Life Visioning:

The ultimate guide to build a life vision


    The ultimate guide to build a life vision


      THE 5 LIFE PAths

      You are stuck because your vision is not strong enough.


      I don’t really see the path to close the gap with the person I want to become, nor the daily life that it implies.

      Therefore, I fill my days with unmeaningful agitation that may include excuses, rumination, self-sabotage, or at the opposite, unnessary hard work and obstination.

      I’m either super confident about my potential, blindly trusting that success will come, either vulnerable and scared. In both cases, I don’t have a guiding vision of what it takes to transform a dream into a concrete plan.

      I’m either overthinking, trying to be as ready as possible before starting, or at the opposite, denying the need to be nurtured and mentored, jumping straight into it.

      About what people think regarding my dream, I can be either stubborn or credulous. Perceiving the world only through the filter of my idealistic dream, I end up feeding a dream that has more similarities with a fantasy than with an actionable plan.

      Why am i stuck in this step?

      Our past, body and environment fill our mental space with scarcity and conformity.

      We are constantly pushed to seek immediate satisfaction and approbation, and when it becomes an habit, our awareness shrinks, letting go our ability to imagine a deeper future.

      This results into a life vision unaligned with an authentic future version of ourselves, nurturing a life of doubt, anxiety and low motivation.


      An unauthentic or biased vision leads to a life full of illusions and regrets.

      Using your self-awareness (Life Step 1), you design your path to an authentic version of yourself.

      What do I need to learn in order to move forward?

      • Recognize and heal your limiting believes
      • Communicate with the past, present and future yourself
      • Unbiasedly observing and filtering external interactions
      • Transform your daily life to fit the version of yourself you want to become

      A life without regrets, full of meaningful energy

      Life Visioning is the discipline to identify the difference between you and yourself in the future.

      Your life vision? What is the difference between you and the you on his death bed?
      Your next month vision? What is the difference between you and the you next month?

      What is doing the person you are trying to become, that you are not doing yet?

      Furthermore, to prevent you from regrets and guide you accurately, your vision should be cleaned of toxic noise and genuinely focused on an authentic future version of yourself.

      We teach you how to designed a genuine and transcendent life vision on our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide To Develop a Life Vision.

      THE PLAN

      1. What it takes to build an accurate and meaningful life vision
      2. Interconnecting: your answers are right here
      3. Welcome your vision into reality
      4. Translate your life vision into actionable goals


      We have collect and organize the best Life Visioning resources, into a simple step by step path you can follow to discover yourself. Download the free Ultimate Guide To Develop A Life Vision below.

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