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Malcolm X was a man who grew up in poverty and racism, but he always felt his purpose. He found himself at the age of 20 after being introduced to Nation of Islam by a fellow convict named Shorty. Malcolm’s beliefs led him on an incredible journey that eventually resulted in his assassination.
This blog post will be about how Malcolm came to find himself, what he believed and how that changed over time, and finally ending with one of the most important events in American history.

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About Malcolm X

birth of the author

May 19, 1925

death of the author

February 21, 1965

deathcause of the author

Cause Of Death:

occupation of the author

Minister, Activist

movement of the author

Black Nationalism, Pan-Africanism


If Africa wasn’t beautiful the white man wouldn’t want it. — Malcolm X

The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing. — Malcolm X

America is a white man’s country. — Malcolm X

God is more lasting than the white man. — Malcolm X

if africa wasn t beautiful the white man wouldn t want it Malcolm X quote

There can be no black–white unity until there is first some black unity. — Malcolm X

Nowhere in history has the white man been brotherly toward anyone. — Malcolm X

The common enemy is the white man. — Malcolm X

White is an attitude. — Malcolm X

It’s impossible for a white person to believe in capitalism and not believe in racism. — Malcolm X

the death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing Malcolm X quote

Among Negroes we have Negroes who are as white as some white people. Still there’s a difference. — Malcolm X

The white devil’s time is up. — Malcolm X

History proves that the white man is a devil. — Malcolm X

I believe when a negro church is bombed, that a white church should be bombed. — Malcolm X

Liberty or death was what brought about the freedom of whites in this country from the English. — Malcolm X

america is a white man s country Malcolm X quote

The white man is a devil. If he is not a devil, let him prove it! — Malcolm X

The white race is doomed not because it’s white but because of its misdeeds. — Malcolm X

God is about to eliminate the white man from this earth. — Malcolm X

What role did Malcolm X play in the emergence of the Black Power movement?

Malcolm X was one of the most significant figures within the American black nationalist movement.

Many of the ideas he articulated, like race pride and self-defense, became ideological mainstays of the Black Power movement that emerged in the 1960s and ’70s.

He first rose to prominence in the late 1940s, as a member of the Nation of Islam, a religious organization that mixes elements of traditional Islam and black nationalism.

He continued his activism even after leaving the Nation.

His iconic status, if not solidified during his lifetime, was certainly achieved shortly after his death with the publication of the acclaimed The Autobiography of Malcolm X.


The white man is by nature a devil and must be destroyed. — Malcolm X


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The white man, in his press, is going to identify me with ‘hate.’ — Malcolm X

god is more lasting than the white man Malcolm X quote

When the whites themselves are attacked, they believe in defending themselves and things of that sort. — Malcolm X

America has allowed white people to kill and brutalize those they don’t like. — Malcolm X


Dr. King wants the same thing I want. Freedom. — Malcolm X

It’s liberty or it’s death. It’s freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody. — Malcolm X

After you get your freedom, your enemy will respect you. — Malcolm X

dr king wants the same thing i want freedom Malcolm X quote

The price of freedom is death. — Malcolm X

It is only after slavery and prison that the sweetest appreciation of freedom can come. — Malcolm X

You get your freedom by letting your enemy know that you’ll do anything to get it. Then you’ll get it. It’s the only way you’ll get it. — Malcolm X

All over this world people are standing up for freedom. — Malcolm X

Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary. — Malcolm X

it s liberty or it s death it s freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody Malcolm X quote

You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being. — Malcolm X

A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire, or preserve his freedom. — Malcolm X

If you are not willing to pay the price for freedom, you don’t deserve freedom. — Malcolm X

Any time you beg another man to set you free, you will never be free. Freedom is something that you have to do for yourselves. — Malcolm X

Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle. — Malcolm X

after you get your freedom your enemy will respect you Malcolm X quote

The only way we’ll get freedom for ourselves is to identify ourselves with every oppressed people in the world. We are blood brothers to the people of Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba–yes Cuba too. — Malcolm X

You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. — Malcolm X

It’ll be the ballot or it’ll be the bullet. It’ll be liberty or it’ll be death. And if you’re not ready to pay that price don’t use the word freedom in your vocabulary. — Malcolm X

Power in defense of freedom is greater than Power on behalf of tyranny and oppression. — Malcolm X

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it. — Malcolm X

the price of freedom is death Malcolm X quote

They don’t stand for anything different in South Africa than America stands for. The only difference is over there they preach as well as practice apartheid. America preaches freedom and practices slavery. — Malcolm X

Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality. — Malcolm X


America is the first country… that can actually have a bloodless revolution. — Malcolm X

