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There’s no question that Pamela Anderson is a unique individual. A former Playboy model, actress, and activist, Anderson has led an interesting life. Her autoquotes compilation, Lucky, provides a fascinating glimpse into her world. In it, she discusses everything from her childhood to her current work as a vegan advocate and animal rights activist. Whether you’re a fan of Anderson or not, this book is sure to offer inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Here are the most inspiring Feelings, Life, Wearing, Animals quotes from Pamela Anderson, and much more.


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July 1, 1967

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Canada, United States

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Actress, Model, Television Personality, Author, Activist And More.

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I feel… sexier, I think, with short hair. I feel like an alien! — Pamela Anderson

In order for a man to feel whole, he needs someone to look up to and someone to look up to him. — Pamela Anderson

I have a Stella McCartney Adidas sports bra. I feel like I’m totally comfortable running. No problem. I have support where I need it. — Pamela Anderson


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The more animal products you remove from your diet, the better you feel. The difference between vegetarian and vegan is huge. I feel so much better as a vegan. — Pamela Anderson

i feel sexier i think with short hair i feel like an alien Pamela Anderson quote

I feel that, at this point in my career, I don’t want to do another television show. I don’t want to do a film. — Pamela Anderson

Oh God, I don’t know if I ever really felt beautiful. I don’t, really. — Pamela Anderson

I’d rather be looked over than over looked. — Star


I’d rather bare skin than wear skin. — Pamela Anderson

I don’t wear sunscreen. I don’t have a skincare program. — Pamela Anderson

i d rather bare skin than wear skin Pamela Anderson quote

People who wear fur smell like a wet dog if they’re in the rain. And they look fat and gross. — Pamela Anderson

Young people understand that you don’t have to wear or eat animals. I get that it can be cheaper to use animal products–but using animals really cuts corners. — Pamela Anderson

I was never an ambitious girl, or even a self–confident one. I never went in for beauty pageants or wore a stitch of make–up until I went to Los Angeles. — Pamela Anderson


It’s going to take a certain man for me to ever get involved with, because he’ll have to realize I don’t have two children, I have three. Tommy is always going to always be a part of my life. — Pamela Anderson

Life is like sex. It’s not always good, but its always worth trying. — Pamela Anderson

life is like sex it s not always good but its always worth trying Pamela Anderson quote

I’ve created my own career in my life, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. I think that’s good. — Pamela Anderson

There’s no way I set out to be a certain kind of symbol–the way I dress is the way I am, the way I live my life. — Pamela Anderson

Being halfway through my life, I think we start feeling less invincible and we start thinking more about the important things. — Pamela Anderson

We have a very healthy, simple wonderful life without all the bells and whistles. We both have our children to try to squeeze into the equation, but he is amazing. he is a good guy, really a good guy. — Pamela Anderson

Tattoos are like stories–they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful. — Pamela Anderson

I have two homes in Malibu, a home in Canada that I’m building, and I just love pouring my heart out into this part of my life. — Pamela Anderson

Eventually you just have to realize that you’re living for an audience of one. I’m not here for anyone else’s approval. — Pamela Anderson

Basically, I’m a free spirit. I’m kind of an Everywoman. — Pamela Anderson


Animals have always left me with a curiosity about human nature. I trust animals more than most people. — Pamela Anderson

It’s easy to take the shortcut and use animal skins. But I think animal skins look tired. They’re not very innovative. They’re old–fashioned. And great fashion should be something new. — Pamela Anderson

What people need to understand is, that if they are eating animals, they are promoting cruelty to animals. — Pamela Anderson

I’m sure you agree that animals should not be abused–whether they’re cats or dogs or chickens–and that stopping this abuse should be your number one priority. — Pamela Anderson

Inspiring Phrases From Pamela Anderson

This is all standard procedure. — Pamela Anderson

He doesn’t speak very good english, i don’t speak very good french, but we have tHe body language, tHe language of love, anotHer communication level that is deeper than words. — Pamela Anderson

My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it’s like therapy. — Pamela Anderson

this is all standard procedure Pamela Anderson quote

If people knew how KFC treats its chickens, they’d never eat another drumstick. — Pamela Anderson

Like I said, everybody has got something they have to deal with health–wise, and everybody’s human. I should look after myself better, but so should everybody, right? — Pamela Anderson

Redundant Thematics

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I don’t know if women are meant to run, especially after having kids. — Pamela Anderson

I’m an immigrant myself. It was a tough road to come to America and work. — Pamela Anderson

Various Statements From Pamela Anderson

I am what I am and I’m a horrible liar. I can’t do it. I’m just very candid. — Pamela Anderson

i am what i am and i m a horrible liar i can t do it i m just very candid Pamela Anderson quote

Julian is an editor and a publisher. — Pamela Anderson

My little circle of friends know how twisted my brain is. I’m constantly reading and people always think, ‘Ah, we didn’t know that about you’, but that’s part of my charm. — Pamela Anderson

I have this phobia: I don’t like mirrors. And I don’t watch myself on television. If anything comes on, I make them shut it off, or I leave the room. — Pamela Anderson

I don’t think I am an actress. I think I’ve created a brand and a business. — Pamela Anderson

I do a lot for PETA. I do a lot of things I think are really important, I volunteer at school and I’m still amazed I can pay my bills because I feel like I don’t work that much, I really don’t. — Pamela Anderson

julian is an editor and a publisher Pamela Anderson quote

I’ve had lots of things that didn’t work out, like TV shows. You learn a lot through mistakes–I learned that you have to be the captain of your ship. Actually, I own my ship. — Pamela Anderson

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But it goes without saying that Michael Jordan could never date Pamela Anderson. That would cause the apocalypse. — Chuck Klosterman

I guess ignorance is bliss–when I do interviews people always say, ‘Aren’t you upset that people make fun of you?’ and I’m like, ‘Are they making fun of me?’ I guess I just don’t get it. — Pamela Anderson

The true meaning of feminism is this: to use your strong womanly image to gain strong results in society. — Pamela Anderson

I am turning into the person I knew I would. — Pamela Anderson

i am turning into the person i knew i would Pamela Anderson quote

I’m kind of proud of myself. I’ve been able to keep a certain grace about me, even in the times of disgrace and craziness. — Pamela Anderson

Making love in the morning got me through morning sickness. I found I could be happy and throw up at the same time. — Pamela Anderson

And I’m not an actress. I don’t think I am an actress. I think I’ve created a brand and a business. — Pamela Anderson

Deeper Quotes From Pamela Anderson

When he was with me, he didn’t hunt, i don’t think he was very republican, but now he is. oh well. — Pamela Anderson

It’s nice to have boundaries, because as long as we have them, we can cross them a bit, and that’s what perks interest. If you have full freedom, what do you do? — Pamela Anderson

i want to see what i look like when i m old i m curious where that s going to take me Pamela Anderson quote

I want to see what I look like when I’m old–I’m curious where that’s going to take me. — Pamela Anderson

The best kind of revenge is to let him see how strong and beautiful you are, with or without him.’ ~Emma Anderson — Pamela Ann

I don’t really think about anything too much. I live in the present. I move on. I don’t think about what happened yesterday. — Pamela Anderson

People always tell me, ‘Reinvent yourself, re–this, re–whatever.’ I haven’t reinvented myself. It’s an honest evolution. I’ve always been authentic. — Pamela Anderson

I like to work and it kind of keeps me in line, which is very good because I need that structure. — Pamela Anderson

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