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Mindy Kaling is a prime example of how to turn your disadvantages into advantages. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Indian parents who were both doctors, she was raised in a household where being smart and successful was the expectation. This environment instilled a tremendous work ethic in Kaling, but also caused her to feel like an outsider during her formative years. She dealt with this by finding humor in her situation and developing a sharp wit that would eventually propel her into becoming one of the most successful comedians and actresses in Hollywood. In addition to being hilarious, Kaling is also fiercely intelligent and creatively driven; skills which have served her extremely well throughout her career.

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About Mindy Kaling

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June 24, 1979

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Dartmouth College

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Actress, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Director And More.

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Stand-Up, Television, Film, Books

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Satire, Improvisational Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Stand-Up Comedy


I really love ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary — And I Love The Book

Future hipsters will love me ironically. — Mindy Kaling

It’s terrifying, because we all love the movie so much. — Mindy Kaling

Everyone has a moment when they discover they love Amy Poehler. — Mindy Kaling

future hipsters will love me ironically Mindy Kaling quote

I say if you love something, set it in a small cage and pester and smother it with love until it either loves you back or dies. — Mindy Kaling

I’m someone who loves romance. I always have loved it. Most people who grew up as nerds, as I was, surprisingly, have loved romance. — Mindy Kaling

True love is singing karaoke ‘under pressure’ and letting the other person sing the Freddie Mercury part. — Mindy Kaling

Every actor pretends that they hate sex scenes, and the truth is that they all love them, and they’re lying. — Mindy Kaling


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I have a goofy side that impacts my clothing a lot. To that end, I love witty, colorful, prints. — Mindy Kaling

I think that when you’re 5’4′ and 150 pounds and you love to chat and you have a blog about shopping, trying to maintain a tiny bit of mystery where you possibly can is not a bad thing. — Mindy Kaling

I would love if gay men responded to me. All I want is for many gay men to dress up as me for Halloween. — Mindy Kaling

You should know I disagree with a lot of traditional advice. For instance, they say the best revenge is living well. I say it’s acid in the face–who will love them now? — Mindy Kaling

My mom always used to say, ‘You can’t say I love you before you can say I.’ And I think that sort of makes sense. — Mindy Kaling

I have crushes on celebrities or people I meet or see in the coffee shop, and every day I fall in love with three people simply because they said one funny thing or appeared to me in a certain way. — Mindy Kaling

I love telling press the designers I’m wearing, especially if they are emerging. That’s exciting to me, supporting talented newcomers. — Mindy Kaling

It makes me cry because it means that fewer and fewer people are believing it’s cool to want what I want, which is to be married and have kids and love each other in a monogamous, long–lasting relationship. — Mindy Kaling

The truth is, it’s hard to get people to like you, but it’s even harder to keep people liking you. — Mindy Kaling


Comedy writers have the most fragile egos. — Mindy Kaling

There’s a female writer–performer thing going on in TV right now. — Mindy Kaling

comedy writers have the most fragile egos Mindy Kaling quote

My dream of course, as a writer and a person who’s an entertainer, is: Grow up to be Mindy Kaling, don’t grow up to be Mindy Lahiri. — Mindy Kaling

Truthfully, I guess I would like to be remembered as a great writer and a kind person. I wouldn’t mind if an expensive bag were named after me, like Jane Birkin. — Mindy Kaling

I think a lot of people compare female writers or female comedians to each other in a way that men are not. Male comedy writers are not scrutinized. — Mindy Kaling

People don’t want to listen to a celebrity tweeting about their charities and shows. That’s why comedy writers do well–we put out little funny ideas. — Mindy Kaling

I had to learn a skill set. I think I had the materials to be a good comedy writer. — Mindy Kaling

there s a female writer performer thing going on in tv right now Mindy Kaling quote

I am a super–confident writer, and as a joke writer and as an actress, I’m like, ‘I want to go head–to–head with every person.’ I am an Indian woman and I’m a kind of double minority in this world. — Mindy Kaling


My relationship with my mom is really the single most profound relationship that I’ve ever had in my life. — Mindy Kaling

I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings. — Mindy Kaling

I would be the first to admit that I have incredibly high, ambitious standards for my life and my career, and I’ve had those my entire life. It’s something that was just instilled in me by my parents. — Mindy Kaling

If I can muster up any allure in my life, at this stage, I wouldn’t mind doing that. — Mindy Kaling

i have the right to life liberty and chicken wings Mindy Kaling quote

I would say that my mother is the single biggest role model in my life, but that term doesn’t seem to encompass enough when I use it about her. She was the love of my life. — Mindy Kaling

Everyone should try to live their life like they’d like to be a role model. — Mindy Kaling

People seem to be having these awesome sex lives and I’m just trying to find a life partner to go apple picking with. What’s wrong with me? — Mindy Kaling

What I’ve noticed is that almost no one who was a big star in high school is also big star later in life. For us overlooked kids, it’s so wonderfully fair. — Mindy Kaling

I think I’ve always wanted to be a role model, and I think … everyone should try to live their life like they’d like to be a role model. I think it’s like the thing keeping me out of jail. — Mindy Kaling

if i can muster up any allure in my life at this stage i wouldn t mind doing that Mindy Kaling quote

The chorus of ‘Jack and Diane’ is: Oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone. Are you kidding me? The thrill of living was high school? Come on, Mr. Cougar Mellencamp. Get a life. — Mindy Kaling

I have such a rich fantasy life, I can’t help it. I do make up a lot of romantic stories in my head. — Mindy Kaling

