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As a professional boxer and entrepreneur, Laila Ali knows the importance of hard work and dedication. In this quotes compilation, she outlines her journey to success and offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. With anecdotes from her own life, Ali provides inspiration and guidance to help you achieve your own entrepreneurial dreams. Despite facing obstacles along the way, she persisted and ultimately found great success. If you’re looking for motivation and guidance, read on for Ali’s story.

We are glad to present you the most inspiring quotes from Laila Ali, and much more.


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About Laila Ali

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Super Middleweight Light Heavyweight

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5 Ft 10 In

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December 30, 1977

Inspiring Phrases From Laila Ali

I don’t really try to tell people whether they should fight. It’s definitely not for everybody. โ€” Laila Ali

If you’re passionate about something, you believe in it, then you have to be consistent. And you have to put in the hard work that it takes to be successful. โ€” Laila Ali

I like to play by my own rules. โ€” Laila Ali

My father loves people. No matter what their race, no matter what their position in life, he treated everyone with kindness and love and respect. And that was instilled in me just by watching him. โ€” Laila Ali

i like to play by my own rules Laila Ali quote

Everybody wants recognition, but we can’t all get it. โ€” Laila Ali

My dad is an excellent grandfather. He loves kids. He loves to kiss them to death. โ€” Laila Ali

I don’t get the action… well, I never did get the big action hero parts. I was always locked into making the kids movies, which were a lot of fun. โ€” Laila Ali

Various Statements From Laila Ali

Authenticity is very importantโ€“be true to one’s self. โ€” Laila Ali

We shared our father with the world. โ€” Laila Ali

authenticity is very important be true to one s self Laila Ali quote

I love engaging in conversation with other moms because we can relate to one another, and we swap valuable insight and information. โ€” Laila Ali

I was one of those people who wasn’t getting a lot of milk, so I had to pump forever to just get two ounces of milk. But, you know, I wasn’t going to give up or stop. โ€” Laila Ali

My dad is a comedian, entertainer, you know. He always likes to make people laugh. With me, it just depends on what mood I’m in. You get what you get. โ€” Laila Ali

If you knew you could change your lifestyle and diet and avoid heart disease and other things, you should do it. โ€” Laila Ali

I wasn’t in shape at all before I decided to do boxing. I wasn’t an athlete. Before boxing, I would go to the gym for a month and stop. โ€” Laila Ali

More Phrases From Laila Ali

I’ve always like watching competition and athleticism. Just seeing the average person going up against Gladiators, is always something I enjoy. I’m not really a big sports fan, but I do enjoy the show. โ€” Laila Ali

Running is my time for myself. I’m like, ‘I’m going for a run!’ and my husband knows I’m out of there. โ€” Laila Ali

You have to fight for your health and stay on top of it. Our bodies are meant to be healthy. โ€” Laila Ali

Sometimes if you don’t physically attempt something, you don’t realize how sick to your stomach or how hard it is. โ€” Laila Ali

I have cravings all the time, even when I’m not pregnant. โ€” Laila Ali

you have to fight for your health and stay on top of it our bodies are meant to be healthy Laila Ali quote

Anyone who’s seen me before knows that when it’s fight time, I don’t have much to say. โ€” Laila Ali

Maybe if I completely shaved my head and get the frost out of my moustache, maybe I could get one of those serious acting jobs. โ€” Laila Ali

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Deeper Quotes From Laila Ali

Pregnancy isn’t ‘I can eat whatever I want,’ because you have to remember you’re going to be stuck with a lot of that weight afterwards that you need to try to get off. โ€” Laila Ali

I’ve had people in the family, male and female, impacted by heart disease. But people can prevent it. โ€” Laila Ali

All fighters run. The constant motion prepares you for being in the ring. And running strengthens your legs. Punching power comes from your lower body. โ€” Laila Ali

I am thrilled and honored to have a seat at the table for meaningful conversation with so many accomplished women in the sports world. โ€” Laila Ali

Everyone wouldn’t just accept that I wanted to be a fighterโ€“because I wasn’t someone that they envisioned could or would be a fighter. โ€” Laila Ali

I think that the greatest lesson I learned from my father is just having compassion towards people. โ€” Laila Ali

My dad lived by example. I lived by watching him. I watched all the great things he did and said. I try to walk that talk for my children. โ€” Laila Ali

Amazing Thoughts From Laila Ali

I’m private in the sense that I like my personal space and only want people in the parts of my business that I choose to share. Anything I feel is too personal to share publicly, I keep to myself. โ€” Laila Ali

I never ran with my dad. He was oldโ€“school. He had a whole different idea of training. He ran in steelโ€“toed boots! But, of course, he’s proud of me and proud of the boxer that I became. โ€” Laila Ali

When I entered the sport of boxing I wanted to be one of the best and be undefeated. And I was able to attain that, not just one championship title, but four. โ€” Laila Ali

People like to see me fight. A name can only take you so far. There are only a few fighters out of the thousands of boxers out there that have name recognition. I’m definitely not upset by that. โ€” Laila Ali

I’m not one of those women who’s like pro women. I’m an individual, and I’m in an individual sport. So I see everyone as individuals, not as male or female. โ€” Laila Ali

Sometimes your worst hits in life wind up being your best advantage. If only you could believe that when you’re getting hit. โ€” Laila Ali

I was never offended that people underestimated me because of my appearance or that they thought I was pretty and discouraged me from fighting because they didn’t want me to risk hurting my looks. โ€” Laila Ali

LAILA ALI Quotes Take Away

Laila Aliโ€™s words of wisdom are truly inspiring. She is a role model for hard work and determination, not just in boxing, but in life. Her quotes will motivate you to push through any obstacle and achieve your goals. We hope her words have motivated you to take action and check out our courses. With our help, you can reach your fitness goals โ€“ no matter what they may be.

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