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What can be said about Marvin Gaye that hasn’t been said before? Surely, the singer, songwriter and musician was one of a kind. His life was packed with highs and lows โ€“ from his early days as a Motown star to his tragic death at the hands of his father. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting facts about Marvin Gaye โ€“ from his musical influences to his personal struggles. So, sit back and enjoy learning more about one of soul music’s most iconic figures.

Here are the most known Life quotes from Marvin Gaye, and much more.


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About Marvin Gaye

birth of the author

April 2, 1939

death of the author

April 1, 1984

deathcause of the author

Cause Of Death:
Gunshot Wound

occupation of the author

Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

date of the author

Years Active:

genre of the author

R&B, Soul, Psychedelic Soul, Gospel, Funk, Jazz And More.

instrument of the author

Vocals, Keyboards, Drums

institution of the author

Tamla, Tamla-Motown, Columbia

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Harvey Fuqua, Mary Wells, Kim Weston, Tammi Terrell, Diana Ross And More.


Don’t play with something you should cherish for life. โ€” Marvin Gaye

I sing about life. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be? โ€” Marvin Gaye

I think I’ve got a real love thing going. I love people, I love life, and I love nature, and I can’t see why other people can’t be like that. โ€” Marvin Gaye

don t play with something you should cherish for life Marvin Gaye quote

To share is precious, pure and fair. Don’t play with something you should cherish for life. Don’t you wanna care, ain’t it lonely out there? โ€” Marvin Gaye

It’s what makes you happy in life, and to pursue it, I think, is brave and a wonderful thing. I don’t care what people say. I just want to pursue what makes me happy. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Music is one of the closest linkโ€“ups with God that we can probably experience. I think it’s a common vibrating tone of the musical notes that holds all life together. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Too busy thinking about my baby and I ain’t got time for nothing else. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Inspiring Phrases From Marvin Gaye

Who isn’t fascinated by evil? โ€” Marvin Gaye

who isn t fascinated by evil Marvin Gaye quote

Politics and hypocrites is turning us all into lunatics. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Ain’t nothing like the real thing. โ€” Marvin Gaye

I want to stop and thank you baby, how sweet it is to be loved by you. โ€” Marvin Gaye

I’ve never had any problems with women. Having been one of the world’s greatest womanizers they’ve probably had more problems with me. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Who are they to judge us, simply because our hair is long? โ€” Marvin Gaye

politics and hypocrites is turning us all into lunatics Marvin Gaye quote

If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Various Statements From Marvin Gaye

I’d had it as a member of a group. I sang with the Moonglows for two years, and that was enough. โ€” Marvin Gaye

I wish that being famous helped prevent me from being constipated. โ€” Marvin Gaye

It was Frankie Lymon all over again,’ Marvin said. ‘Only this kid had mastered James Brown’s moves. Michael was like Stevie. From the very beginning, he worried me. โ€” David Ritz

Sexual healing is good for me. โ€” Marvin Gaye

i wish that being famous helped prevent me from being constipated Marvin Gaye quote

Detroit turned out to be heaven, but it also turned out to be hell. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Crime is increasing, trigger happy policing. Panic is spreading, God knows where we’re heading. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Art is a way of possessing destiny. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Redundant Thematics

In Marvin Gaye Statements


More Phrases From Marvin Gaye

Every chance you get you seem to hurt me more and more, but each hurt makes my love stronger than before. โ€” Marvin Gaye

What about this overcrowded land/How much more abuse from man can she stand? โ€” Marvin Gaye

what about this overcrowded land how much more abuse from man can she stand Marvin Gaye quote

For me, love carries the seeds of its own destruction. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Music, not sex, got me aroused. โ€” Marvin Gaye

War is not the answer, because only love can conquer hate. โ€” Marvin Gaye

My father has a great voice. My father used to sing… just sing. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you. โ€” Marvin Gaye

for me love carries the seeds of its own destruction Marvin Gaye quote

Deeper Quotes From Marvin Gaye

Mercy, mercy me, things ain’t what they used to be. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Natural fact is, I can’t pay my taxes. Make me wanna holler and throw up on my hands. โ€” Marvin Gaye

If I do my job well, then God will smile on my offspring and on their offspring. I’m sure my father is seeing a blessing in me. โ€” Marvin Gaye

Give out some love and you’ll find peace sublime. โ€” Marvin Gaye

If you escape from people too often, you wind up escaping from yourself. โ€” Marvin Gaye

mercy mercy me things ain t what they used to be Marvin Gaye quote

Love your mother, she bore you. Love your father, he works for you. โ€” Marvin Gaye

The country was full of angst. The country was full of turmoil. The country was full of fear. The country was full of anger. and we needed to be calmed down. we needed to chill. โ€” Marvin Gaye

MARVIN GAYE Quotes Take Away

Marvin Gaye was a musical genius with a lot of wisdom to share. Weโ€™ve seen how his words can be applied to sales and marketing, but they also hold truth for other areas of life. If youโ€™re looking for some inspiration, or just need a pick-me-up, take a look at some of these quotes from the man himself. And if you want to learn more about how to apply these principles to your own life, check out our courses.

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