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Mikhail Tal, born in 1936 in Riga, was a Soviet-era grandmaster of chess and world champion. He is considered one of the greatest chess players of all time. Despite his short stature and lack of physical strength, he became known for his aggressive style of play that often led to complex positions and an ironclad defense. Learn more about the life and times of Mikhail Tal in this informative blog post.

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About Mikhail Tal

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Soviet Union

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9 November 1936

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28 June 1992

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No. 2

Inspiring Phrases From Mikhail Tal

Chess isn’t football or hockey. โ€” Mikhail Tal

When I asked Fischer why he had not played a certain move in our game, he replied: ‘Well, you laughed when I wrote it down!’ โ€” Mikhail Tal

Quiet moves often make a stronger impression than a wild combination with heavy sacrifices. โ€” Mikhail Tal

Of course, errors are not good for a chess game, but errors are unavoidable and in any case, a game without ant errors, or as they say ‘flawless game’ is colorless. โ€” Mikhail Tal

chess isn t football or hockey Mikhail Tal quote

Naturally, the psychological susceptibility of a match participant is significantly higher than a participant in a tournament, since each game substantially changes the overโ€“all position. โ€” Mikhail Tal

Just as one’s imagination is stirred by a girl’s smile, so is one’s imagination stirred by the possibilities of chess. โ€” Mikhail Tal

Fischer is Fischer, but a knight is a knight! โ€” Mikhail Tal

Various Statements From Mikhail Tal

Later, I began to succeed in decisive games. Perhaps because I realized a very simple truth: not only was I worried, but also my opponent โ€” Mikhail Tal

I can take care of myself! But the ‘external barriers’, my opponents, do indeed concern me. โ€” Mikhail Tal

i can take care of myself but the external barriers my opponents do indeed concern me Mikhail Tal quote

Fischer is the greatest genius to descend from the chess heavens. โ€” Mikhail Tal

Planning anything is hopeless. โ€” Mikhail Tal

If (Black) is going for victory, he is practically forced to allow his opponent to get some kind of wellโ€“known positional advantage. โ€” Mikhail Tal

If you wait for luck to turn up, life becomes very boring. โ€” Mikhail Tal

To play for a draw (at any rate with White) is to some degree a crime against chess. โ€” Mikhail Tal

fischer is the greatest genius to descend from the chess heavens Mikhail Tal quote

More Phrases From Mikhail Tal

I like to grasp the initiative and not give my opponent peace of mind. โ€” Mikhail Tal

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As long as my opponent has not yet castled, on each move I seek a pretext for an offensive. Even when I realize that the king is not in danger. โ€” Mikhail Tal

I go over many games collections and pick up something from the style of each player. โ€” Mikhail Tal

I think that the FIDE leaders have to reconsider the current drawing rulesโ€“their advantages aren’t very clear, but their shortcomings are obvious. Artificial drawing of the lots is detrimental for everyone. โ€” Mikhail Tal

I have always thought it a matter of honour for every chess player to deserve the smile of fortune. โ€” Mikhail Tal

i like to grasp the initiative and not give my opponent peace of mind Mikhail Tal quote

First, how to sac my queen, then rook, then bishop, then knight, then pawns. โ€” Mikhail Tal

Playing in your home city is very special. You feel the support and attention. When everything goes well, it’s very great, but when it doesn’t, you might as well turn off your phone: the advices seem endless. โ€” Mikhail Tal

MIKHAIL TAL Quotes Take Away

Mikhail Tal was one of the most brilliant chess players in history. He had a unique style that led him to many victories, and his words on learning and success are just as inspiring as his play. We hope youโ€™ve enjoyed these quotes from this incredible mind. If you want to learn more about how to achieve your own goals, check out our courses.

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