Break Your
Digital Addictions

A course to get rid of your digital addictions
and free your mind for what matters.

From Yielding to Regretting…

Distracted by notifications, wasting hours on Netflix, hypnotized by porn, constantly checking emails, addicted to feeds, craving likes…

Those new temptations trigger daily inside wars and make harder to build a better life.

Feeling powerless to resist, we remain with shame and regrets.

2022: Why you can’t break your modern addiction

New techs keep you addicted in order to sale your mental space.

Powerful algorithms exploit natural brain flaws to catch & trade the most of your time and focus.

Our mission is to help you overcome and cure those temptations so your time and focus go to what matters.

Are you using technology
more than it uses you?

Technology is a good slave but a bad master.

Enslaved mind
Addicted and dominated by technology
Feel miserable & enslaved by temptations
Waste time energy & money
used & manipulated by bad habits
lost in distractions & procrastination
shame, regrets & low self-esteem
scarcity, anxiety & regrets
Technology overdose
impulsive, instable & negative Thoughts
iron mind
leverage technology
Motivated, Productive & Empowered
energy & money used meaningfully
authentic life aligned with self
make progress on what truly matters
mind, heart & soul are cleaned & raised
excited & fulfilled, Focus on positive
Digital Minimalism
self-control, good habits & Healthy Mindset

4 weeks to reduce & cure
your digital bad habits

An online course for the 21th century

Week 1

Your Enemies & Your vulnerabilities

Find what’s messing with your brain and the hidden reasons it’s so painful to resist.

Week 2

Beat technology with technology

Build a minimalism space that enhances your strengths and protects your weaknesses.

Week 3

The purge

Let’s clean this digital toxicity out of your life.

Week 4

The rewiring

Rewire your time and focus to what matters and, build new meaningful habits. Reconnect to your true self.

Ensure your transformation

Created For Transformation. Built For Results.


Step by step

40-Mins 1-1 Call
with a personal

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Less noise, more life

Life changes you can except from this course




wasted time

toxic bad habits


tech puppet

time screen


⬆️ time

⬆️ energy

⬆️ willpower

⬆️ motivation

⬆️ focus, clarity & positivity

⬆️ self-Discipline & control

⬆️ pleasure of effort

⬆️ productivity

⬆️ meaning




wasted time


toxic habits

tech puppet

time screen


⬆️ time

⬆️ energy

⬆️ willpower

⬆️ motivation

⬆️ pleasure of effort

⬆️ self-control & trust

⬆️ focus & clarity

⬆️ productivity

⬆️ meaning

Full Program

Daily Simple Steps. Inevitable Growth.

Week 1: Your Vulnerabilities

Week 1 is all about finding and understanding what vampirize your time, energy, focus and mood.

During this week, we will use different free tracking and time management systems you can easily setup to make major discoveries about your bad habits and the hidden reasons behind the toxicity in your life. From social media to porn addiction, email and buying impulsivity, phone dependency, excessive gaming, gambling, time screen… you’ll know the deepest hidden truth behind your bad habits…

After this week you’ll be aware of what is violating your mental space and why you are so “weak” about it.

  • ▶️ Introduction to week 1
  • ▶️ Day 1: Recognizing your enemies
  • ▶️ Day 1: Auditing your environment
  • ▶️ Day 2: Measure your timetable perdition
  • ▶️ Day 3: Where my time has gone??
  • ▶️ Day 3: Finding your time enemies
  • ▶️ Day 4: Finding your mental space rapists
  • ▶️ Day 5: “But instead…”
  • ▶️ Day 6: Willpower challenge: Toxic feeling awareness
  • ▶️ Day 7: Debriefing
Week 2: Your environment

Week 2 bring you the tools to fight back temptations and bad habits!

During this week, we will discover the most powerful productivity tools and hacks to protect your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. We then will use them to build a safe environment clean of temptations, distractions, aggression… so you can benefit the most of your most precious assets; time, willpower and attention.

After this week you’ll have an minimalist and zen environment optimized for success. You will start feeling more energy, focus and a better mood, simply because you don’t waste them anymore!

