what i m supposed to do in life Paula White quote


We had a church together. We co–founded and co–pastored the ministry, but Randy [White] was really a strong part. — Paula White

There’s an explosion of pain, white before my eyes, and I crumple to my knees. — Paula Hawkins

It was august. for years it was august … . there was heat like wet gauze and a high, white sky and music coming from everywhere at once. — Paula Mclain

Outside, the storm picked up, dropping a soundless sheet of white. — Paula Mclain

The Democrats and the mainstream media shouldn’t be so quick to mock White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for suggesting that President Trump was chosen by God to lead this country. — Paula White

I ran into Berkeley Cole again. It had been two years since my coming–out party, that night he and Denys Finch Hatton had recited poetry for me in blindingly white coats, — Paula Mclain

I started doing the nursery and then prepared 89 hours to teach 2 to 4–year–olds.nd during this time working in this church and going to a little country church, I met Randy [White]. — Paula White


As the producers of ‘Unplanned’ learned, there is no article of faith so central to Hollywood as abortion. — Paula White

I preach salvation by grace through faith alone. I preach for the repentance of sin. — Paula White

My faith graduated to a place called trust, that I know ultimately–ultimately, that God has good things for me. — Paula White

i preach salvation by grace through faith alone i preach for the repentance of sin Paula White quote

Liberals may mock people of faith who believe he was chosen to protect their values, but I believe Donald Trump is fulfilling his pledges and I pray he will continue to lead with divine guidance. — Paula White

It is through our prayers, through our acts of faith that God works in partnership with us. — Paula White

Faith causes changes. Anytime there is change, there is opportunity, including the opportunity to fail. But failing can be a step toward completion of a goal. You can fail your way to success. — Paula White


I have been accused of so many things that are so untrue. Some of those accusations persist despite their being entirely false, but I’ll just continue preaching the Gospel. — Paula White

I never heard the Gospel until I was 18 years old. Jesus Christ… the name was synonymous to me as the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. — Paula White

I never called myself into ministry. God called me when I was 18 years old to preach the Gospel so I’ve preached the Gospel. — Paula White

The way he discovered Paula White was watching Christian television and Mr. Trump has always been a huge fan. He’d always watch Christian television. He loves Southern Gospel. — Paula White

I never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had never attended church, was never raised in a religious home, never had any insight of God or who he was until I was 18 years old. — Paula White

I think, [ ‘You’re All That’] it’s based around the biblical principles and truths that transformed me. — Paula White

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