America just reaped what it had been sowing. — Malcolm X

America preaches integration and practices segregation. — Malcolm X

america is the first country that can actually have a bloodless revolution Malcolm X quote

I came here to tell the truth–and if the truth condemns America, then she stands condemned! — Malcolm X

Million African–Americans–that’s what we are–Africans who are in America. — Malcolm X

Why should [Uncle Sam] send 20 billion dollars down there [South America], which is going to go down the drain every time you have a racial in–incident in this country? — Malcolm X

America is such a paradoxical society, hypocritically paradoxical, that if you don’t have some humor, you’ll crack up. — Malcolm X

When we say Afro American, we include everyone in the Western Hemisphere of African descent. South America is America. Central America is America. South America has many people in it of African descent. — Malcolm X

america just reaped what it had been sowing Malcolm X quote

In America you have the mouse now trying to sit down on the elephant, thinking that he’s going somewhere. And it’s–and it’s absurd. — Malcolm X

The thing that has made the so–called Negro in America fail, more than any other thing, is your, my, lack of knowledge concerning history. We know less about history than anything else. — Malcolm X

What was Malcolm X’s early life like?

Malcolm X was born in 1925 as Malcolm Little. His father was killed while Malcolm was still very young, possibly by white supremacists.
His mother was institutionalized for mental health issues, and the children of the family were dispersed among foster homes or the homes of relatives.
Though an excellent student, Malcolm dropped out of school in the eighth grade because of the racial discrimination he faced from teachers.
He was incarcerated in 1946 on charges of burglary.


The Constitution of the United States of America clearly affirms the right of every American citizen to bear arms. And as Americans, we will not give up a single right guaranteed under the Constitution. — Malcolm X

Sitting at the table doesn’t make you a diner, unless you eat some of what’s on that plate. Being here in America doesn’t make you an American. Being born here in America doesn’t make you an American. — Malcolm X

Sitting at the table doesn’t make you a diner. You must be eating some of what’s on that plate. Being here in America doesn’t make you an American. Being born here in America doesn’t make you an American. — Malcolm X

america preaches integration and practices segregation Malcolm X quote


What you did to one, you did to all. So they couldn’t have that type of religion being taught in the prison. — Malcolm X

I am and always will be a Muslim. My religion is Islam. — Malcolm X

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us the religion of Islam, which is a religion of peace. — Malcolm X

Redundant Thematics

In Malcolm X Statements


Actually we are Muslims because we believe in the religion of Islam. — Malcolm X

As I say, if we bring up religion we’ll have differences; we’ll have arguments; and we’ll never be able to get together. — Malcolm X

i am and always will be a muslim my religion is islam Malcolm X quote

I believe in Islam. I am a Muslim and there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, nothing wrong with the religion of Islam. It just teaches us to believe in Allah as the God. — Malcolm X

America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. — Malcolm X

There is nothing in our book, the Koran, that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. — Malcolm X

The religion of Islam actually restores one’s human feelings, human rights, human incentives, human, his talent. — Malcolm X

People] have a fear of the, the Muslim movement and the Muslim religion because it has a tendency to make the people who accept it stick together. — Malcolm X

the honorable elijah muhammad teaches us the religion of islam which is a religion of peace Malcolm X quote

The religion of Islam brings out of the individual all of his dormant potential. — Malcolm X


Martin Luther King has made the Negro in America unnatural. — Malcolm X

I think that Abraham Lincoln probably did more to trick negroes than any other man in history. — Malcolm X

Negroes don’t even like snails! What they’re doing is proving they’re integrated. — Malcolm X

What was Malcolm X’s relationship with the civil rights movement?

Malcolm X’s ideas were often at odds with the message of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King, Jr.

, for example, expounded nonviolent strategies such as civil disobedience and boycotting to achieve integration, while Malcolm advocated for armed self-defense and repudiated the message of integration as servile.

But Malcolm X’s philosophy evolved.

He pressed the Nation of Islam to involve itself more in the civil rights movement during his final years in the organization.

He also renounced his previously held separatist views after converting to orthodox Islam, and he expressed a desire near the end of his life to work more closely with the civil rights movement.


