mental resilience

I’m Giving Up

mental resilience:
the wisdom of the bamboo

the 5 life steps

You are stuck because you may lack self-willpower.

signs that i lake mental resilience

I had several wins and failures and already did a long path toward my dream, but weirdly, I feel really limited progress. Reaching my goals is harder than I thought and even tho I’m working a lot, giving almost everything I can, I’m not having the results expecting.

I’m facing a wall of discouragement because I’m not sure all of that still make sense and where this is going, questioning if it is actually possible or if I have what it takes to do it, maybe after all this isn’t for me. I see all those people that seems to succeed effortlessly. Maybe I should just let go my dreams for a while and go back to a “normal” life, after all, most of the people close to me live like that and seem ok with it.

I used to be optimistic and confident about my journey, but more and more I feel lost, questioning all the efforts and sacrifices I have put into this quest. All initial good will is starting little by little into rumination and self-sabotage. The obstacles and internal toughs that I have been facing are constantly challenging my motivation that I’m a afraid will exhaust soon or later.

On top of that, I feel lonely, I feel that people don’t understand me, why I’m so stubborn, and even if they send me love, they can’t really help me here because they don’t have a clue of what I’m facing each day.

Why am i stuck in this step?

You started to live and fight for your vision, up to a point where the need for deep transformation is starting to manifest. You are struggling because you are not ready yet for what is coming. Some of your mindsets, believes and capabilities are now outdated and may pull you down.

It’s time for an update.

how can i move forward

You can’t solve a situation with the same mind that you had when you encountered it, otherwise this situation wouldn’t be a problem. This life path has a crucial need for an intense mix of intellectual, emotional and spiritual nurturing.

What do I need to learn in order to move forward?

• The different kind of intelligence and how to use them to overcome your challenges
• Collecting, building and testing tools to solve your new problems
• Mastering your mental space and tame your self-talk
• Raising your awareness and consciousness to the level you are trying to reach

the oak is massive, but the bamboo is lasting

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity and affecting events. Resilience is what makes a bamboo bounces back during a storm, while the oak has been uprooted.

It’s the loyal companion of growth and the enemy of failure. An ability to feel good when life conspires to make you feel miserable. It nurtures strong roots but when required, let them go for wings. If you manage to adopt a consistent resilient mindset, most of the adversity pain will go away, up to a point where you’ll bless your enemies. [Matthew 5:44 KJV]

the plan

  1. Motivation & Willpower 101
  2. Identify your (unexpected) enemies
  3. Build your ultimate productive environment
  4. Simple and daily habits to muscle your willpower

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