I’m successful, now what?

becoming the universe partner

the 5 life steps

You are stuck because you may lack self-willpower.

signs that i need more wisdom

I can say that I’m successful. I did better than average and made my way through to a successful life, art-working my happiness progressively. I had tried to find a sense of balance, learning to be humble and modest while approaching life with proactivity and confidence.

I’m not afraid anymore of being out of my comfort zone and have learnt to trust and love myself. Some people envy me but I don’t care so much anymore about external rewards. Many life lessons changed my perspective forever, but this time, something deeper is manifesting.

Indeed, although I accumulated all the things and statut that were supposed to make me happy, I still don’t feel completely fulfilled. Something that I can’t really define is missing from my life, something that is outside of the common, outside of what I was taught to seek.

For example, I feel that my relationship with time is changing. I’m more and more afraid to overlook the beauty of life and what really maters. I started to reconnect to myself and listen to my intuition. I feel the need to reconnect to myself, but also to people, to share love, moments and emotions in their purest form, while learning to let go the superfluous.

All of that doesn’t make much sense to others, but this is what pull me toward.

Why am i stuck in this step?

Happiness and wisdom are not natural to humans, nor taught at school. However, we naturally aspire to it. Our society has distorted and uniformed our vision of happiness, but now you feel the need to detached from it because it doesn’t seems to serve you anymore.

What you are feeling on this life path is your mind, heart and soul trying to align themselves toward an authentic and fluent cohesion, that is in peace with your inner and outer world.

how can i move forward

You’ll find fulfillment on this path, but it will required you to be in peace with the four first paths. You’ll realize that this path will open many paradoxes, integrity challenges and raise more questions that it brings you answer. However, the key of this path doesn’t lie in the answers, but in the way you live with the questions.

What do I need to learn in order to move forward?

• To cultivate and balance the fourth first paths
• To let go, express forgiveness and love
• To trust, receive and give to the universe
• To break free from your mind, body and ego
• Unconditional & non-judgmental openness
• …

Their is no journey anymore

This life path is the last path. It doesn’t have an end, because it’s an end itself. There is no journey anymore because life is the destination, here you are! The wisdom life path is a transcendent path to infinite and eternal presence, beauty, love, connection, peace and much more that human words are not used to describe.

While this life path is a life time learning, we tried to gather for you a kickstart guide to set you on track.

the plan

  1. What “wise leaders” have in common
  2. Break free from your body, mind and ego
  3. What it means and takes to connect to the universe

take your first step!

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