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Oscar Levant was an American pianist and composer. He had a very interesting life story, but he died at the age of 72 in 1972 due to complications from diabetes. In this blog post I will be talking about his childhood, what made him successful as a musician and why he is so inspiring.
Levant’s mother had come to America with her sister after fleeing the pogroms against Jews in Eastern Europe. When she arrived she found out that her husband had gone back home to Russia for work purposes and never returned because he was killed by Cossacks during a riot there on July 3, 1905 (Levant).

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About Oscar Levant

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December 27, 1906

death of the author

August 14, 1972

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Once I make up my mind, I’m full of indecision. โ€” Oscar Levant

I’m a study of a man in chaos in search of frenzy…once i make up my mind, I’m full or indecision. โ€” Oscar Levant

Once he makes up his mind, he’s full of indecision (on dwight d. eisenhower). โ€” Oscar Levant

I have given up reading books; I find it takes my mind off myself. โ€” Oscar Levant

once i make up my mind i m full of indecision Oscar Levant quote

Inspiring Phrases From Oscar Levant

Ballet is the fairies’ baseball. โ€” Oscar Levant

I think a lot of Bernsteinโ€“but not as much as he does. โ€” Oscar Levant

My psychiatrist once said to me, ‘Maybe life isn’t for everyone’. โ€” Oscar Levant

I knew her before she was a vIrgIn. โ€” Oscar Levant

Debbie Reynolds is as wistful as an iron foundry. โ€” Oscar Levant

ballet is the fairies baseball Oscar Levant quote

When I appeared before the draft board examiner during World War II, he asked me if I thought I could kill. ‘I don’t know about strangers,’ I replied, ‘but friends, certainly. โ€” Oscar Levant

I envy people who drinkโ€“at least they know what to blame everything on. โ€” Oscar Levant

Various Statements From Oscar Levant

George, if you had to do it all over, would you fall in love with yourself again? โ€” Oscar Levant

I once saId cynIcally of a polItIcIan, ‘he’ll doublecross that brIdge when he comes to It.’ โ€” Oscar Levant

I have no trouble with y enemies. But my god damn friends… they are the ones that keep me walking the floors at night. โ€” Oscar Levant

george if you had to do it all over would you fall in love with yourself again Oscar Levant quote

The only difference between The democrats and The republicans is that The democrats allow The poor to be corrupt, too. โ€” Oscar Levant

Redundant Thematics

In Oscar Levant Statements


Underneath this flabby exterior is an enormous lack of character. โ€” Oscar Levant

My last picture for Warners was Romance on the High Seas. It was Doris Day’s first picture; that was before she became a virgin. โ€” Oscar Levant

Madame Nhu was] the Sandra Dee of South Vietnam. If I were cast on a desert island with her, I would quickly make friends with the natives. โ€” Oscar Levant

More Phrases From Oscar Levant

A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it. โ€” Oscar Levant

a politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it Oscar Levant quote

I could never have a mistress, because I couldn’t bear to tell the story of my life all over again. โ€” Oscar Levant

Talent’s like a baby. Wrap it up in wool and it goes to sleep. โ€” Oscar Levant

I’m controversial. My friends either dislike me or hate me โ€” Oscar Levant

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