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Lorraine Hansberry was a remarkable woman whose quotes compilation is fascinating. She was born in Chicago in 1930 and was a playwright, activist, and author. Her most famous work was the play A Raisin in the Sun, which became the first Broadway play by an African-American woman to be produced. Her life was cut short by cancer at age 34, but she left a lasting legacy.

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About Lorraine Hansberry

birth of the author

May 19, 1930

death of the author

January 12, 1965

country of the author


education of the author

University Of Wisconsin-Madison The New School

occupation of the author

Playwright, Writer, Stage Director


Something always told me I wasn’t no rich white woman. — Lorraine Hansberry

The grim possibility is that she who ‘hides her brains’ will, more than likely, end up with a mate who is only equal to a woman with ‘hidden brains’ or none at all. — Lorraine Hansberry

For above all, in behalf of an ailing world which sorely needs our defiance, may we, as Negroes or women, never accept the notion of–’our place. — Lorraine Hansberry

The whole realm of morality and ethics is something that has escaped the attention of women, by and large. And it needs the attention of intellectual women most desperately. — Lorraine Hansberry

something always told me i wasn t no rich white woman Lorraine Hansberry quote

A woman who is willing to be herself and pursue her own potential runs not so much the risk of loneliness as the challenge of exposure to more interesting men and people in general. — Lorraine Hansberry

If, by some miracle, women should not ever utter a single protest against their condition, there would still exist among men those who could not endure in peace until her liberation had been achieved. — Lorraine Hansberry

I was born black and female. — Lorraine Hansberry


I wish to live because life has within it that which is good, that which is beautiful, and that which is love. — Lorraine Hansberry

Ah, I like the look of packing crates! A household in preparation for a journey! … Something full of the flow of life, do you understand? Movement, progress… — Lorraine Hansberry

i care i care about it all it takes too much energy not to care Lorraine Hansberry quote

Once upon a time freedom used to be life–now it’s money. I guess the world really do change. — Lorraine Hansberry

I care. I care about it all. It takes too much energy not to care. — Lorraine Hansberry

Our Southside is a place apart: each piece of our living is a protest. — Lorraine Hansberry

The why of why we are here is an intrigue for adolescents; the how is what must command the living. — Lorraine Hansberry

Inspiring Phrases From Lorraine Hansberry

I live in the Village, and the way it’s been, people sort of drop in on me and my husband. My husband is Robert Nemiroff, and he, too, is a writer. — Lorraine Hansberry

never be afraid to sit a while and think Lorraine Hansberry quote

Never be afraid to sit a while and think. — Lorraine Hansberry

Perhaps I will be a great man…I mean perhaps I will hold on to the substance of truth and find my way always with the right course — Lorraine Hansberry

T]here is only one large circle that we march in, around and around, each of us with our own little picture––in front of us––our own little mirage that we think is the future. — Lorraine Hansberry

Where was Lorraine Hansberry educated?

Lorraine Hansberry attended the University of Wisconsin in 1948–50 and then briefly the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Roosevelt University .
After moving to New York City, she held various minor jobs and studied at the New School for Social Research while refining her writing skills.

It’s dangerous, son.’ ‘What’s dangerous?’ ‘When a man goes outside his house to look for peace. — Lorraine Hansberry

Seem like God didn’t see fit to give the black man nothing but dreams–but He did give us children to make them dreams seem worth while. — Lorraine Hansberry

I have long since passed that period when I felt personal discomfort at the sight of an ill–dressed or illiterate Negro. Social awareness has taught me where to lay the blame. — Lorraine Hansberry

Various Statements From Lorraine Hansberry

I don’t want to have anyone else to do my housework. I’ve always done it myself. I believe you should do it yourself. I feel very strongly about that. — Lorraine Hansberry

Redundant Thematics

In Lorraine Hansberry Statements


The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely. — Lorraine Hansberry

Everybody talking ’bout heaven ain’t going there! — Lorraine Hansberry

It is difficult for the American mind to adjust to the realization that the Rhetts and the Scarletts were as much monsters as the keepers of Buchenwald–they just dressed more attractively. — Lorraine Hansberry

everybody talking bout heaven ain t going there Lorraine Hansberry quote

Beneatha Younger:]… He said everybody ought to learn how to sit down and hate each other with good Chrisitan fellowship. [excerpt from Act II, Scene 3] — Lorraine Hansberry

One for whom bread–food–is not enough. — Lorraine Hansberry

Do you really think the rape of a continent dissolves in cigarette smoke? — Lorraine Hansberry

More Phrases From Lorraine Hansberry

Do I remain a revolutionary? Intellectually––without a doubt. But am I prepared to give my body to the struggle or even my comforts? This is what I puzzle about. — Lorraine Hansberry

Take away the violence and who will hear the man of peace? — Lorraine Hansberry

take away the violence and who will hear the man of peace Lorraine Hansberry quote

Mama–mama–i want so many things… I want so many things that they are driving me kind of crazy. — Lorraine Hansberry

There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing. — Lorraine Hansberry

Beneatha: You didn’t tell us what Alaiyo means… for all I know, you might be calling me Little Idiot or something… … Asagai: It means… it means One for Whom Bread––Food––Is Not Enough. — Lorraine Hansberry

As of today, if I am asked abroad if I am a free citizen of the United States of America, I must only say what is true: No. — Lorraine Hansberry

How we gets to the place where we scared to talk softness to each other. — Lorraine Hansberry

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