5 DAYS, 5 emails, 5 achievements

  • Day 1: Are screens dominating you? Screen test
  • Day 2: Reduce time screen with Resistance
  • Day 3: Screen time limiters: Limit phone use (Android / iphone)
  • Day 4: Replace addictive habits with success Habits
  • Day 5: Reach Inner Peace
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About this challenge

This 5 days screen time challenge was created to help people feeling ashame of loosing their time and mind on screens.

You will learn how to deal with your screen time bad habits and recover the control of your life:

โ€ข Monitor, control, set and reduce your screen time
โ€ข Reduce temptations & improve self-control
โ€ข Focus better on what matters

Ultimately, this multi-day challenge will help you to reduce screen time and break your screen time addiction.


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