Most of these other negro leaders who are supposedly integrationists aren’t that intelligent [like Reverend Galamison]. — Malcolm X

martin luther king has made the negro in america unnatural Malcolm X quote

Any way, any form necessary to defend himself; Negro should reserve the right to do that just the same as others have the right to do it. — Malcolm X

I think that the negro should reserve the right to execute. — Malcolm X

Once he [Negro] realizes that [he is at war ], then he can defend himself. — Malcolm X

Most of the, or I should say many of the negro leaders actually suffer themselves from an inferiority complex even though they say they don’t. — Malcolm X

I refer to a negro politician as a negro who is selected by Negroes and who is backed by Negroes. — Malcolm X

i think that abraham lincoln probably did more to trick negroes than any other man in history Malcolm X quote

You know, if ever there was a people who should know how to practice brotherhood, it is the American Negro and it is the people of Egypt. — Malcolm X

Integration is the method toward obtaining that goal. And what he Negro leader has done is gotten himself wrapped up in the method and has forgotten what the goal is. — Malcolm X

In this country, these Negro leaders have Negroes sittin’–sitting down, thinking that that–there’s dignity towards sitting in. — Malcolm X

Negroes just can’t judge each other according to color, because we are all colors, all complexions. — Malcolm X

The Negro is nothing but an ex–slave who is now trying to get himself integrated into the slave master’s house. — Malcolm X

negroes don t even like snails what they re doing is proving they re integrated Malcolm X quote

The Negro neighborhood, which is inferior, is begging for a chance to–integrate itself into that which is–is superior, which is not going to happen. It’s going to cause trouble. — Malcolm X

It is only the Negro leadership, the bourgeois, hand–picked, handful of Negroes who think that they’re going to get some kind of respect, recognition, or protection from the Government. — Malcolm X

I think that the problem of the American negro goes beyond the principle of any organization whether it’s a religious, political, or otherwise. — Malcolm X

Any time a negro community lives under fear that its churches are going to be bombed, then they have to realize they’re living in a war zone. — Malcolm X

Soon now, as the Negro awakens a little more and sees the vise that he’s in, sees the bag that he’s in, sees the real game that he’s in, then the Negro’s going to develop a new tactic. — Malcolm X

Most of the negro leaders who get the support of the power structure end up being against [Reverend] Galamison. — Malcolm X

How did Malcolm X die?

Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York, by members of the Nation of Islam—the religious group to which he had once belonged.

Prior to this, hostilities between Malcolm and the Nation of Islam had been mounting, the former having begun to receive death threats from the latter.


Anytime there’s a fire in a negro community and it’s burning out of control, you send any one of them, send Whitney Young in to put it out. — Malcolm X


We believe in one God. We believe Muhammad is the Apostle of God. — Malcolm X

I was in prison and I was an atheist. I didn’t believe in anything. — Malcolm X

I believe that a psychological, cultural, and philosophical migration back to Africa will solve our problem. — Malcolm X

we believe in one god we believe muhammad is the apostle of god Malcolm X quote

I am not a racist in any form whatsoever. I don’t believe in any form of discrimination or segregation. — Malcolm X

Brothers and sisters, friends and enemies: I just can’t believe everyone in here is a friend, and I don’t want to leave anybody out. — Malcolm X

I believe it’s a crime for anyone who is being brutalized to continue to accept that brutality without doing something to defend himself. — Malcolm X

I just don’t believe that when people are being unjustly oppressed that they should let someone else set rules for them by which they can come out from under that oppression. — Malcolm X

I shall never rest until I have undone the harm I did to so many well–meaning, innocent Negroes who through my own evangelistic zeal now believe in him even more fanatically and more blindly than I did. — Malcolm X

When you hear me say ‘by any means necessary,’ I mean exactly that. I believe in anything that is necessary to correct unjust conditions–political, economic, social, physical, anything that is necessary. — Malcolm X

When someone sticks a knife six inches into your back, and then pulls it out two inches and claims he’s doing you a favor, don’t believe him. — Malcolm X

I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don’t believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn’t want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two–way street. — Malcolm X

I believe in human rights for everyone, and none of us is qualified to judge each other and that none of us should therefore have that authority. — Malcolm X

My beliefs are now one hundred percent against racism and segregation in any form and I also believe that we don’t judge a person by the color of his skin but rather by his deeds. — Malcolm X


I was going through the hardest thing, also the greatest thing, for any human being to do; to accept that which is already within you, and around you. — Malcolm X

Anytime anyone is enslaved or in any way deprived of his liberty, that person, as a human being, as far as I’m concerned he is justified to resort to whatever methods necessary to bring about his liberty again. — Malcolm X

I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole. — Malcolm X

Forget the methods or the differences in methods. As long as we agree that the thing that the Afro–American wants and needs is recognition and respect as a human being. — Malcolm X

True Islam taught me that it takes all of the religious, political, economic, psychological, and racial ingredients, or characteristics, to make the Human Family and the Human Society complete. — Malcolm X

Racism is a human problem and a crime that is absolutely so ghastly that a person who is fighting racism is well within his rights to fight against it by any means necessary until it is eliminated. — Malcolm X

We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for integration, nor are we fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society. — Malcolm X

We are fighting for the right to live as free humans in this society. In fact, we are actually fighting for rights that are even greater than civil rights and that is human rights. — Malcolm X

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