Leverage Empowering Energies

The problem

Negative energies not only slow you down but can also drive serious health and mind problems. Swimming against a current is exhausting while a wind in your back can boost you.


Design a space that cultivates empowering energies and eliminates toxic ones.


If nothing leverages your efforts or if you are constantly pushed back, reaching your goals can take you a lifetime and a hell of motivation.

4 powerful steps to empower energies


Energy is the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things.

1. Clean toxic energies

Toxic energies can come from everywhere: people, objects, memories, food, sounds, rules… and can make you feel sad, frustrated, demotivated, hopeless… Those emotions will not only kill your mood and productivity but can lead to severe health and mind problem on the long run. Therefore spending a bit of time spotting and eliminating them is necessary.

How to spot them?

Our gut feeling is usually a good guide, pay attention to your mood and level of motivation, if they are low, something around is probably pulling you down. Source can sometimes be sneaky. Here are examples of the most widespread toxic energies sources:

– People: toxic behaviors including rumination, victimization, drama, blaming, humiliation, discouraging… can seriously damage your motivation, inspiration, and creativity. Some people may even try to pull you away from your dreams. An efficient strategy against those behaviors is to avoid them, rather than loosing time fighting them.

– Bad news, science, facts: Although being grounded is a real-life quality, it can sometimes lead you to being a bit too realistic or objective. Dreaming is an evergreen source of energy, which sometimes needs a bit of naivety and candor. As the saying goes “they didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.”

– Learn here strategies you can use to clean toxicity in your life and work environment

2. Feed your inspiration

To feel closer of your dream’s energy, you can put some triggers in your daily life that simulate your desire. Here are some ways to put oil on your motivation fire:

– Write your goals on a visible part
– Watch images and videos about your dream life
– Watch movies, series, documentaries that speak about it
– Read inspirational biography or quotes
– Invite people of the same field to eat and discuss
– Join Instagram pages, Facebook groups, forums gathering people with the same dreams, sharing their results.

Those may seem insignificant, but a lot of studies show that our environment plays a really important role in our success, and as social creature, watching other people making it is really stimulating.

3. Social emulsion

Wherever you are introvert or extrovert, social pressure and social boosts can drastically enhance your energy levels. Here are a few strategies to take benefit of that power.

– Work with a mate who has the same goal, so you feel guilty if he goes faster than you. He will keep you on track in the hardest moments.
– Also, a mentor or a master can direct and drive you. Set regular meetings or messages to share results and speak about problems you are facing; goals you are trying to reach.

Where to meet a mate or mentor? You can find them on forums or groups and contact them directly, explaining your project and motivations. You can also find some mates or mentors in events relative to your subject. For example, if you are a software developer, you can try to participate in Hackathons.


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