Breaks Your
Digital Addiction

This course cures your digital addictions
so you rewire to what matters.

are you The Hero of your life?

Distracted by notifications, wasting hours on Netflix, hypnotized by porn, constantly checking emails, addicted to feeds, craving likes

Powerless to resist, do you remain in shame & regret?


New tech algorithms exploit natural brain flaws to catch and trade your time & mental space.

This program kills your digital temptations so your time and focus go to what truly matters.

4 weeks that reduce & cure
your digital bad habits

10mins/day lessons to save a wasted life

Week 1

The digital purge

What is stealing your mind, time & energy? How much is it taking? Let’s reveal and patch your very unique leaks.

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Week 2

Rebecome the Hero

Are you really “weak”? Here is why you can’t stop and what to do to take back control on your precious life.

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Week 3

Your most resilient digital addictions

Once and for all, let’s terminate what is still terminating you.

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Week 4

Inner peace

Let’s rewire to a life full of inner peace, joy, motivation and happiness, so you never feel the need to relapse.

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You can’t fail.

Rehab experts packed everything you need to quit.


Step by step

40 Mins 1-1 Rehab
Expert Call

less noise, more life

life changes you can expect from this course

⟱ regrets

⟱ negativity

⟱ impulsivity

⟱ wasted time

⟱ toxic bad habits

⟱ procrastination

⟱ tech puppet

⟱ time screen

⟱ fomo

⬆️ time

⬆️ energy

⬆️ willpower

⬆️ motivation

⬆️ focus, clarity & positivity

⬆️ self-Discipline & control

+ pleasure of effort

+ productivity

⬆️ meaning

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