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No one ever starts out with the idea of becoming a Hollywood director. Oliver Stone is a perfect example of someone who only stumbled into the business because he loved movies and had no other plan. This is his best quotes โ€“ how an average kid from New York became one of the most controversial and celebrated filmmakers in history. Stone has never been content to stick to one genre or style, making him a true pioneer in moviemaking. His films are both lauded and panned, but always make people talk โ€“ which is exactly what Stone wants. He’s not afraid to challenge authority or question popular opinion, always putting his art first. If you’re looking for some inspiration to chase your dreams, look no further than oliver stone.

Here are the best Stone, Films, Bush, Time, Movies, Life, World, History quotes from Oliver Stone, and much more.


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About Oliver Stone

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September 15, 1946

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Yale University New York University

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Film Director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Author

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Platoon, Wall Street, Born On The Fourth Of July, The Doors, Jfk, Natural Born Killers And More.

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United States

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25Th Infantry Division 1St Cavalry Division

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Vietnam War

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Combat Infantry Badge Bronze Star With Combat V Purple Heart Air Medal Army Commendation Medal National Defense Service Medal Vietnam Service Medal Vietnam Campaign Medal


There’s an electrical thing about movies. โ€” Oliver Stone

I’m terrible at horror movies, by the way. I get scared so easily. โ€” Oliver Stone

I think there is a whole older generation that will go to movies still. People like me; people over 45. โ€” Oliver Stone

One of the joys of going to the movies was that it was trashy, and we should never lose that. โ€” Oliver Stone

there s an electrical thing about movies Oliver Stone quote

Coming Home had been made before and Apocalypse Now and Deer Hunter, different kinds of movies. โ€” Oliver Stone

You always try to find the right style for the movie. That’s the key. โ€” Oliver Stone

I do believe that movies are subject to a million interpretations. โ€” Oliver Stone


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Every movie requires its own style. Just be honest to the story. Tell the story in the best possible way that is different, exciting and original. โ€” Oliver Stone

People should really horde their Bluโ€“rays like old comic books and baseball cards. Because they’re really beautiful, and will be worth something if you like movies as I do. โ€” Oliver Stone

i m terrible at horror movies by the way i get scared so easily Oliver Stone quote

I’ve met people who will go to a movie that I can’t stand and they say that they saw that movie ten times. There’s something they like and identified in that movie, and I don’t see it. โ€” Oliver Stone

When you look at a movie, you look at a director’s thought process. โ€” Oliver Stone

The beauty of history is that historians have the ability to find patterns, the big picture. When you make a movie, you try to find that. I’m doing in the cinema what historians try to do in their own media. โ€” Oliver Stone

When making movies I] set out to be authentic to [myself] and to put it down the way [I] feel it and know it and interpret it. And then others sometimes key into it and get it. โ€” Oliver Stone

When I was a child, I’d see a movie, I took it for what it was, I enjoyed it. And if I believed it I would tend to be more interested in knowing more about it. โ€” Oliver Stone

you always try to find the right style for the movie that s the key Oliver Stone quote

I can see a movie and believe the story and characterization and stay proud of it. It doesn’t change. Even if it’s unappreciated, that doesn’t mean it can’t be appreciated in the future. โ€” Oliver Stone


I think our life is a series of adventures. โ€” Oliver Stone

I’m trying to understand my life. The one that I’ve experienced. โ€” Oliver Stone

There is a narrative to every life, and I believe in the classic mode of storytelling that goes back to Homer and carries through to today. โ€” Oliver Stone

Without lindsay in his life, he doesn’t have any friends. he’s not close to sister, mother, father, he lives in a computer world, and that’s his link to the rest of us. โ€” Oliver Stone

i think our life is a series of adventures Oliver Stone quote

I’m going to hold onto my Bluโ€“ray collection because I really think it’s hardware and it’s important. I don’t want to live in a cloud, all my life. โ€” Oliver Stone

A life like Nixon’s is filled with shame and filled with glory. He loved to quote Teddy Roosevelt: ‘He was a man; sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but he was a man.’ I love that line. โ€” Oliver Stone

I don’t think most people in the US realize how important WikiLeaks is and why Julian’s case needs support. โ€” Oliver Stone


Anyone can relate to suffering in this world. โ€” Oliver Stone

I do believe there are leaders who are like lightning and they come along and they lead. The Lincolns of the world, the Alexander the Greats, they do exist. They have existed. โ€” Oliver Stone

anyone can relate to suffering in this world Oliver Stone quote

Concepts of integrity and heroism and honor are still important to the world today. Some people behave well, and some people behave badly. โ€” Oliver Stone

Fear may very well be a caveman fear of the predator, of the giant lizard chasing themโ€“maybe that’s what Steven Spielberg connects with so well in Lost World. โ€” Oliver Stone

With television, the image has been degenerated, no question. With the internet, commercials… people are much too cynical about image. It’s stale. And all over the world, not just America. โ€” Oliver Stone

Jfk was leading the world, leading the United States into a new position with the Soviet Union. He was calling for the end of the Cold War. He would have been reelected in 1964 because he was vastly popular. โ€” Oliver Stone

This myth that America has this atomic bomb that makes us right, it makes us good, it makes us set the agenda for the world. Everywhere, we can go global, we determine. โ€” Oliver Stone

The past assumes the nature of the present. โ€” Oliver Stone


I couldn’t despise a man more than George W. Bush. โ€” Oliver Stone

Well, George W.Bush wanted to privatize Social Security. It’s an ideological thing. โ€” Oliver Stone

