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This is the story of how a child born without father, who experienced personal tragedy at an early age, went on to become one of the most successful gospel artists of our time. It is a story that will inspire you and show you that no matter what life throws your way, you can overcome any obstacle with God’s help. So sit back and be prepared to be inspired by the amazing story of Marvin Sapp.

Here are the most interesting quotes from Marvin Sapp, and much more.


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About Marvin Sapp

birth of the author

January 28, 1967

genre of the author

Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Inspirational/Worship

occupation of the author

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

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Years Active:

Inspiring Phrases From Marvin Sapp

I chose to sing in the church, and have never regretted it. — Marvin Sapp

Gospel music allows us to become closer to God and closer to each other. — Marvin Sapp

I just believe that whatever I post should be my content. — Marvin Sapp

In spite of calamity, He still has a plan for me, And it’s working for my good, And it’s building my testimony. — Marvin Sapp

i chose to sing in the church and have never regretted it Marvin Sapp quote

Marvin’s Motivational Moments actually started as something that was actually therapeutic for me. I would sit up late at night after my wife passed trying to adjust to being alone. — Marvin Sapp

D.c. is one my largest audiences. They buy tons of records of mine in Washington, D.c. — Marvin Sapp

In the African–American community, we struggle with a lot of health problems that have a lot to do with our diet. — Marvin Sapp

Various Statements From Marvin Sapp

I have to prioritize: father first, and then a pastor and a recording artist and entrepreneur. I try to put everything in proper perspective, and then the proper priority. — Marvin Sapp

Keep doing what you do, and people that enjoy what you do are gonna buy your music and love on you. — Marvin Sapp

when my wife got sick i didn t understand why god was doing what he was doing Marvin Sapp quote

When my wife got sick, I didn’t understand why God was doing what he was doing. — Marvin Sapp

I want people to understand that tragedy and trial does not necessarily mean that you are a victim. — Marvin Sapp

Being a pastor is pressure because we have to counsel people. — Marvin Sapp

Our job in gospel is not going away. It’s a sustainable genre. It sells–without question. — Marvin Sapp

Some men don’t have the opportunity to be the type of father they need to be, and I hope my example teaches them to step up. — Marvin Sapp

being a pastor is pressure because we have to counsel people Marvin Sapp quote

More Phrases From Marvin Sapp

My assignment is to take my situation and to use it to help others who feel hopeless and/or helpless because of loss. — Marvin Sapp

My wife was a licensed psychologist by profession and a college professor of psychology. — Marvin Sapp

The best way to honor someone who has passed is to live. — Marvin Sapp

My church has a health and fitness ministry to encourage our members to take care of spiritually and physically; how could I not? — Marvin Sapp

Redundant Thematics

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The worse thing in the world is for an individual to live, breath and exist and leave this earth, die, and not make impact. — Marvin Sapp

my wife was a licensed psychologist by profession and a college professor of psychology Marvin Sapp quote

Entertainment and information work well together. — Marvin Sapp

Sometimes I still wonder what my fans look like, but if I had to describe them, I’d say that they are everyday people with everyday needs who need a supernatural message to help them though their natural walk. — Marvin Sapp

Deeper Quotes From Marvin Sapp

I tell people all the time, ‘As long as my kids are doing good, I’m gonna be alright.’ — Marvin Sapp

The Bible tells us that we’re supposed to leave an inheritance for children. — Marvin Sapp

Throughout my career, my family and I have fallen victim to inappropriate attempts to contact me by several unknown individuals. — Marvin Sapp

i tell people all the time as long as my kids are doing good i m gonna be alright Marvin Sapp quote

I have been singing gospel music since I was four years old. — Marvin Sapp

I understand now that God trusts me enough to give me three kids–Marvin Jr., Mikaila and Madisson–who totally depend on me. They know I’m going to be there for them no matter what. — Marvin Sapp

We live in a world full of people who are ready to be uplifted. — Marvin Sapp

I’m just a hometown boy from Grand Rapids, Michigan–where I still live–who is trying do what he feels that he’s been called to do. — Marvin Sapp

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