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Merle Haggard was an American country music singer, songwriter, guitarist and fiddler. He is one of the most influential and popular country singers of all time. Haggard’s career spanned more than three decades, during which he recorded 35 albums and charted more than 25 number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. In addition to Okie from Muskogee and Sing Me Back Home, hits such as Mama Tried, I’m a Lonesome Fugitive, and Workin’ Man Blues became staples of country music. Following his death in 2016, Haggard was inducted into both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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About Merle Haggard

birth of the author

April 6, 1937

death of the author

April 6, 2016

genre of the author

Country, Outlaw Country, Bakersfield Sound

occupation of the author

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

instrument of the author

Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle

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Years Active:

institution of the author

Capitol, Mca, Epic, Curb, Anti-, Vanguard And More.

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Associated Acts:
The Strangers, The Buckaroos, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Buck Owens And More.


No, it’s not love, but it’s not bad. — Merle Haggard

I’m just writin’ about my little ol’ love affair. — Merle Haggard

I’m a little more comfortable in that role. I love being in the studio. — Keith Urban

I can’t really say why everyone loves Bob Wills’ music, but I have yet to meet a person who didn’t like it. — Merle Haggard

no it s not love but it s not bad Merle Haggard quote

A house without love ain’t a home. — Merle Haggard

A song like ‘Once in a Lifetime’ is inspired by my marriage–it’s a good, life–changing happening in my life. I think when you find your once–in–a–lifetime love, that’s what everybody’s looking for. — Keith Urban

I think it took me a while to convince Nashville that what I do is genuine and my heart’s in the right place, and I love country music. — Keith Urban

The Captain just gave us our orders, and Mom we must carry them through. I’ll finish this letter first chance I get, but for now I’ll just say I love you. — Merle Haggard

Running down on a way of life our fighting men have fought and died to keep. If you don’t love it, leave it. — Merle Haggard

i m just writin about my little ol love affair Merle Haggard quote

Everybody likes Johnny Cash. I think the sad part of it is his health is givin’ him problems. — Merle Haggard


No, I had a back injury early on in my life. — Merle Haggard

Getting on the bus and touring was my life. And when that was not around, I felt myself a bit lost at times, because that was all I had. — Keith Urban

There’s a rumor that there may be an attempt at organizing a possible script for a series on my life, which, when you look at my police record, you’d have to have more than one hour to tell the story. — Merle Haggard

You go through life experiences. Each record captures a different turning point in my life. — Keith Urban

no i had a back injury early on in my life Merle Haggard quote

I’ve always been a pretty private, quiet kind of person and so I haven’t had to change my life really at all, I don’t think. — Keith Urban


I make no apologies for being a huge fan of radio songs. — Keith Urban

And if I get it right everybody will be singing along, yeah And when they see you on the street they’ll say, ‘Hey, ain’t you the girl in that song? — Keith Urban

There’s just a few people that call themselves stars can actually sit down with a guitar and sing you a song. — Merle Haggard

It sounds like something from a Woody Guthrie song, but it’s true; I was raised in a freight car. — Merle Haggard

if i hear another line dance song i think i m going to puke Merle Haggard quote

If I hear another line dance song I think I’m going to puke. — Merle Haggard

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I’ve never wanted to name an album from a song title if I could avoid it because I like it to be a body of work. — Keith Urban

It’s not the case of turning in a bunch of songs and recording the next month. I think you’re looking for songs all year long and you’re writing all year long. — Keith Urban

I think I’m most proud of my family right now. I’m more into that then I’ve ever been. It also gives a new area to draw from in creativity with my songs. — Merle Haggard


And there’s some Latino music I like, and some reggae music. — Merle Haggard

and there s some latino music i like and some reggae music Merle Haggard quote

When you get to readin’ about where the music and John Steinbeck and all those people like that come from, the further you go the more interesting it becomes. — Merle Haggard

My 10 year old son likes it. He’s trying to play guitar and everything. He likes that kind of music. — Merle Haggard

The only thing that I miss lately in all music is somebody that will put out a melody that you can whistle. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything happening like that. — Merle Haggard

I would’ve become a lIfetIme crImInal If musIc hadn’t saved my ass, I’m lIvIng proof that thIngs go wrong In amerIca and I’m also lIvIng proof that thIngs can go rIght. — Merle Haggard

I enjoy the videos with the sound off, where you can look at the belly buttons and everything. Really some pretty girls, but I don’t know about the music. — Merle Haggard


I’ll tell you what the public likes more than anything, it’s the most rare commodity in the world–honesty. — Merle Haggard

Staring at the world through the bottom of a glass, all I see is a man who’s fading fast. — Merle Haggard

The world is getting so reality–driven these days. It seems to be accelerating exponentially. But it’s a dangerous game for a lot of people. — Keith Urban

Heaven knows that alcohol is the worst thing in the world, but it’s debatable whether cocaine is worse than caffeine or whether it’s the same thing and they just changed the name. — Merle Haggard

MERLE HAGGARD Quotes Take Away

Merle Haggard was a master of Americana music, and his lyrics often reflected the struggles faced by many Americans. His songs were filled with emotion and honesty, and they continue to inspire people to this day. If you’re looking for some motivation, or just want to hear some great country music, be sure to check out Merle Haggard’s work. And if you’re interested in learning more about Americana music, be sure to check out our courses. We have something for everyone, regardless of your experience level or musical interests.

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