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Napoleon Dynamite is one of the most iconic and well-known movies of our generation. If you’re a business holder, entrepreneur, student or someone looking to inspire themselves and others, this blog post will be perfect for you. It’ll give an overview on how Napoleon Dynamite became an icon and what it can teach us about entrepreneurship today.
We are glad to present you the best Liger statements from Napoleon Dynamite.

Discover the most known Liger quotes from Napoleon Dynamite, and much more.


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About Napoleon Dynamite

cine of the author

Directed By:
Jared Hess

cine of the author

Produced By:
Jeremy Coon, Chris Wyatt, Sean Covel

instrument of the author

Music By:
John Swihart

cinematography of the author

Munn Powell

institution of the author

Distributed By:
Fox Searchlight Pictures

country of the author

United States

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money of the author

Box Office:
$46.1 Million

Inspiring Phrases From Napoleon Dynamite

Well, you have a sweet bike. And you’re really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you’re like the only guy at school who has a mustache. — Napoleon Dynamite

Stay home and eat all the freakin’ chips, Kip! — Napoleon Dynamite

Outside, scratching ticket] ‘Yes! Three spuds! You picked a good one! That’s ten dollars! Yes! — Napoleon Dynamite

Cause I didn’t have a freakin’ choice. All the other sweet clubs were filled up. Gosh! — Napoleon Dynamite

stay home and eat all the freakin chips kip Napoleon Dynamite quote

Do the chickens have large talons? — Napoleon Dynamite

Tina, You Fat Lard, Come Get Some Dinner. Tina! Eat The FOOD! — Napoleon Dynamite

You don’t have to stay here with us, we’re not babies. — Napoleon Dynamite

Various Statements From Napoleon Dynamite

I spent like three hours doing shading the upper lip. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done. — Napoleon Dynamite

Yeah, I took her to the mall to get some glamor shots for her birthday one year. — Napoleon Dynamite

yeah i took her to the mall to get some glamor shots for her birthday one year Napoleon Dynamite quote

How long did it take you to grow that mustache? — Napoleon Dynamite

So, we’re pretty much friends by now, right? — Napoleon Dynamite

I See You’re Drinking 1%. Is That ‘Cause You Think You’re Fat? ‘Cause You’re Not. You Could Totally Be Drinking Whole If You Wanted To. — Napoleon Dynamite

Since when, Kip? You have the worst reflexes of all time. — Napoleon Dynamite

Dang! You got shocks… pegs… Lucky! You ever taken off any sweet jumps? — Napoleon Dynamite

how long did it take you to grow that mustache Napoleon Dynamite quote

More Phrases From Napoleon Dynamite

Why would I want to buy any of this girly crap? — Napoleon Dynamite

I already made like infinity of those at scout camp. — Napoleon Dynamite

You know, there’s like a butt–load of gangs at this school. This one gang kept wanting me to join because I’m pretty good with a bo staff. — Napoleon Dynamite

I Don’t Even Have Any Good Skills. You Know, Like Nunchuck Skills, Bow Hunting Skills, Computer Hacking Skills. Girls Only Want Boyfriends Who Have Great Skills! — Napoleon Dynamite

Redundant Thematics

In Napoleon Dynamite Statements


Yeah, it looks pretty sweet. It looks awesome. That suit, it’s… it’s incredible. — Napoleon Dynamite

why would i want to buy any of this girly crap Napoleon Dynamite quote

It’s Pretty Much My Favorite Animal. It’s Like A Lion And A Tiger Mixed… Bred For Its Skills In Magic. — Napoleon Dynamite

What can I have for dinner? Kip ate the last frozen dinner! — Napoleon Dynamite

Deeper Quotes From Napoleon Dynamite

Tina, come get some ham. — Napoleon Dynamite

I could make that much money in five seconds! — Napoleon Dynamite

Why don’t you go eat a decroded piece of crap? — Napoleon Dynamite

tina come get some ham Napoleon Dynamite quote

Well, I have all your equipment in my locker. You should probably come get it cause I can’t fit my numchucks in there anymore. — Napoleon Dynamite

Yeah, Right. Who’s The One That Knows Illegal Ninja Moves From The Government? — Napoleon Dynamite

Well, will you do me a favor then? Can you bring me my ChapStick? — Napoleon Dynamite

No, I’m freakin’ starving! I didn’t get to eat *anything* today. — Napoleon Dynamite

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