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Oedipus Rex, the story of a man who fulfilled a prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother. Despite his efforts to avoid his fate, Oedipus Rex still ended up fulfilling the prophecy. This play is an excellent example of how even the best-laid plans can go awry. Oedipus Rex is also a great source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, who face obstacles and challenges on a daily basis. As Oedipus Rex learned, nothing is ever certain in life, and you should never give up on your dreams.

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Inspiring Phrases From Oedipus Rex

The dead alone feel no pain. โ€” Sophocles

It’s not through words but actions that I want to set the luster on my life. โ€” Sophocles

Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the man that’s wise! This I knew well, but had forgotten it, else I would not have come here. โ€” Sophocles

Never honor the gods in one breath and take the gods for fools the next. โ€” Sophocles

Count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last. โ€” Sophocles

How dreadful the knowledge of the truth can be When there’s no help in truth. โ€” Sophocles

Time, which sees all things, has found you out. โ€” Sophocles

Various Statements From Oedipus Rex

It’s little I ask, and get still less, but quite enough for me. โ€” Sophocles

Weep not, everything must have its day. โ€” Sophocles

All men make mistakes. โ€” Sophocles

Of all vile things current on earth, none is so vile as money. โ€” Sophocles

How terribleโ€“โ€“to see the truth when the truth is only pain to him who sees! โ€” Sophocles

Show me a man who longs to live a day beyond his time who turns his back on a decent length of life, I’ll show the world a man who clings to folly. โ€” Sophocles

One soul is enough, I know, to pay the debt for thousands, if one will go to the gods in all good faith. โ€” Sophocles

More Phrases From Oedipus Rex

For time alone shews a man’s honesty, But in one day you may discern his guilt. โ€” Sophocles

Redundant Thematics

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It is not in words that I should wish my life to be distinguished, but rather in things done. โ€” Sophocles

What is God singing in his profound Delphi of gold and shadow? โ€” Sophocles

Even in these straits our life is not as pitiful as you’d think, so long as we find joy in every hour. โ€” Sophocles

The tyrant is a child of Pride Who drinks from his sickening cup Recklessness and vanity, Until from his high crest headlong He plummets to the dust of hope. โ€” Sophocles

Oblivionโ€“what a blessing…for the mind to dwell a world away from pain. โ€” Sophocles

Fear? What has a man to do with fear? Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown. Best live as we may, from day to day. โ€” Sophocles

OEDIPUS REX Quotes Take Away

Although Oedipus Rex was written over 2,000 years ago, the themes and lessons it contains are still as relevant today as they were back then. The play is a perfect example of how a tragic hero can teach us about the human condition. If youโ€™re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our courses. We have a variety of options that will help you learn more about classical literature and its impact on society.

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