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Martha stewart is a role model for many entrepreneurs. She has built an incredible multimedia empire from scratch, and she teaches other business owners how to be successful. Her story is one of determination and hard work, and it’s sure to inspire you to achieve your own dreams.

Discover the most known Love, Life, Room, Time quotes from Martha Stewart, and much more.


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About Martha Stewart

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August 3, 1941

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Barnard College

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Businesswoman, Writer, Television Personality


Life is too complicated not to be orderly. โ€” Martha Stewart

Our passion is and should always be to make life better. โ€” Martha Stewart

You have to focus on what’s important to you and go for it. But don’t stab people in the back. It poisons your whole life if you’re like that. โ€” Martha Stewart

I find that when you have a real interest in life and a curious life, that sleep is not the most important thing. โ€” Martha Stewart

life is too complicated not to be orderly Martha Stewart quote

Your home should be a reflection of how you want to live right now, and for the next phase of your life. โ€” Martha Stewart

I must reclaim my good life and I must return to my good works. โ€” Martha Stewart

I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire. There’s no difference in how seriously you take the job, how seriously you approach your whole life. โ€” Martha Stewart

Gardening is a humbling experience. โ€” Martha Stewart

It’s sort of the American way to go up and down the ladder, maybe several times in a lifetime. โ€” Martha Stewart

our passion is and should always be to make life better Martha Stewart quote


I catnap now and then, but I thInk whIle I nap, so It’s not a waste of tIme. โ€” Martha Stewart

I’m never sick. Why get sick? It’s a waste of time. โ€” Martha Stewart

Really try to find a job where it’s fun to get up and get out the door, no matter what time. โ€” Martha Stewart

I don’t have time to have friends come and stay, except on weekends in Maine. I invite a lot of people to come to Maine. โ€” Martha Stewart

I think I may be a better person for having given serious time and thought and effort to gardening. โ€” Martha Stewart

i catnap now and then but i think while i nap so it s not a waste of time Martha Stewart quote

If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day. โ€” Martha Stewart


All the things I love is what my business is all about. โ€” Martha Stewart

I love dessert. I can’t be guilty about it because I have to taste everything. I experiment. โ€” Martha Stewart

I love Champagne and I love to drink it out of any kind of beautiful glass. โ€” Martha Stewart

I don’t think there’s any company that has the same tools as Martha Stewart Living does, and people know that. They really love the tools and, if you have the tools, you can pretty much do the craft. โ€” Martha Stewart

all the things i love is what my business is all about Martha Stewart quote

I love the challenge of starting at zero every day and seeing how much I can accomplish. โ€” Martha Stewart

I am a hero worshiper. I love the number one tennis player. I love the number one baseball player. I want to see those records broken. โ€” Martha Stewart

I was a very good cook, and I knew I could build a business. โ€” Martha Stewart

There is no single recipe for success. But there is one essential ingredient: Passion โ€” Martha Stewart

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I like knowing about everything, and I think that really helps me in my business. โ€” Martha Stewart

i love champagne and i love to drink it out of any kind of beautiful glass Martha Stewart quote


If you’re doing a recipe on national television, there’s really no room for being sloppy or a nonperfectionist. โ€” Martha Stewart

All I really want is a threeโ€“room house. The home I have designed at my new farm in Bedford, New York, is a threeโ€“room house: bedroom on top, living room in the middle, and kitchen on the ground. โ€” Martha Stewart

To entertain at home is both a relief and a rediscoveryโ€“of rooms and settings, of your favorite things, and particularly of your own tastes and ideas. โ€” Martha Stewart

I’m not a sponge exactly, but I find that something I look at is a great opportunity for ideas. โ€” Martha Stewart

Inspiring Phrases From Martha Stewart

I wish I were closer friends with Snoop Dogg. โ€” Martha Stewart

i wish i were closer friends with snoop dogg Martha Stewart quote

The first book really was kind of an entertaining textbook for the homemaker. I couldn’t find a good book about entertaining in 1982, and neither could my friend, so I decided to write it. โ€” Martha Stewart

I am not a rock star or a movie star; I’m a businessperson. I definitely know who my friends are. I’m much more open and trusting than, say, my daughter is. โ€” Martha Stewart

Bloggers create kind of a popularity. But they are not the experts, and we have to understand that. โ€” Martha Stewart

Being a perfectionist is not an evil thing. โ€” Martha Stewart

I sat down once with the application for and started to laugh. I couldn’t even get past the first page. And that’s a very good site! โ€” Martha Stewart

being a perfectionist is not an evil thing Martha Stewart quote

My new motto is: When you’re through changing, you’re through. โ€” Martha Stewart

Various Statements From Martha Stewart

I’m a maniacal perfectionist. โ€” Martha Stewart

I was the second of six kids. I wouldn’t say we were poor; we had no money. That’s different. โ€” Martha Stewart

I believe in a man and a woman being equal. I really believe that we can do anything we set our minds to. โ€” Martha Stewart

I am always asking myself how I can improve the lives of my customers, my colleagues, my shareholders, my family and my friends. โ€” Martha Stewart

i m a maniacal perfectionist Martha Stewart quote


Martha Stewart is a business mogul, television personality, author and home designer. She has inspired people for years with her work ethic, creative ideas and no-nonsense advice. Weโ€™ve collected some of our favorite quotes from this amazing woman that we think will inspire you too. Check out our courses to learn more about how to start and grow your own successful business.

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