I Can’t Put Enough Effort

the 21th century skill

the 5 life steps

You are stuck because you may lack self-willpower.

signs that i lake willpower

I know what I have to do to reach my goals but I have an hard time starting and maintaining consistent stable focus. I feel that I have low discipline, self-control and willpower.

On the short term I tend to postpone or interrupt tasks to spend my time irrelevantly, on the middle term I’m slow making progress and on the long term I miss opportunities and develop regrets. I get even more discouraged about that and feel I just can’t focus.

I have an hard time saying no to distractions, people or unmeaningful tasks and most of the time feel miserable after yielding. I tend to be excited about challenges but actually not able to put the resources required to make significant progress.

Why am i stuck in this step?

Because your past, environment and daily actions have maintained an effortless climate. Willpower is a muscle and a muscle that lakes stimulation dies.

You may be stuck in this step because you have never really learnt and apply self-discipline, or because you stayed to much time into a non challenging comfort zone.

how can i move forward

In a world of instant distractions, willpower has become the #1 skill for success.
Fortunately, willpower is something anyone can learn and develop. Key is to design mindful environment and habits, step by step.

What do I need to learn in order to move forward?

• Basic understanding of how willpower and motivation work
• Understand your weaknesses and partition them so they don’t harm anymore
• Design an healthy and x10 productive environment
• Install long term strategies to cover your back during vulnerable days
• Simple habits to build daily mental strength

What could you achieve with more willpower?

Willpower is the ability to take uncomfortable decisions or actions.
When you think about it, most of the meaningful decisions and actions you’ll have to take to reach your dream are actually unconformable at first.

With willpower, where will you be in one or ten years? Imagine your life if you could remove resistance from the tasks that separate you from your dreams. Imagine how your day would look like, being able to resist like a warrior would refuse fear. This is exactly what we will teach you in our step by step Ultimate Guide To Build Your Willpower.

the plan

  1. Motivation & Willpower 101
  2. Identify your (unexpected) enemies
  3. Build your ultimate productive environment
  4. Simple and daily habits to muscle your willpower

take your first step!

We have collect and organize the best Willpower resources, into a simple step by step path you can follow to discover yourself. Download the free Ultimate Guide To Build Your Willpower below.

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