  • ▶️ Introduction to week 2
  • ▶️ Day 1: How food impacts your mental space and behavior
  • ▶️ Day 1: Build your success setup and kill bad habit triggers
  • ▶️ Day 2: Invert resistance to hack your weaknesses: general distractions
  • ▶️ Day 2: Invert resistance to hack your weaknesses: addictive technologies
  • ▶️ Day 3: Leverage technology against technology: Phone & Tablet
  • ▶️ Day 3: Leverage technology against technology: Computer
  • ▶️ Day 4: Deal with toxic people
  • ▶️ Day 5: Dry up what dries your mental space
  • ▶️ Day 6: Willpower challenge: Domination
  • ▶️ Day 7: Debriefing
Week 3: The Purge

By the end of week 2, you should feel more happy and fulfilled.
Week 3 gets deeper into cleaning your life, accompanying you step by step into giving up addictive and toxic habits.

You’ll address your most powerful temptations and learn how to reduce their impact on your life. Along, we will try to understand and heal the relationship you get with your deepest bad habits, so you are prepared and willing to let them go.

By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to make deep and powerful choices that will benefit the rest of your life, cleaning habits and beliefs that weighs you down.

  • ▶️ Introduction to week 3
  • ▶️ Day 1: What are you willing to do for a better life?
  • ▶️ Day 1: Should you quite news, social media, Netflix and porn?
  • ▶️ Day 2: Taming the most common modern addictions (Social media, Netflix, Tinder, Onlyfans, porn)
  • ▶️ Day 3: Learning to say no
  • ▶️ Day 3: Reverse social pressure (announce you are leaving)
  • ▶️ Day 4: Get rid of the FOMO
  • ▶️ Day 5: Face your demons (meditation to understand why & when the toxicity joined and his relationship)
  • ▶️ Day 6: Willpower challenge Day: Meaning
  • ▶️ Day 7: Debriefing
Week 4: The Rewiring

By week 4 you should feel that your attention and concentration had increased, that you feel less anxious and that you are able to accomplish way more.

Week 4 is the rewiring week. This is where you’ll enfold the person buried under the toxicity we cleaned during the previous weeks. We will see how to develop this new mindset on the long-term. We will also share the best of challenges like Nofap or digital detox.

  • ▶️ Introduction to week 4
  • ▶️ Day 1: Next level protection: Phone & Tablet
  • ▶️ Day 1: Next level protection: Computer
  • ▶️ Day 2: The Stairway To Hell & The Stairway to Heaven
  • ▶️ Day 2: Reduce yielding with those powerful hacks
  • ▶️ Day 3: Build your new flow
  • ▶️ Day 4: Control those key moments and you’ll control your life
  • ▶️ Day 5: How to calm and clean yourself if things go wrong
  • ▶️ Day 6: Willpower challenge Day
  • ▶️ Day 7: Debriefing

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We are a team of psychology and life coaching experts, designing simpler paths to life fulfillment.


For whom is this course?

You feel spending too much time on your phone, wasting hours on Netflix or scrolling endlessly your feed….

You are feeling weak, lacking of will power or low self-disciplined because you can’t quit watching porn or nofap, or because your mood is impacted by your news feed, friends or strangers comments….

You are distracted by tons of emails, notifications, advertisements, craving temptations, the FOMO…

This course is for you.

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what this course is not

This course will give you the tools to heal your new technology bad habits, but, although it happened, does not claim to eliminate severe addictions that may need a deeper support.

If you need to break a severe addiction, you may need to be closely followed and even join a rehab house.

This course is not neither a course about the minimalist lifestyle but rather focus on one part of it: digital minimalism.

What Is Included?

After purchasing the program, you’ll have access to:

– 32 step by step HD & responsive engaging videos
– A companion workbook (32 pages, PDF)
– A 40-Mins 1-1 call with an expert from the program (zoom, what’s app, phone…)
– A completion certificate (after completing the last lesson)
– A 15 days money-back guarantee

guarantees & Refund

Your transformation is our priority. If for any reason you feel this program is not making you a better person, you can ask a refund here.

In order to push you to start the program and not procrastinate, the money-back guarantee is valid for a period of 15 days starting from the day of the purchase.


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