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Kendrick Lamar is one of the most influential rappers in today’s music industry. He was born in Compton, California and raised by his mother who had to work two jobs just to provide for her son. Despite living surrounded by gangs and violence, Kendrick found solace in hip hop as a child. His upbringing influenced his music tremendously with songs like The Art of Peer Pressure on Section 80 that describes the life he lived growing up: I’m at war with my wrongs so I’mma right them all.
Hip-hop has always been a voice for those who are oppressed and unheard but now more than ever it’s reaching new heights with rappers like Kendrick Lamar telling their stories through lyrics.
Discover the best phrases from Kendrick Lamar.

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I think my worst problem is actually living in the moment and understanding everything that’s going on. I feel like I’m in my own bubble. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

The times that we are in, it’s something that you can only feel in the air. You don’t even have to talk about it. You don’t need the news or the Internet to watch it. You can walk outside and just feel it. โ€” Kendrick Lamar


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God to me is love. It’s the ruler of all things, whether it’s with a person or with music or with your TV. I feel like it’s this energy. God is energy, love is energy. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I sit and talk to kids all day, because I feel like they carry the most wisdom. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

i sit and talk to kids all day because i feel like they carry the most wisdom Kendrick Lamar quote

You can have the platinum album, but when you still feel like you haven’t quite found your place in the worldโ€“it kind of gives a crazy offset. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

It’s a great, great experience to finally get the reception that you know you rightfully deserve. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I’m constantly thinking. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I’d rather not live like there isn’t a God, then die and find out there really is. Think about it. โ€” Kendrick Lamar


But what love go to do with it when you don’t love yourself? โ€” Kendrick Lamar

but what love go to do with it when you don t love yourself Kendrick Lamar quote

We hurt people that love us, love people that hurt us. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Love is not just a verb. It’s you looking in the mirror. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Kids don’t see hate in their eyes. They see the world, and living in it to the best of their abilities. And that’s where love comes from for me. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

From what I remember, I remember always being a big fan of Kardinal Offishall. He just had that different flow and different flavor. He put himself on the record and that’s the type of energy that we love. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

The opposite of love? Vice. Temptation. The negative influences that we have. The bad energy that comes around us and makes us do certain things. To me, it’s always been a war between the two. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

we hurt people that love us love people that hurt us Kendrick Lamar quote


I look at where I’m at today and realize that most of my success is owed to the mentors that was in my life. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Live your life, live it right. Be different, do different things. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

If I can look at a 6โ€“yearโ€“old and learn from him, that’s life. That’s God for me, that’s inspiring. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

There’s kids out there that have so much life to live. That’s a beautiful thing. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I don’t do black music, I don’t do white music. I do everyday life music. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

live your life live it right be different do different things Kendrick Lamar quote

I don’t talk about these things if I haven’t lived them, and I’ve hurt people in my life. It’s something I still have to think about when I sleep at night. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I live this life at a pace that anyone can go. Know your place, and dedicate your role …To the faith that you’ll die alone โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Life will put many red lights in front of you, but sometimes we must push on the gas and trust God. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

It’s only right that i mentor a younger person with the same wisdom that was given to me, if it helps the next kid become a better person in life, i will forever be aware of my influence and pay it forward. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

The limit is the sky, and I live on cloud. And I recognize my nemesis gon try, to put a finish in my shine. But pussy we’ll hurt you, life in the power circle. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

there s kids out there that have so much life to live that s a beautiful thing Kendrick Lamar quote

I felt like, what better way for people to understand me by taking the initiative in giving my real name, my name that moms taught me so y’all actually know what’s going on in my life and my music. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

You got to bleep one single word though. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name. โ€” Kendrick Lamar


You really can’t categorize my music, it’s human music. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

It’s deepโ€“rooted, the music of being young and dumb, It’s never muted, in fact, it’s much louder where I’m from. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

you really can t categorize my music it s human music Kendrick Lamar quote

I don’t really believe in the type of pressure that people are wanting to put on the type of music that I make. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

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There’s a lot of other artists doing things outside of that depth that I enjoyโ€“that music that I can actually have fun to, and not be in depth and think about, then I appreciate that. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

As long as my music is real, it’s no limit to how many ears I can grab. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I started doing music when I was thirteen; I actually started writing my first rhymes. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

The people definitely shape the two, put stamps and classify mainstream and underground music. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

as long as my music is real it s no limit to how many ears i can grab Kendrick Lamar quote

I don’t just wanna be a popular person, I want my music to always live because that’s what’s gonna drive your legacy. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I’m putting out this free music, constantly putting it out. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Before finding music, I didn’t have too many aspirations. I wanted to hang out, make a little money from whatever I had to do. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I always felt like there was a certain standard of music that I had to do from the beginning, even when I didn’t have the recognition that I have now. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

That’s the ultimate thing I want to do in making musicโ€“to be able to inspire somebody else. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

People are used to music that justifies street culture but something that’s not touched on is why these kids act the way they act, live the way they live. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I’m just writing, writing, writing. I keep these tablets on me until I’m inspired to go back in and make the music. I never take a break from my pen, because I pride myself on that. โ€” Kendrick Lamar


I can be calm and reflective from time to time and other times I can have a burst of energy, that’s just me. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I’ve been called a recluse. There’s definitely truth in that. I like to spend time alone. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Black and brown pride have been taught in my household for a long time. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

i ve been called a recluse there s definitely truth in that i like to spend time alone Kendrick Lamar quote

So next time you feel like your world is about to end, I hope you studied because He’s testing your faith again. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

My pops and my mom started playing Marvin Gaye and the Isley Brothers and all these people, but at the same time, they always had Snoop on right behind it in the same mix. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Since day one, since the first time I touched the pen, I wanted to be the best at what I do. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Every time I write these words they become a taboo, Making sure my punctuation curve, every letter here’s true, Living my life in the margin, and that metaphor was proof. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

Am I the only one who measures time using songs? ‘Oh it only took me 4 songs to get here! that’s not to long! โ€” Kendrick Lamar

I probably spent more time listening to albums than writing songs. But I think that gave me all the tricks in terms of wordplay, from how I pronounced my words to the actual delivery. โ€” Kendrick Lamar

How am I influencing so many people on this stage rather than influencing the ones that I have back home? โ€” Kendrick Lamar

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