The truth is not being aired in the West. It’s a surreal perversion of history that’s going on once again, as in Bush preโ€“Iraq โ€˜WMD’ campaign. โ€” Oliver Stone

Bin Laden was completely protected by the oil companies in this country who told [President] Bush not to go after him because it would piss off the Saudis. โ€” Oliver Stone

i couldn t despise a man more than george w bush Oliver Stone quote

I didn’t like my classmates at Yale. George W.Bush was in my class. I didn’t know it then. โ€” Oliver Stone

I wish that George W. Bush had gone to Vietnam, because he would have seen history in a different light. He would’ve experienced it in a different light because I don’t think he understood the nature of war. โ€” Oliver Stone


I never put out a history, I put out a dramatic history. โ€” Oliver Stone

I’m a dramatist. Dramatists have a right to look at history and interpret it the way they see it. โ€” Oliver Stone

Redundant Thematics

In Oliver Stone Statements


I’m a history person; I love history. But I am conditioned by the present. โ€” Oliver Stone

i never put out a history i put out a dramatic history Oliver Stone quote

I am not trying to be a historian and a dramatist; I’m a dramatist, a dramatic historian, or one who does a dramatic interpretation of history. โ€” Oliver Stone

I think that many people in history who had power were bumped off because they had power. โ€” Oliver Stone

I will come out with my interpretation. If I’m wrong, fine. It will become part of the debris of history, part of the give and take. โ€” Oliver Stone

I study history in order to give an interpretation. โ€” Oliver Stone


In any film there’s always a historical implication. โ€” Oliver Stone

in any film there s always a historical implication Oliver Stone quote

Television has usurped everybody from film. And so have commercials, by the way. โ€” Oliver Stone

I think a lot of people misunderstand what I’m doing, because my films are not easy sometimes. They do deserve a second viewing. I think they get misunderstood easily. โ€” Oliver Stone

My home in Hollywood is not a home. I do a film here, a film there, as they want it. I don’t have a relationship. Like, Warner Bros. has a great relationship with Clint Eastwood and takes care of him. โ€” Oliver Stone

I make my films like you’re going to die if you miss the next minute. You better not go get popcorn. โ€” Oliver Stone

I don’t want to make a halfโ€“assed film. It’s not my area of expertise. โ€” Oliver Stone

television has usurped everybody from film and so have commercials by the way Oliver Stone quote

I see films in theaters, and I enjoy films. I enjoy the art of storytelling, and the different ways to tell them. โ€” Oliver Stone

It was a tough experience with Alan Horn, who didn’t like anything that was Rโ€“rated. So you can imagine he hated some of my films. โ€” Oliver Stone

My protest against digital has been me saying, ‘What’s going to happen to film?’ The result is that Kodak is out of business. That’s a national tragedy. We’ve got to keep making film. โ€” Oliver Stone

You can never judge how the film will be taken; you can only make your best effort, and put out what you feel. How it’s read, you never can tell. Or remembered for that matter. โ€” Oliver Stone

When I make a new movie, I always get stuck with, ‘That’s not an Oliver Stone film.’ But I don’t know what to do about that except just move on. โ€” Oliver Stone


The past is nothing but a weight. It will build inside of you like a stone. โ€” Lauren Oliver

Then I remember: death comes before the rolling away of the stone. โ€” Mary Oliver

Who can guess the impatience of stone to be ground down, to be a part of something livelier? โ€” Mary Oliver

I am a stone being excavated by the slow passage of water; I am wood charred by a fire. โ€” Lauren Oliver

Each step is more difficult than the last; the heaviness fills me and turns my limbs to stone. You must hurt or be hurt. โ€” Lauren Oliver

It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt meโ€“such bullshit. โ€” Lauren Oliver


There is this thing about time that you can’t see at the time you’re at. โ€” Oliver Stone

If you make the movie from your heart and it stands over time, that’s what matters to me. โ€” Oliver Stone

I went to Vietnam, and I was there for a long time. [Using marijuana] made the difference between staying human or, as Michael Douglas said, becoming a beast. โ€” Oliver Stone

Every time you go into a movie, you go into the point of view of who it is about. โ€” Oliver Stone

there is this thing about time that you can t see at the time you re at Oliver Stone quote

One of my fantasies in my life has been that I was granted access with a camera to go back in time, and to film the actual campaign of Alexander crossing into India through Iran and Persia. โ€” Oliver Stone

But I suppose film is distinctive because of its nature, of its being able to cut through time with editing. โ€” Oliver Stone

I think you should do rehearsal and work at it, but when the camera rolls, you should be ready. Try to make it good the first time. โ€” Oliver Stone

I think experience will teach you a combination of liberalism and conservatism. We have to be progressive and at the same time we have to retain values. We have to hold onto the past as we explore the future. โ€” Oliver Stone

OLIVER STONE Quotes Take Away

Oliver Stone is a master of his art, and he has plenty to say about it. These quotes are both inspiring and thought-provoking. They remind us that there is more to filmmaking than just the technical aspectsโ€“itโ€™s an opportunity for artists to share their stories and perspectives with the world. If you want to learn more about filmmaking, check out our courses. We have something for everyone, from beginner to advanced levels. And who knows? Maybe after studying under some of the greatest minds in the industry, youโ€™ll be ready to create your own masterpiece.

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