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In 1971, Katherine Graham became the first woman to lead a Fortune 500 company. She accomplished this during a time when women had very few role models in the business world. This article will explore Graham’s life and career, and provide inspiration for entrepreneurs who are looking to make their mark in the world. Despite facing many challenges throughout her life, Graham always stayed true to her values and achieved remarkable success. Her story is one of determination and perseverance, and is sure to inspire others to achieve great things.

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About Katherine Graham

birth of the author

June 16, 1917

death of the author

July 17, 2001

education of the author

Vassar College University Of Chicago

occupation of the author

Newspaper Publisher


I still love the theology of the Mormon religion and think it is a wonderful way to grow up. — Katherine Heigl

I’m a talker. I love a good debate. — Katherine Heigl

I just ultimately wanted to be a mother. I love children. — Katherine Heigl

To love what you do and feel that it matters–how could anything be more fun? — Katharine Graham

I love Martha’s Vineyard, where I have had a house for thirty years. I have loved visiting countries around the world. But I always come home to Washington. — Katharine Graham

Hollywood likes to label everyone so you’re easier to identify. — Katherine Heigl

I want to stay in the moment and enjoy the great things that are happening. — Katherine Heigl


Marriage is actually really terrifying. It doesn’t work for many people. — Katherine Heigl

If I wasn’t in this industry, I wouldn’t work out. — Katherine Heigl

My career is really important to me, but there have to be other great, important things in your life besides work. — Katherine Heigl

I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong. — Katharine Graham

I can’t cultivate a relationship with my child if it’s between takes. I tried that on a movie and realized, ‘This is not going to work.’ It will work some of the year, but not 12 months a year. — Katherine Heigl

The organization that I joined when I went to work, the trade association called the Bureau of Advertising, became the first of many over the years in which I was the only woman. — Katharine Graham

Kids are a huge sacrifice; they change everything–but I’m ready to work for things of greater importance than going out to meet someone for dinner at 10 o’clock at night. — Katherine Heigl

I don’t want to be the person digging my own grave. — Katherine Heigl

I like going on location for films. — Katherine Heigl


If one is rich and one’s a woman, one can be quite misunderstood. — Katharine Graham

So few grown women like their lives. — Katharine Graham

When I do get pregnant, I highly doubt I’ll be one of those women who don’t look pregnant from behind–I’ll be that chick who looks pregnant from her ankles up! — Katherine Heigl

I’m not out burning bras, but I’m very opinionated about women owning their power. — Katherine Heigl

I think a lot of women innately know how to play their hand. I’m not a big one for the rules. — Katherine Heigl

I often observed that at times women were invisible to men, who looked right through you as though you weren’t there. — Katherine Graham

As women, we have more of a tendency to be people–pleasers, and I know a lot of women who are not vocal about what makes them happy. — Katherine Heigl

The thing women must do to rise to power is to redefine their femininity. Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact power has no sex. — Katharine Graham

I adopted the assumption of many of my generation that women were intellectually inferior to men, that we were not capable of governing, leading, managing anything but our homes and our children. — Katharine Graham

I’ve never really been America’s sweetheart, but for a minute I think that’s what they wanted me to be. — Katherine Heigl

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It’s lame to say that I’m a normal girl, but I think I am. — Katherine Heigl

One doesn’t soon forget the natural beauty of Washington, although those of us who live here do sometimes take it for granted. — Katharine Graham


I am a better mother for having something in my life and not just my children. — Katherine Heigl

Of course, of course I’m grateful. How can I not be grateful? I have been afforded such a wonderful life. — Katherine Heigl

Adoption has been a part of my life and a part of my family, so it was how I wanted to start. It felt natural and right to me. — Katherine Heigl

I’ve created a chaotic life, and then I get on edge because of it. — Katherine Heigl

To me, involvement with news is absolutely inebriating. It’s what makes my life exciting. — Katharine Graham

So much about living life, to me, is about humility and gratitude. And I’ve tried very hard to have those qualities and be that person and I’m just so disappointed in myself that I allowed it to slip. — Katherine Heigl


My mother is a great source of advice and wisdom and consolation for me. — Katherine Heigl

When something disappointing happened, my mother would remind me not to let that become my focus. There’s still so much to be grateful for. — Katherine Heigl

Mother set impossibly high standards for us, creating tremendous pressures and undermining our ability to accomplish whatever modest aims we may have set for ourselves. — Katharine Graham

My mother seemed to undermine so much of what I did, subtly belittling my choices and my activities in light of her greater, more important ones. — Katharine Graham


I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children. It doesn’t seem like any fun. — Katherine Heigl

In large families, it seems it is hardest to be either the first or the last child. That was certainly true in ours. — Katharine Graham

My mother is a realist, and she’s had biological and adoptive children, and she said it’s no different: No matter what, they’re putting a stranger into your arms. You don’t know them yet. — Katherine Heigl

A lot of children don’t find forever homes because they’re on that special–needs list, even if it’s because of something as simple as her mother smoked cigarettes for a month, not knowing she was pregnant. — Katherine Heigl

I was the youngest child and really spoiled. I loved to play make–believe. I loved pretending to be all kinds of different people and it just seemed natural that I would go into acting. — Katherine Heigl


Katherine Graham was a successful businesswoman, journalist, and publisher. She was the first woman to own a major newspaper in the United States. Throughout her life, she offered wise words of wisdom on everything from leadership to self-confidence. Her quotes are as relevant today as they were when she first said them and can offer inspiration to anyone working towards their goals. If you’re looking for more motivation, check out our courses page for tips and advice from some of the top minds in business today. We hope these quotes have inspired you as much as they have us and that you continue striving for success.

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