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There are many reasons to be inspired by Kelly Clarkson. She is a powerful vocalist with an impressive six Grammy Awards to her name. She has also sold over 25 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling artists of all time. But what makes Clarkson so inspiring is her resilience in the face of adversity. Throughout her career, she has faced numerous challenges, but she has never given up. Instead, she has used her experiences to become a stronger person and an even better artist. If you need some inspiration in your own life, then you need to read Kelly Clarkson’s quotes compilation. It will show you that anything is possible if you never give up on yourself.

We are glad to present you the best Sing, Love, Feelings, Girls, Time, Life, Weight quotes from Kelly Clarkson, and much more.


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April 24, 1982

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Singer, Songwriter, Television Personality

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Pop, Pop Rock

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Rca, 19, S, Atlantic

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The fact that I get to do what I love and 14 years in, I’m still doing it–I don’t know how anything could get better. — Kelly Clarkson


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I love to sing, and I love to talk to people at meet–and–greets. — Kelly Clarkson

I love a sexy vIdeo. I don’t even mInd racIness. I don’t mInd that at all. — Kelly Clarkson

I still watch ‘Idol,’ and it’s still the No. 1 show, so obviously I’m not the only one who loves to sit at home and be entertained. — Kelly Clarkson

i love to sing and i love to talk to people at meet and greets Kelly Clarkson quote

I love talkIng and I genuInely lIke people. — Kelly Clarkson

Even though I hate acting, I love doing videos for my songs. — Kelly Clarkson

I love dressing up and doing the red carpet every once in a while, but I am very much a jeans kinda girl, so it’s all a little embarrassing for me. — Kelly Clarkson

Everybody’s got a dark side. Do you love me? Can you love mine? Nobody’s a picture perfect, but we’re worth it, you know that we’re worth it. — Kelly Clarkson

I don’t love traveling, because I’m never home. It’s hard when you have a family. — Kelly Clarkson

i love a sexy video i don t even mind raciness i don t mind that at all Kelly Clarkson quote

I’ve always dreamed that love would be effortlessLike a pedal falling to the ground; a dreamer following his dream. — Kelly Clarkson

I love healthy stuff and junk an equal amount. Whatever I’m craving, I go for it. I’m never trying to lose weight–or gain it. I’m just being. — Kelly Clarkson

I’ve loved my 20s, but I would never repeat them. — Kelly Clarkson


Everyone says I’m like the girl next door… Y’all must have really weird neighbors! — Kelly Clarkson

I never said I was a ‘good girl.’ I’m not a bad girl. — Kelly Clarkson

everyone says i m like the girl next door y all must have really weird neighbors Kelly Clarkson quote

I was the bIggest gIrl In the show, and I wasn’t bIg, but people would call me bIg. because I was the bIggest one on ‘Idol,’ I’ve kInd of always gotten that. — Kelly Clarkson

I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh my god, if I was a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it’s just not my thing. I’ve always batted for the boys’ team. — Kelly Clarkson

Everybody always says that I’m the girl next door, which makes me think that y’all must have a lot of weird next–door neighbours. — Kelly Clarkson

Like every other girl in the world, my most embarrassing moment had to do with a guy completely turning me down. His loss! — Kelly Clarkson

I already have 20 costume changes planned, I wIll be flyIng In lIke my gIrl p!nk, and callIng amy schumer and sarah sIlverman for jokes. — Kelly Clarkson


Even though I’m a pop singer, I really have more the life of a country singer. — Kelly Clarkson

I thInk we’re both wInnIng In lIfe and pretty blessed. — Kelly Clarkson

It’s amazing to impact people’s lives–it’s a cool thing to have the spotlight and be able to reassure people, to say, ‘It’s OK to be you. — Kelly Clarkson

The thing I love most about going on vacation is that I get to leave behind any kind of schedule. My entire life is scheduled from morning to night, and when I’m on vacation, there is no schedule. — Kelly Clarkson

I’ve never been more nervous in my life than singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. — Kelly Clarkson

even though i m a pop singer i really have more the life of a country singer Kelly Clarkson quote

This is my life; these are my fingerprints; I’m unique; this is what I want to do. You worry about your own front porch and what’s happening in your own world. — Kelly Clarkson

I’ve dated a couple of guys who were awesome, and the celebrity part of my life and the traveling part are hard to get around. You never get to see each other, especially if you’re both musicians. — Kelly Clarkson

I’m so happy now. I love that I’m in a relationship right now… I want a life… The past five years or so I’ve found my groove and my balance. — Kelly Clarkson

Just because I’m single and don’t date a lot, that doesn’t make me a lesbian. — Kelly Clarkson

I was a poor kid, and my mom was a single mother of three. — Kelly Clarkson

i think we re both winning in life and pretty blessed Kelly Clarkson quote


Since you’ve been gone, I can breath for the first time. — Kelly Clarkson

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I was in a very dark place for a long time. It’s just so hard to have normalcy. — Kelly Clarkson

I was hospItalIzed, It was just kInd of a bad pregnancy, so I had to take off way more tIme [from workIng] than normal. — Kelly Clarkson

As a mom, you just don’t have time, so you get straight to the point. — Kelly Clarkson

Books have always been important to me–my mom was a first grade teacher, so I grew up reading all the time. — Kelly Clarkson

since you ve been gone i can breath for the first time Kelly Clarkson quote

My happy weight changes. Sometimes I eat more; sometimes I play more. I’ll be different sizes all the time. — Kelly Clarkson


I feel lIke I’m a very nIce person that you mIght want to sIng wIth me. — Kelly Clarkson

I feel like as a generation, we sell ourselves short. I just expected more from us. — Kelly Clarkson

I feel like you can be the best role model by being yourself. — Kelly Clarkson

No matter what size I am I love performing no matter how big or little I am! I feel good. — Kelly Clarkson

i feel like i m a very nice person that you might want to sing with me Kelly Clarkson quote

By keeping her heart protected, she’ll never ever feel rejected. — Kelly Clarkson


When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t.’ — Kelly Clarkson

I don’t obsess about my weight, which is probably one of the reasons why other people have such a problem with it. — Kelly Clarkson

I love my body. I’m very much OK with it. I don’t think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people. — Kelly Clarkson

I do cardio. I run. I strength–train using my own body weight. I don’t like free weights, because I build muscle easily. — Kelly Clarkson


I’m from a small town where everybody always has something to say–you shouldn’t sing secular music, you shouldn’t do this or do that. A ton of ‘shouldn’ts. — Kelly Clarkson

I sing songs that I have lived or I write them because I have lived them. I think the believability factor is key. — Kelly Clarkson

Pick your head up nothing lasts forever, sing it for the people like us, the people like us! — Kelly Clarkson

I fIgured If I got [mcentIre], everyone would have to say yes, I’ve never asked an artIst to do anythIng other than sIng wIth me, whIch a lot of people say no and It hurts my feelIngs, whIch Is ok. — Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful singers in the world. She has inspired people with her music and her words for many years. In a recent interview, she shared some powerful insights that can help you live a successful life. “There are two ways to be happy: change the things you can control, or accept the things you can’t control. You have to decide which one you want more.” These words ring true for all aspects of life, from work to relationships. If you want to be happier and more successful, start by changing what you can control and accepting what you can’t. We hope these quotes from Kelly Clarkson have inspired you as much as they’ve inspired us.

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