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Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani (born on April 19, 1957) is an Indian business magnate and the chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most valuable company. He is also the younger brother of India’s iconic business tycoon Anil Ambani. Reliance Industry Limited is into energy sector.
Mukesh was born in Aden, Yemen to Indian parents Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. When Mukesh was 16, his father died of heart attack leaving him shattered. However, he didn’t give up rather emerged as an entrepreneur inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs out there.

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About Mukesh Ambani

birth of the author

19 April 1957

country of the author


college of the author

Alma Mater:
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai; Institute Of Chemical Technology

occupation of the author

Chairman And Md, Reliance Industries

money of the author

Net Worth:
Us$ 81.1 Billion

Inspiring Phrases From Mukesh Ambani

I have always believed that technology drives human civilization’s endeavor and progress. — Mukesh Ambani

As long as we place millions of Indians at the centre of our thought process, as long as we think of their welfare, their future, their opportunities for self–realisation we are on the right track. — Mukesh Ambani

Essentially, whoever is successful, whoever is going to do things that make a difference, is going to be talked about. — Mukesh Ambani

Until my father brought me into Reliance, I was pretty sure that I wanted to study in a U.S. university: hopefully, a little bit of time, either work at the World Bank or teach as a professor. — Mukesh Ambani

i have always believed that technology drives human civilization s endeavor and progress Mukesh Ambani quote

Really do a job and do it well. — Mukesh Ambani

You have to manage money. Particularly with market economies. You may have a great product but if your bottom line goes bust then that’s it. — Mukesh Ambani

I think that our fundamental belief is that for us growth is a way of life and we have to grow at all times. — Mukesh Ambani

Various Statements From Mukesh Ambani

We all get into business, and we take a risk in terms of putting capital. — Mukesh Ambani

If there are some losses that you take, then we’re all big boys–we shouldn’t be crying. — Mukesh Ambani

we all get into business and we take a risk in terms of putting capital Mukesh Ambani quote

My obsession is with technology and how it can improve human life. In my view, what we have seen in the last 300 years is only a trailer. — Mukesh Ambani

I don’t think that ambition should not be in the dictionary of entrepreneurs. But our ambition should be realistic. You have to realise that you can’t do everything. — Mukesh Ambani

Digital life and digital services are a multi–wave business. — Mukesh Ambani

China and India will, separately and together, unleash an explosion of demand. — Mukesh Ambani

My big advantage was to have my father accept me as first–generation. — Mukesh Ambani

if there are some losses that you take then we re all big boys we shouldn t be crying Mukesh Ambani quote

More Phrases From Mukesh Ambani

Profit or loss is not guaranteed. That depends on the consumer and depends on the product. That’s a risk that business people take. — Mukesh Ambani

The regulator’s job is not to guarantee us a profit, however much we cry. The regulator’s job is to first make sure that the country goes forward and then make sure that the consumer goes forward. — Mukesh Ambani

In addition to grocery, we will expand jiomart to cover electronics, fashion, pharmaceutical and healthcare In the days ahead. — Mukesh Ambani

Nobody had anticipated that chemicals was the direction in which Reliance was headed. I did chemical engineering because it was supposed to be the future. — Mukesh Ambani

I am a big believer that whatever has gone lies in the past. You should only learn from it, and you should only look at the present and the future. That’s been my father’s philosophy and mine as well. — Mukesh Ambani

I guess when you are left on your own, you find your true potential. I remember my father never came to our school even once. — Mukesh Ambani

In my father’s language: ‘To create something out of nothing.’ That possibility exists in India even in old–world sectors like agriculture. — Mukesh Ambani

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Deeper Quotes From Mukesh Ambani

I and my famIly are grateful we have moved beyond the past, and are deeply grateful and touched wIth thIs gesture. — Mukesh Ambani

I generally think that I should only speak by action and not by words. — Mukesh Ambani

In the journey of an entrepreneur, the most important thing is self–belief and the ability to convert that belief into reality. — Mukesh Ambani

i generally think that i should only speak by action and not by words Mukesh Ambani quote

Everybody has equal opportunity, and I think that is true for everything. — Mukesh Ambani

All of us know that the energy from the sun can now be harnessed, and we need to convert it sensibly to use it. — Mukesh Ambani

They should not be deprived of the benefits of the digital and data revolution. — Mukesh Ambani

Reliance has built a refinery–led energy business and a materials business. In the energy business, we give 2% of the world’s petrol, diesel, and aviation fuel. — Mukesh Ambani

Amazing Thoughts From Mukesh Ambani

At Reliance, we have always believed in investing in the businesses of the future and in investing in talent. — Mukesh Ambani

i wanted to pursue chemical engineering because i thought it was the future Mukesh Ambani quote

I am personally a big believer that technology is the biggest driver of human development, and if you can use technology to benefit people, then that’s the best business you can have. — Mukesh Ambani

I believe, 50 years from now, when you write history, one technology that would have changed human civilization is going to be the mobile Internet. — Mukesh Ambani

We’re committed to being a long–term partner of amazon india. and actions speak louder than words. — Mukesh Ambani

We call it infectious impatience. That’s his hallmark and we are trying to inculcate it in the entire organization. Infectious impatience. So that things not only get done but get done in double quick time. — Mukesh Ambani

By that time–the early ’70s–Vimal was a fairly successful textile brand. So everybody expected me to do textile engineering. I shocked them by saying that I would go to IIT. — Mukesh Ambani

I wanted to pursue chemical engineering because I thought it was the future. — Mukesh Ambani

MUKESH AMBANI Quotes Take Away

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