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They were all over me for my taxes. — Mitt Romney

Well, if his taxes show that he hasn’t made any contributions to the disabled veterans… that would be a big issue, and i’m not saying that’s the case. — Mitt Romney

We have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump’s taxes. — Mitt Romney

I’m with his domestic policy agenda that he has put in place so far––lower taxes, lower regulation, lower bureaucracy. — Mitt Romney

they were all over me for my taxes Mitt Romney quote

When people decide they don’t want to give you their taxes, it’s usually because there’s something they don’t want you to see. — Mitt Romney


What we have done to the kurds will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of american history. — Mitt Romney

I’d like Americans to save their money, and not get taxed on their savings. — Mitt Romney

I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love. — Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney says he believes in America and that he will restore American exceptionalism. I have news for him, we already have an exceptional American as president and we believe in Barack Obama. — John Forbes Kerry

what we have done to the kurds will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of american history Mitt Romney quote

I thInk he made a severe error In sayIng what he dId about mexIcan–amerIcans and I feel It was unfortunate. — Mitt Romney

Make no mistake, in this campaign, I will offer the American ideals of economic freedom a clear and unapologetic defense. — Mitt Romney

Religious freedom opens a door for Americans that is closed to too many others around the world. But whether we walk through that door, and what we do with our lives after we do, is up to us. — Mitt Romney


What you believe, what you value, how you live, matters. — Mitt Romney

If we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, i believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished, and i’m convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. — Mitt Romney

what you believe what you value how you live matters Mitt Romney quote

We still believe in the America that is a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom. We believe in the America that challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves. — Mitt Romney

If the other candidates can find common ground, i believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservatism. — Mitt Romney


Mitt romney hedges on endorsing trump for re–election–washex :. — Mitt Romney

It was a big night for ted cruz, that’s because people are starting to take a better look at donald trump. — Mitt Romney

Trump has pushed the envelope on immigration so far for republicans, i don’t know this [decision] is going to be any more damaging, the barn’s already been blown up. — Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney hedges on endorsing trump for re election washex Mitt Romney quote

I thInk the strategy cruz has Is workIng, bear huggIng donald trump. I thInk donald trump does not feel antagonIzed. — Mitt Romney


It would be absurd to say that if i were drafted i’d say no, we have four strong people running for the nomination. one of them will be the nominee. — Mitt Romney

I can’t ImagIne runnIng rIght now and I’m glad I’m not In thIs race. — Mitt Romney

She believes people get better with experience, and heaven knows i have experience running for president. — Mitt Romney

He has tHe kind of record that you want in washington, you look at this guy, and unlike tHe otHer people running, He has a real track record. — Mitt Romney

i can t imagine running right now and i m glad i m not in this race Mitt Romney quote

The courts are not going to say that you can compel a person running for office to release Their tax returns. — Mitt Romney


Where the president is right in my view on policy for utah us and for the country, i’ll be with him. — Mitt Romney

Redundant Thematics

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Sixty–one million people voted for me, i don’t think all 61 million should be president of the united states. — Mitt Romney

The president of The united states decided to go after china … it was The right thing to do, but we’ve got a lot furTher to go … we can do a lot better as an international community. — Mitt Romney

We expect candor and transparency from the president, from the administration. — Mitt Romney

we expect candor and transparency from the president from the administration Mitt Romney quote

The rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and There are more people in poverty than ever before under this president. — Mitt Romney

It’s a very serious allegation, i hope that it is fully evaluated. the president said it didn’t happen and i certainly hope that’s the case. — Mitt Romney

I lIke jeb a lot, I thInk he’d be a great presIdent, but felt he was unfaIrly but severely burdened by the w. years. — Mitt Romney

This is constitutional question, its a question about the balance of power that is core to our constitution, This is not about the president. — Mitt Romney

Ronald Reagan was a president of strength. His philosophy was a philosophy of strength–a strong military, a strong economy and strong families. — Mitt Romney

President Obama orders religious organizations to violate their conscience. I will defend religious liberty and overturn regulations that trample on our first freedom. — Mitt Romney

Republican secretaries of state from Kissinger to Baker, Powell to Rice, President Bush, 71 United States Senators all supported President Obama’s new START treaty, but not Mitt Romney. — John Forbes Kerry


I know there are hard decIsIons ahead and I hope you’re wIllIng to make the hard decIsIons, and I’m here to help. just know that ann and I are goIng to pray for you. — Mitt Romney

I wIll make that decIsIon down the road, as a person of polItIcal experIence, If I endorse someone, I’ll want to know what’s In It for utah and what help would he provIde for us on key prIorItIes In utah. — Mitt Romney

I belIeve I can help brIng utah’s values and utah’s lessons to washIngton, let there be no questIon–I wIll fIght for utah. — Mitt Romney

There are some in our party who think the best approach is throwing bombs. the problem with bomb–throwing so far is that most of the bombs have landed on our own team. that doesn’t help. — Mitt Romney

We reserve our deepest respect and admiration for those who volunteer for service and give their lives to help keep our nation secure. — Mitt Romney

Free enterprise has done more to lift people out of poverty, to help build a strong middle class, to help educate our kids, and to make our lives better than all the programs of government combined. — Mitt Romney

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