The Best Mercy quotes

We all make mistakes. But, sometimes it’s hard to forgive ourselves. We need to remember that God is always willing to forgive us- no matter what we do. Here are some beautiful mercy quotes to inspire you on your journey of self-forgiveness. May they help you find the peace and compassion that you need to move forward in life.

1. It’s only through Christ that we can take full advantage of God’s mercy and forgiveness through repentance in Jesus’ name. β€” Monica Johnson
2. I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty; and wish to see you with a hundred eyes . . . I am in the house of mercy, and my heart is a place of prayer. β€” Rumi
3. One heart cannot serve two masters. β€” Robin LaFevers, Grave Mercy
4. Life is only limited by our prejudices. Destroy them, and you cease to be at the mercy of yourself. β€” Mina Loy
5. Mercy, mercy me, things ain’t what they used to be. β€” Marvin Gaye
6. Act with God’s compassion, mercy and forgiveness in mind and you will always be right. Act with revenge in your heart and you will always be wrong. β€” Shannon L. Alder
7. The kingdom of reflection is at the mercy of the wind! β€” Mehmet Murat ildan
8. Those who want to power know no mercy. β€” Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
9. Forgiveness is local. β€” Matthew C. Harrison, Christ Have Mercy: How to Put Your Faith in Action
10. Do not seek popularity or self–affirmation; just show people God’s love and mercy, and help them to prosper and succeed. Simply serve God β€” Pastor Adelaja Sunday
11. The Underworld had no mercy. It only had justice β€” Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus
12. God picked me to be his punching bag…so who am I suposed to pray to for mercy? β€” S.L.J. Shortt
13. If beauty were time, you’d be eternity β€” Shannon Dermott, Waiting for Mercy
14. Mankind’s real moral test, a test so radical and so deep that it escapes our gaze, is probably the one of its relations with those that are the most at its mercy; the Animals. β€” Milan Kundera
15. Mercy will always be greater than any sin, no one can put a limit on the love of the all–forgiving God. β€” Pope Francis
16. The mercy of Jesus is not just sentiment: indeed it is a force that gives life, that raises man up! β€” Pope Francis
17. Tis social converse, animates the soul. β€” Mercy Otis Warren
18. Lord Ironman, please play tonsil hockey with me, just this one time. There, does that make you happy? β€” Mercy Celeste, Wicked Game
19. Sin is more than a stain. Sin is a wound; it needs to be treated, healed. The place where my encounter with the mercy of Jesus takes place is my sin. β€” Pope Francis, The Name of God is Mercy
20. Politics are for foreigners with their endless wrongs and paltry rights. Politics are a lousy way to get things done. Politics are, like God’s infinite mercy, a last resort. β€” P. J. O
21. Travelers are much at the mercy of phrases … vast generalizations formulate in their exposed brains. β€” Virginia Woolf
22. He manages to balance Rigor and Mercy. β€” Paulo Coelho
23. A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just. β€” Pope Francis
24. The low bird is not picked tenderly out of the dust by its fellows; rather, it is dispatched quickly and without mercy. β€” Stephen King
25. What is the meaning of it all, of this…of this world?’Mystery’, I heard in my thoughts, or perhaps, ‘mercy’, but I wasn’t certain of either. β€” Orhan Pamuk
26. Infinite mercy flows continually But you’re asleep and can’t see it. β€” Rumi
27. Mercy is what moves us toward God, while justice makes us tremble in his sight. β€” Pope Benedict Xvi
28. Sportsmanship… what a load of crap, don’t preach your morality to me. Steve Austin doesn’t have any mercy… you want mercy? Take your *ss to church! β€” Stone Cold Steve Austin
29. Once I get the ball, you’re at my mercy. There is nothing you can say or do about it. I own the ball. β€” Michael Jordan
30. To Mercy Pity Peace and Love All pray in their distress. β€” William Blake
31. The Underworld had no mercy. It only had justice β€” Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus
32. ‘the ticking of the clock has gotten so loud.”–74’ β€” Robin Romm, The Mercy Papers
33. I have not lost Allah’s hope in us to show compassion where none exists and to extend mercy in the most difficult of circumstances. We as Muslims must lead by example. β€” Muhammad Ali
34. You want to know what I’m going to do to you if you consent to playing with me tonight?’ His hot breath tickled the shell of her ear. ‘Anything I want. β€” Shelly Bell, At His Mercy
35. The ones who take human circumstances too personally will eventually be left outside mercy β€” Prabhukrishna M
36. Sometimes due to God’s mercy, the time in God’s plan can be stretched or extended β€” Sunday Adelaja
37. Among the attributes of God although they are all equal mercy shines with even more brilliancy than justice. β€” Miguel de Cervantes
38. I’m bad for you. I told you I will break you and I will. I wish I knew how not to. I can’t. I’m sorry. You have to take me like this… β€” Mercy Cortez
39. It’s amazing to me; when your mind is fixed on one thing, you forget everything. You forget to eat and drink and care. The only thing I could never forget was him. β€” Mercy Cortez
40. You want me at your mercy, Princess. Question is, why?”No, ‘ she whispered. ‘Question is, do I? β€” Meg Hennessy
41. Nothing fosters courage like a clear grasp of grace… & nothing fosters fear like an ignorance of mercy β€” Max Lucado
42. There is a difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. β€” R.J. Torbert, No Mercy
43. Those who do not read are at the mercy of those who do. β€” Shelley A. Ashcroft
44. Once I get the ball, you’re at my mercy. There is nothing you can say or do about it. I own the ball. β€” Michael Jordan
45. The life of Jesus Christ is a message of hope, a message of mercy, a message of life in a dark world. β€” Max Lucado
46. The very contradictions in my life are in some ways signs of God’s mercy to me. β€” Thomas Merton
47. Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill. β€” William Shakespeare
48. I ended your experiment. Because you’re not a scientist. You’re a monster. I’m not leaving any of them at your mercy. β€” Rachel Caine, Fall of Night
49. Without mercy, we have little chance nowadays of becoming part of a world of ‘wounded’ persons in need of understanding, forgiveness, love. β€” Pope Francis
50. A Christian is committed to the belief that Love and Mercy are the most powerful forces on earth. β€” Thomas Merton


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