The Best Music quotes

Everyone has heard at least one song in their lifetime. It could be a catchy pop tune on the radio, or a classic rock ballad from your parents’ generation. Songs speak to us in ways that no other form of communication can. They can make us happy, sad, nostalgic, and inspired. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite music quotes with you.

1. For two thousand years, the Church has guided the development of music, carefully legislating to fuse artistic talent and aesthetic beauty with the demands of the Faith. — Richard Morris
2. Drummers are conductors–we set the pace for the music–so if you’re not relaxed and feeling right, the whole thing goes out the window. — Steven Adler
3. Morning is a song that succeeds the music of dawn… — Saurav Somani
4. I really enjoy making different types of music than I do with the Backstreet Boys. — Nick Carter
5. Traditional songwriting, to us, is where the experimental nature comes in. We’re all involved with so much outside activity with really hardcore, experimental music–making. — Thurston Moore
6. Mozart was able to do what he wished in music and he never wished to so what was beyond him. — Romain Rolland
7. I have tried to make the music a bit easier for them to understand. — Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
8. Rock music is not meant to be perfect. — Ozzy Osbourne
9. I only wear vintage clothing. I’m pretty obsessed with things in the ’60s, like fashion and music, too. — Melanie Martinez
10. I’m not melancholy; I’m a happy–go–lucky person, kind of silly. I like funny things. I have a lot of energy. I tend to like music that’s mellow, though. — Norah Jones
11. Djs are in incredible competition, musically. And they are the most musically creative and sensitive people in all the music charts. I am amazed how they are. — Yoko Ono
12. ‘the loneliest thing in the world is lying awake beside someone asleep. ~ ”the November Story’ — Rebecca Makkai, Music for Wartime: Stories
13. I, as a young guy getting out of music school, I didn’t like the prospect of spending my life writing music for about 200 people. — Philip Glass
14. Music is more difficult–try naming a political band. The Dead Kennedys. The Dead Kennedys are political, but they are more funny than they are political. — Thom Yorke
15. I’ve always been inspired by artists who have shown musical and intellectual curiosity and the courage to take risks. — Renee Fleming
16. Music is always a reflection of what’s going on in the hearts and minds of the culture. — Tori Amos
17. Nature is pitiless; she never withdraws her flowers, her music, her fragrance, and her sunlight from before human cruelty or suffering. — Victor Hugo
18. When a lot of musicians change styles, their songwriting suffers because they want to be different. — Noel Gallagher
19. Music and movie scripts are books. You want to be literally moved and that’s the sort of things I look for. — Tim Mcgraw
20. I am convinced that music, like philanthropy, bridges hope. — Ricky Martin
21. When I wrote the words and I have the music, I felt, wow, you know, this has got to be right. I got to sing it right. — Stevie Wonder
22. I know what I’ve done for music, but don’t call me a legend. Just call me Miles Davis. — Miles Davis
23. You know that I immerse myself in music, so to speak–that I think about it all day long–that I like experimenting–studying–reflecting. — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
24. It’s the idea of a multi–sensory experience stemming from music that opened my interest into painting, to be honest. — Serj Tankian
25. Just trying to make my music as good as possible and to keep performing and just keep moving. — Steve Miller
26. I’ve made sure that in any situation and with any record label, I’m allowed to write my own music. — Taylor Swift
27. Music is very personal. It means different things to different people. To you it means belonging. To me it means knowing I exist. — Simon Cheshire, Plastic Fantastic
28. I love music, and after my first experience with movies, I can’t wait to do more. — Rihanna
29. The whole point of creating music for me is to give voice to things that aren’t normally given voice to. — Thom Yorke
30. My music is made for the people who are willing to stand up to change this world themselves. — Tom Morello
31. I think if you’re creating music, and you love the song, holding it back is just doing it an injustice. — Shawn Mendes
32. Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memories. — Oscar Wilde
33. I like music. Country, hip–hop, R&B, sometimes classical. — Zaha Hadid
34. Reading is more of a left–brain process, and listening to music is a right–brain function. — Maynard James Keenan
35. Art––music, painting, sculpture, dance, drama––opens doors to our soul, exposing our lives to whom or what we allow to enter. — Ron Brackin
36. This music heals people because music is vibration, and the proper vibration heals. — Wynton Marsalis
37. Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die. — Paul Simon
38. Some days, the music is not in tune, but it’s always a song worth singing. That’s the best description of a good marriage I’ve ever heard… — Nora Roberts
39. Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. — Martin Luther
40. It really has lifted my spirits. It’s intensified my faith, given me more hope. That’s what music does for me. — Reba Mcentire
41. For guitar players especially, blues is the foundation of rock and roll. You take country music and rock and roll and jazz and you mix it together, and that’s my basic makeup. — Steve Miller
42. I’m not gay, so I don’t know much about Broadway musicals. — Norm Macdonald
43. It is only through silence that truth can be said, because it is only through silence that the truth is heard. — Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen Mind Suddenly Stops
44. When griping grief the heart doth wound, and doleful dumps the mind oppress, then music, with her silver sound, with speedy help doth lend redress. — William Shakespeare
45. Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen. — Vernon Howard
46. Silence gives notice to the music of the senses that would otherwise not be heard. — W Larsen Hughes
47. The roar of the crowd has always been the sweetest music. It’s intoxicating. — Vin Scully
48. I’m a strong advocate for music. I think guitars are wonderful. — Mike Huckabee
49. Art creates high energy, high vibrations, high music, high feelings, high of everything! Without art, we leave highness and we meet lowness! — Mehmet Murat ildan
50. For me, music is my joy. It’s my happiness. As long as this medicine, this chemo is in my body, I didn’t have my love, my joy. — Sharon Jones


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