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Michael Keaton, the actor known for his roles in Batman, Beetlejuice and The Office, is the subject of this quotes compilation. Keaton was born in 1963 in Pennsylvania and began his career as a TV host on a Pittsburgh children’s show. He then made the jump to Hollywood, appearing in small roles before landing his breakout role as Batman. Since then, he has continued to star in films and TV shows, earning critical acclaim along the way. This quotes compilation covers Keaton’s life and career in detail.

We are glad to present you the deepest Movies quotes from Michael Keaton, and much more.


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September 5, 1951

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Kent State University

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Sometimes I do movies that aren’t any good, or sometimes I might not be any good in them, or sometimes they don’t do very well. โ€” Michael Keaton

For years, I’d go to the movies and see guys doing Boston accents and think, ‘Oh please, God, I hope I never have to do that.’ โ€” Michael Keaton

I’ll always stand by the first ‘Batman’. Even for its imperfections, people will never know how hard that movie was to do. A lot of that still holds up. โ€” Michael Keaton

I saw some Pixar movies like ‘The Incredibles’ and thought, ‘This is extraordinary. These are some of the best movies I’ve seen.’ โ€” Michael Keaton

i ve made a lot of independent films but i ve never been invited to this party before Michael Keaton quote

I was raising a child full time, sharing the responsibility with his mom. He lived with me half the time, so I chose not to go away and make certain movies. โ€” Michael Keaton

Small movie, small role, giant movie, giant role. Work is work. You’ve got to tell the truth and show up. โ€” Michael Keaton

I’ve made a lot of independent films, but I’ve never been invited to this party before. โ€” Michael Keaton

Inspiring Phrases From Michael Keaton

I had a babyโ€“โ€“he’s 31. I also have a new gIrlfrIendโ€“โ€“she’s 28. โ€” Michael Keaton

You tell me another gang that’s got a dental plan. โ€” Michael Keaton

i had a baby he s 31 i also have a new girlfriend she s 28 Michael Keaton quote

It’s great to be young and insane. โ€” Michael Keaton

I was so gullible as a kid. โ€” Michael Keaton

Is this a great country, or what? โ€” Michael Keaton

All actors are my brothers and my sisters. It ain’t cool to compare or disparage them. It ain’t polite. โ€” Michael Keaton

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I think one reason I really like women and like working with women is because of my sisters. โ€” Michael Keaton

you tell me another gang that s got a dental plan Michael Keaton quote

Various Statements From Michael Keaton

I choose not to be at the whim of others. I want to be at my own whim. โ€” Michael Keaton

Ahhh… It’s good to be young and insane. โ€” Michael Keaton

In our family, my brothers and I shared toys. In other words, just because it was mine didn’t mean my brothers and I didn’t play with it. โ€” Michael Keaton

My brothers were tremendous shack builders. My shacks were horrible. My brothers once built a twoโ€“story shack from the ground up that was awesome! โ€” Michael Keaton

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