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Kendall Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, has spent her life in the spotlight. After starring on Keeping Up with The Kardashians since she was a pre-teen, Kendall’s career took off in other aspects as well. She became a model for various magazines and companies such as Vogue Russia and Calvin Klein Jeans. Kendall is also known for being one of the most followed people on Instagram (over 100 million followers) and is currently worth $22 million dollars according to Forbes magazine.

We are glad to present you the best Boyfriends phrases from Kendall Jenner.

Here are the strongest Love, Work, Call Boyfriends quotes from Kendall Jenner, and much more.


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Model, Media Personality, Socialite

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I think my mom and dad have an incredible work ethic, and we’ve grown up around it. โ€” Kendall Jenner

Some people might think that what I’ve done before made it easier for me to get jobs, but it was actually a disadvantage. I had to work even harder. โ€” Kendall Jenner

Dream big, work hard.’ My parents brought up Kylie [Jenner] and me to be workaholics. That’s something I really appreciate. โ€” Kendall Jenner

My parents taught me that work ethic is one of the most important keys in life, and I believe it. โ€” Kendall Jenner

i think my mom and dad have an incredible work ethic and we ve grown up around it Kendall Jenner quote

I don’t work with a trainer. I just go to cheerleading practice and run a couple times a week. โ€” Kendall Jenner

When I was at high school, I used to pretend that I had work, and I would go and tell the head of school that I, like, really needed to leave, and I was really stressed out because I had work. โ€” Kendall Jenner

My little sister Kylie puts an amazing outfit together every day, and it just works for her. For me, it’s more like jeans, boots, maybe a jacket. Sometimes I get caught in my sweats. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I want to continue modeling and do the best that I can with that. โ€” Kendall Jenner

It’s just scary to think how fast everything is rolling, and you can’t stop it. โ€” Kendall Jenner

i want to continue modeling and do the best that i can with that Kendall Jenner quote

Modelling isn’t something I’m doing to prove people wrong. It’s something I’m doing because it’s what I want to do โ€” Kendall Jenner

When it rains, I have good energy; I’m in a good mood. โ€” Kendall Jenner

My dream jobs would be Italian ‘Vogue’ and anything with Chanel! โ€” Kendall Jenner

Modeling is my number one priorityโ€“one hundred percent. โ€” Kendall Jenner


The New York fashion scene is crazy, madness, but I love the energy. โ€” Kendall Jenner

the new york fashion scene is crazy madness but i love the energy Kendall Jenner quote

I weirdly love interior design and real estate and all of that. I really do. I get chills from it. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I don’t check any Web sites daily, but I love Instagram. โ€” Kendall Jenner

Every girl loves posing in her underwear. It’s always fun to do that. โ€” Kendall Jenner

My style icon actually is my three sisters. I love the way they dress and the way they put things together. I definitely get most of my style from them. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I’m obsessed with Tumblr. I love looking at all the pictures! โ€” Kendall Jenner

i don t check any web sites daily but i love instagram Kendall Jenner quote

I try to drink a bottle of water a day, and I love Kiwi Strawberry Snapple. โ€” Kendall Jenner

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My favorite thing about doing photo shoots is just being able to have fun, meeting new people, getting dressed up, and I just love doing it. So, I have a lot of fun. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I truly enjoyed Greeceโ€“Santorini. That’s somewhere that I always want to be. โ€” Kendall Jenner


Not only was i able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, i am now able to call him my hero. โ€” Kendall Jenner

If we’re fighting, we call Khloe. She’s our peacemaker. Kourtney keeps us downโ€“toโ€“earth. โ€” Kendall Jenner

if we re fighting we call khloe she s our peacemaker kourtney keeps us down to earth Kendall Jenner quote

When I was young, I was the kid who would call my dad from a slumber party to beg him to come pick me up. โ€” Kendall Jenner

The first campaign that I recall was with Kate Moss and Marky Mark. Probably the most iconic jeans ad ever. โ€” Kendall Jenner

Inspiring Phrases From Kendall Jenner

I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I want to be the next Gisele Bundchen . Everything she does, who she is, what she’s done, she’s just amazing. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I think mascara is a must. If I’m going to wear makeup somewhere, and I’m doing it, it’s usually really simpleโ€“it’s just mascara and maybe a tiny bit of eyeshadow, but that’s it. โ€” Kendall Jenner

i think everyone is beautiful in their own way Kendall Jenner quote

I guess my style’s a little edgy but comfortable. I like being comfortable, for sure, and kind of casual. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I definitely want to design clothes at one point. โ€” Kendall Jenner

I think a natural look is prettier. I rarely wear makeup, but we always wear sunscreen on our faces. โ€” Kendall Jenner

Do your squats eat, your vegetables, wear red lipstick, [and] don’t let boys be mean to you. โ€” Kendall Jenner

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