The Best Magic quotes

There’s no question that quotes can be powerful tools for entrepreneurs. They can provide inspiration, motivation, and guidance when you need it most. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite magic quotes for entrepreneurs. These words of wisdom will help you stay on track during challenging times and keep your focus on what’s important.


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The best magic quotes

1. At the end of all things, why do lovers break up? Because love is magic. You have to believe, for it to exist. โ€” Timothy Joshua

2. I’m so proud of my soundtrack โ€ฆ.. Unfaithful a real amazing work of art โ€ฆ..I wanted to create it a long time ago โ€ฆ.but now it sounds magical, a musical Gem โ€” Sami Abouzid

3. There is no such things as magic, though there is such a thing as knowledge of the hidden ways of Nature. โ€” H. Rider Haggard, She

4. Also, it’s risky to try to duplicate earlier success. Magician had a certain charm to it, mostly due to my choice of lead characters, that I would be hard put to duplicate. โ€” Raymond E. Feist

5. Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated … Always stay on the bridge between the invisible and the visible. โ€” Paulo Coelho

6. If we are to have magical bodies, we must have magical minds. โ€” Wayne Dyer

7. He knew what he knew: that the real world was full of magic, so magical worlds could easily be real. โ€” Salman Rushdie

8. She’s as old as the hills, evil as a snake, all malevolence and magic and death. โ€” Neil Gaiman, Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

9. To become successful you have to dream big. Small dreams don’t have the magic to stir up passion and greatness within you. โ€” Mensah Oteh

10. The power and magic of music lie in its intangibility and its limitlessness. It suggests images, but leaves us free to choose them and to accommodate them to our pleasure. โ€” Wanda Landowska

11. Seven, Richie thought. That’s the magic number. There has to be seven of us. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. โ€” Stephen King

12. There is nothing more magical than love. Nothing. โ€” Ymatruz

13. For others, magic is a crisp autumn’s day or a tender hug from a loved one. โ€” Neil Patrick Harris

14. ‘ah, music, ” he said, wiping his eyes. ”A magic beyond all we do here!’ โ€” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

15. Music is about listening, the more you play, the more the magic spreads. โ€” Maynard James Keenan

16. What’s wrong with being naked?’โ€“โ€“Zeena Schreck on AMLA to Christian Minister Jerry Johnston โ€” Zeena Schreck, Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic

17. Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world. โ€” Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen

18. Logic only gives man what he needs, ‘ he stammered. ‘Magic gives him what he wants. โ€” Tom Robbins

19. Never break a promise to an animal. They’re like babiesโ€“they won’t understand. โ€” Tamora Pierce, Wild Magic

20. If my Catholic boyfriend and I ever have a kid, we’ll just be honest with it. We’ll say that Mommy is one of God’s chosen people, and Daddy believes that Jesus is magic! โ€” Sarah Silverman

21. It is a sea of blood. We come from the sea, Tim; our blood is salt, and strange tides ebb and flow within us all. โ€” Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic

22. Maybe you’re holding on too tight, and the magic comes in letting go. โ€” Scott Stabile

23. Drake is an amazing person. Also, a magician. He’s a big brother, superโ€“talent; he’s cool. โ€” Travis Scott

24. Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated … Always stay on the bridge between the invisible and the visible. โ€” Paulo Coelho

25. The magic of the street is the mingling of the errand and the epiphany. โ€” Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

26. Acting as if you were what you want to become and know you can become is the way to remove selfโ€“doubt and enter your realโ€“magic kingdom. โ€” Wayne Dyer

27. And so there is magic. โ€” Neil Gaiman

28. Of that time, there is still much we do not know. โ€” Tom Bissell, Magic Hours: Essays on Creators and Creation

29. The first sale, that’s the one that comes with magic. โ€” Rod Serling

30. Truly, there is magic in fairy โ€” Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

31. Many have changed so much that they have lost the magic of the dream that carried them on their own bootstraps. โ€” Peter Abrahams

32. If it works it would be magical, because with liquids you don’t have the intermittency problem batteries. you can put the liquid into a big tank and burn it whenever you want. โ€” bill gates

33. Any moment now…’ The girl [Calypso] stared out at the water. No magical raft appeared. ‘Maybe it got stuck in a traffic, ‘ Leo said. โ€” Rick Riordan

34. ‘why is it, ” she asked, snuggling closer, ”that I so often imagine myself running away and running free?’ โ€” Mary Balogh, Simply Magic

35. If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear? โ€” Stevie Nicks

36. It’s a wholly illogical but nonetheless powerful belief that things will change for the better in a new place โ€” that the urge to selfโ€“destruct will magically disappear.

37. It’s often been said, she’s easy on the eye but the moment she shows you a slice of her personality, you’ll feel for the first time, something of magic is walking on this earth. โ€” Nikki Rowe

38. If writing is thinking and discovery and selection and order and meaning, it is also awe and reverence and mystery and magic. โ€” Toni Morrison

39. Apologizing is great, but โ€˜sorry’ isn’t a magic word. โ€” G. Norman Lippert

40. I love fairytales. I like fantasy a lot, science fiction, I like magic. I like to create magic. I love magic. โ€” Michael Jackson

41. The illusion of choice is the greatest magic trick ever performed. โ€” Ziad K. Abdelnour

42. We learn the magical lesson that making the most of what we have turns it into more. โ€” Melody Beattie

43. The glance is natural magic. The mysterious communication established across a house between two entire strangers, moves all the springs of wonder. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

44. Science gives man what he needs.But magic gives him what he wants. โ€” Tom Robbins

45. There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details. โ€” Walt Disney

46. Literacy, the visual technology, dissolved the tribal magic by means of its stress on fragmentation and specialization and created the individual. โ€” Marshall Mcluhan

47. Whenever we hear laughter, we sense the magic and the beauty of being existed! โ€” Mehmet Murat ildan

48. Fury…sexual, Oedipal, political, magical, brutal….drives us to our finest heights and coarsest depths โ€” Salman Rushdie

49. Since love is a magic, Valentine’s Day is the day of magicians! Whoever loves creates a magic; whoever is loved, a magic is created! โ€” Mehmet Murat Ildan

50. Magic has big sharp teeth. When it bites, it doesn’t nibble. It takes big, bloody chunks. So be very, very careful. โ€” William Blystone


Magic is a powerful force that has the potential to change your life and the world. Even though it can be hard to believe in the power of magic, it is something that can be found in each and every one of us. By believing in and harnessing the power of magic, we can create a better world for ourselves and those around us. With these inspiring quotes about magic, may you find the courage to believe in the power of magic and use it to make a difference in your life and the world.

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