The Best Meditation quotes

Whether you’re just starting out on your meditation journey or have been at it for a while, these quotes will help you to keep your practice going strong. Each one of these insightful sayings will remind you of all the benefits that come with meditation and why it’s worth sticking to.


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The best meditation quotes

1. Our thoughts are not roadblocks to our meditation, they are the divine expression of the universe and the building blocks of infinite possibilities available to us in every moment. — davidji

2. Meditation is the conscious effort towards altering our subconscious mind — Xaric

3. Meditation is to get out of your psychosis and to get out of your neurosis; it is simply to slip out of them. — Rajneesh

4. Please don’t tell me you know just how I feel––you don’t. — Shirley Corder, Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer

5. Meditation is a microcosm, a model, a mirror. The skills we practice when we sit are transferable to the rest of our lives. — Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation

6. Essentially, meditation means to experientally realize that you are not an individual bubble–you are a universe. — Sadghuru

7. I couldn’t guarantee that someone could get off their medication. But I suspect that meditation instead of Ritalin would change the life of any kid with ADD. — Russell Simmons

8. Well, when you’re relaxed, your mind takes you to the whole reality. There’s no such thing as time when you’re really relaxed. That’s why meditation works. — Shirley Maclaine

9. In practicing meditation, we’re not trying to live up to some kind of ideal–quite the opposite. — Pema Chödrön, The Pocket Pema Chodron

10. Frustration is out of expectation; expectation is our projection. All kinds of love frustrate unless love is based in meditation. — Rajneesh

11. Meditation is painful in the beginning but it bestows immortal Bliss and supreme joy in the end. — Swami Sivananda

12. In meditation you are not unconscious, you are conscious–more conscious than ever. — Rajneesh

13. Any action in which you can be total becomes meditation. — Rajneesh

14. Our whole life is a meditation of our last decision–the only decision that matters. — Thomas Merton

15. Meditation is the golden key to all the mysteries of life. — Rajneesh

16. Real Martial Arts is Mathematics, Physics, Poetry; Meditation in Action — Soke Behzad Ahmadi

17. We do meditation, spiritual practices in this temporary body. Though this body is temporary, you have to use temporary things to realize the Truth. — Sathya Sai Baba

18. A man in his own secret meditation / Is lost amid the labyrinth that he has made / In art or politics. — William Butler Yeats

19. The corn was orient and immortal wheat, which never should be reaped, nor was ever sown. I thought it had stood from everlasting to everlasting. — Thomas Traherne, Centuries of Meditations

20. Frustration is out of expectation; expectation is our projection. All kinds of love frustrate unless love is based in meditation. — Rajneesh

21. In practicing meditation, we’re not trying to live up to some kind of ideal––quite the opposite. We’re just being with our experience, whatever it is. — Pema Chodron

22. Alas! I have nor hope nor health, Nor peace within nor calm around, Nor that content surpassing wealth The sage in meditation found. — Percy Bysshe Shelley

23. Nothing takes God by surprise, not even cancer. — Shirley Corder, Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer

24. I think [Transcendental Meditation] is what people need. They don’t need high minded talk, they need results. — Paul Mccartney

25. We can use meditation as a way to experiment with new ways of relating to ourselves, even our uncomfortable thoughts. — Sharon Salzberg, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection

26. Like the practice of breath control, meditation on the forms of God, repetition of mantras, food restrictions, etc., are but aids for rendering the mind quiescent. — Ramana Maharshi

27. Meditation is like farming… the right soil is required to grow anything, nothing will grow if the soil is polluted by striving or pushing too hard.–Jon Kabat — Zinn

28. There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Meditation. Any Time you Spend in Silence is Valuable — Wayne Dyer

29. If you are silent through meditation, utterly silent, suddenly you feel a tremendous urge to create something. — Rajneesh

30. There is only one meditation–the rigorous refusal to harbor thoughts. — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

31. To be here and now, you have to be in meditation, beyond mind. — Rajneesh

32. There’s only one way to become an eagle, and that’s to be born an eagle. — Shirley Corder, Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer

33. Look at your heart–flower and smile.You will be able to solve your most pressing problems. — Sri Chinmoy, Meditation: Man–perfection in God–satisfaction

34. Remember, meditation cannot be result–oriented; you simply meditate, that’s all. — Rajneesh

35. Your mind is a constant traffic of thoughts, and it is always rush hour, day in, day out. Meditation means to watch the movement of thoughts in the mind. — Rajneesh

36. Meditation leads you to your spiritual information, and takes you on a journey of getting to know yourself and your creations. — Mary Ellen Flora, Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening

37. Creativity means enjoying any work as meditation; doing any work with deep love. — Rajneesh

38. Meditation is the alchemist of the soul. It transforms disappointment into acceptance — betrayal into forgiveness

39. Let go, and move closer to existence in silence and peace, in meditation. — Rajneesh

40. Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that’s been missing. — Russell Simmons

41. Once you stop being locked into viewing reality from just one perspective, you will start to be free from habitual reactivity. — Stephen Richards, The Ultimate Cosmic Ordering Meditation

42. Each meditation should last hours–three, four, six hours. — Samael Aun Weor

43. Meditation is a way to be narcissistic without hurting anyone — Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms

44. Only meditation, only silence, only transcending beyond your mind is going to give you contentment and fulfillment. — Rajneesh

45. Cancer is finite. God is way bigger. — Shirley Corder, Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer

46. Meditation is the alchemy of transforming. The unconscious into the conscious. It gives you a tremendous power, Far greater than anger, greed and lust. — Rajneesh

47. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity. — Voltaire

48. Meditation means to be in non–doing. Meditation is not a doing but a state of being. It is a state of being in one’s own self. — Rajneesh

49. The more things you have in common with the normal population the more you are not being yourself. — Ray Mancini, Zen, Meditation & the Art of Shooting: Performance Edge–Sports Edition

50. Medicine heals the body, meditation heals the soul. Medicine is outwardly, meditation is inwardly. And man is whole only when medicine and meditation are together in deep harmony. — Rajneesh


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can use to help us stay in alignment with ourselves, our goals, and our purpose. Taking time to be still and reflect can provide us with great insight and clarity, as well as help us to cultivate peace and balance. There are many inspiring quotes about meditation that can help to motivate and inspire us in our practice. We hope that these quotes have provided you with some food for thought and have encouraged you to take the time to meditate and find the stillness within.

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