In psychology (okay, Twilight) they teach you about the notion of imprinting, and I think it applies here. I reverse–imprinted with athleticism. Ours is the great non–love story of my life. — Mindy Kaling

Fast food is hugely important in the life of a comedy writer. All we do is order in, and what we’re going to eat is hotly debated. — Mindy Kaling

I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my lIfe, thIs Is one where I’m lIke, ‘ok, It’s out of my hands,’ whIch Is kInd of a fun feelIng. — Mindy Kaling

I have a whole system down for returning online shopping: a tape gun, a printer for return labels. That has replaced traditional window shopping in my life, as I’ve gotten busier. — Mindy Kaling

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I cringe a lot when I look at my early talk–show experiences. — Mindy Kaling


Personally, I, Mindy Kaling want to spend like 80 percent of my life hanging out with women. — Mindy Kaling

We always think of a diet with a big groan. But I think diets are fun. I think it is an American pastime for a lot of women. — Mindy Kaling

I’m not into red carpet looks where it’s clear the woman wanted to look like a pretty, pretty princess. — Mindy Kaling

i love talking about clothes with women it s like a code because women dress for women Mindy Kaling quote

And the scary thing I have noticed is that some people really feel uncomfortable around women who don’t hate themselves. So that’s why you need to be a little bit brave. — Mindy Kaling

Why didn’t you talk about whether women are funny or not? I just felt that by commenting on that in any real way, it would be tacit approval of it as a legitimate debate, which it isn’t. — Mindy Kaling

I have a thick skin, which comes from being a not–really–skinny, dark–skinned Indian woman. I haven’t fit in every place, and so I’m kind of used to resistance. — Mindy Kaling

If you are going to ask your crush for their phone number, you are one of the small group of women I am so jealous of. — Mindy Kaling

As a kid it’s adorable to have a gap in your teeth. But then, because of the shifting in my mouth, I started whistling through it, and as a 32–year–old woman, whistling while you speak in sort of annoying. — Mindy Kaling

The overlap in the Venn diagram of things that men hate for women to wear and the things that I love to wear, it’s almost a full overlap on the Venn diagram, which is unfortunate for me. — Mindy Kaling

I think women in general like men that don’t give them the thing that we want. We want a chase. — Mindy Kaling

I love talking about clothes with women; it’s like a code because women dress for women. — Mindy Kaling

All women love Colin Firth: Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy, George VI–at this point he could play the Craigslist Killer and people would be like, ‘Oh my God, the Craigslist Killer has the most boyish smile! — Mindy Kaling

When I have time to sit and reflect on the different situations that I face every day, I’ll be able to speak more succinctly about the challenges as a woman. — Mindy Kaling

I, like most women, I dress for other women, I think. If I was going to dress for men, I think in general I would be just wearing, like, a fitted black T–shirt and tight jeans every day. — Mindy Kaling


It’d be great to be so famous that if I murder someone, I will never, ever, ever serve any jail time, even if it’s totally obvious to everyone that I did it. — Mindy Kaling

Right now, I’m hankering for new adventures… Ninety percent of the time I’m having romantic–comedy fantasies in which I’m wearing little pencil skirts and hurrying down to the subway. — Mindy Kaling

Later, when you’re grown up, you realize you never really get to hang out with your family. You pretty much have only eighteen years to spend with them full time, and that’s it. — Mindy Kaling

A remarkable thing about me is that the time that elapses between a sad thought and a flood of tears is three or four seconds. — Mindy Kaling

Every day, I wake up and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m the star of my own show that has my name in it and I get to write it and hire actors that I’ve loved for such a long time!’ It’s amazing! — Mindy Kaling

I just want ambitious teenagers to know it is totally fine to be quite, observant kids. Besides being a delight to your parents, you will find you have plenty of time later to catch up. — Mindy Kaling

I feel like the high–concept shows that have some kind of gimmick tend not to be the hit classic shows of all time. — Mindy Kaling

I hated L.A. for a long time, and I wanted to leave it. I had these fantasies of going to ‘SNL’ and falling in love with some writer on ‘SNL,’ of getting married and living in New York. — Mindy Kaling

As my mom has said, when one person is unhappy, it usually means two people are unhappy but that one has not come to terms with it yet. — Mindy Kaling

I sort of refuse to be an outsider, even though I know that I very much look like one to a lot of people, and I refuse to view myself in such terms. — Mindy Kaling


I don’t ever remember being able to debate with my parents. Even though I thought of myself as a very bright kid, I couldn’t be vocal in that way. — Mindy Kaling

I’m the one who looks at the infant, smiles nervously, and as my contribution to small talk, robotically announces to the parent, ‘Your child looks healthy and well cared for. — Mindy Kaling

Your fear that your parents will actually kill you for dropping out of college is something that I think a lot of children of immigrants would maybe relate to. — Mindy Kaling

I have a personality defect where I sort of refuse to see myself as an underdog… It’s because of my parents. They raised me with the entitlement of a tall, blond, white man. — Mindy Kaling

My parents were supportive of my creativity but did not have a lot of patience for whimsy with zero production value. They had stuff to do. — Mindy Kaling

MINDY KALING Quotes Take Away

Mindy Kaling is a powerful woman in Hollywood, and her words of wisdom are inspiring. She has said many things that have resonated with me, but these five quotes really stand out to me. They emphasize the importance of hard work, embracing who you are, being yourself, staying positive, and not giving up on your dreams. If you’re feeling down or struggling with your career or personal life, I encourage you to read these quotes and be inspired by Mindy Kaling’s advice.

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