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Katharine Hepburn was born on May 12, 1907 in Hartford Connecticut. She was the daughter of a wealthy businessman and socialite mother. Her father had been an alcoholic but he died when Katharine was twelve years old. Katharine’s mother wanted to make sure that her children would be raised as fine young ladies so she hired people who were qualified for this position such as tutors, governesses, and private schools. This gave them the opportunity to have a privileged upbringing with lots of opportunities for travel abroad and education at home. When she graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1929 she did not want to become a teacher or journalist which is what her family wanted her to do because they thought it would provide more stability than acting could

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May 12, 1907

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June 29, 2003

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Bryn Mawr College

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It’s not what you start in life, it’s what you finish. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

If you lead a public life, people are much more on to you than you think. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Life gets harder the smarter you get, the more you know. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Vitality! That’s the pursuit of life, isn’t it? โ€” Katharine Hepburn

it s not what you start in life it s what you finish Katharine Hepburn quote

Without discipline, there’s no life at all. โ€” Katharine Hepburn


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Listen to the song of life. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

There are no laurels in life, just new challenges. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Life is full of censorship. I cant spit in your eye. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Life is very hard, isn’t it? It does kill you, after all. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

if you lead a public life people are much more on to you than you think Katharine Hepburn quote

Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don’t do that by sitting around. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

All my life, I’ve stayed at parties too long because I didn’t know when to go. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

In some ways I’ve lived my life like a man, made my own decisions, etc. I’ve been as terrified as the next person, but you’ve got to keep going. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

He’s worked his entire life and he’s never lived a single moment, I mean not a moment, in the real world. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Life can be wildly tragic at times, and I’ve had my share. But whatever happens to you, you have to keep a slightly comic attitude. In the final analysis, you have got not to forget to laugh. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

life gets harder the smarter you get the more you know Katharine Hepburn quote

My father, a surgeon and urologist, studied sex professionally all his life. Before he died at 82, he told me he hadn’t come to any conclusions about it at all. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

As one goes through life, one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

You learn in life that the only person you can really correct and change is yourself. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

What is Katharine Hepburn best known for?

Katharine Hepburn was a spirited film and stage actress with a touch of eccentricity.

Outspoken and iconoclastic, she introduced into her roles a strength of character previously considered to be undesirable in Hollywood leading ladies.


It’s either some kind of electricity or some kind of energy. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, I’ve got it. โ€” Katharine Hepburn


I love rain. It’s lucky, I always think. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

i love rain it s lucky i always think Katharine Hepburn quote

I have loved and been in love. There’s a big difference. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

You don’t pick who you fall in love with. There are so few people to love. It’s hard for one adult to even like another. Almost impossible. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

I think the reason that very few people really fall in love with anyone is that they’re not willing to pay the price. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Love fattens on smooth words. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Two of an actress’s greatest assets are love and pain. A great actress, even a good actress, must have plenty of both in her life. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

i have loved and been in love there s a big difference Katharine Hepburn quote

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to getโ€“only with what you are expecting to giveโ€“which is everything. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Only the really plain people know about loveโ€“the very fascinating ones try so hard to create an impression that they soon exhaust their talents. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

You give because you love and cannot help giving. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

I don’t believe in marriage. It’s bloody impractical. ‘To love, honor, and obey.’ If it weren’t, you wouldn’t have to sign a contract. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Its a force of life, sex; you cant deny the thrill of riding high, wide and handsome with someone you love. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

love fattens on smooth words Katharine Hepburn quote

Loved people are loving people. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

I loved Spencer Tracy. I would have done anything for him. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

To be loved is very demoralizing. โ€” Katharine Hepburn


The only time I am ever miserable is when I do something just for the money. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

The time to make up your mind about people is never. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

the only time i am ever miserable is when i do something just for the money Katharine Hepburn quote

I’m a legend because I’ve survived over a long period of time and still seem to be master of my fateโ€“I’m still paddling the goddamned boat myself. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

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I would have made a terrible parent. The first time my child didn’t do what I wanted, I’d kill him. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Time is the stuff of which life is made. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

If motherhood doesn’t interest you, don’t do it. It didn’t interest me, so I didn’t do it. Anyway, I would have made a terrible parent. The first time my child didn’t do what I wanted, I’d kill him. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Acting is a nice childish professionโ€“pretending you’re someone else and, at the same time, selling yourself. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

the time to make up your mind about people is never Katharine Hepburn quote

Who is Katharine Hepburn? It took me a long time to create that creature. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

The woman’s position in the world today is so much harder than a man’s that it makes me choke every time I hear a man complain about anything. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Its life isn’t it? You plow ahead and make a hit. And you plow on and someone passes you. Then someone passes them. Time levels. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

To keep your character intact you cannot sToop To filthy acts. it makes it easier To sToop the next time. โ€” Katharine Hepburn


What acting means is that you’ve got to get out of your own skin. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

what acting means is that you ve got to get out of your own skin Katharine Hepburn quote

Acting is the perfect idiot’s profession. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

The terrible thing about acting in the theater is that you have to do it at night. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Acting is the most minor of gifts. After all, Shirley Temple could do it when she was four. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

If you give an audience a chance they will do half your acting for you. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Acting is the most minor of gifts and not a very highโ€“class way to earn a living. after all, shirley temple could do it at the age of four. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

acting is the perfect idiot s profession Katharine Hepburn quote


When a man says he likes a woman in a skirt, I tell him to try one. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Show me an actress who isn’t a personality and I’ll show you a woman who isn’t a star. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

What did Katharine Hepburn accomplish?

Katherine Hepburn holds the record for most Academy Awards won, having been nominated for 12 .

She won the Oscars for best actress for her performances in Morning Glory, Guess Whoโ€™s Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter, and On Golden Pond


I realised long ago that skirts are hopeless. Anytime I hear a man say he prefers a woman in a skirt, I say, ‘Try one. Try a skirt.’ โ€” Katharine Hepburn

It is the ordinary woman who knows something about love; the gorgeous ones are too busy being gorgeous. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

I have not lived as a woman. I have lived as a man. I’ve just done what I damn well wanted to, and I’ve made enough money to support myself, and ain’t afraid of being alone โ€” Katharine Hepburn

when a man says he likes a woman in a skirt i tell him to try one Katharine Hepburn quote

Only when a woman decides not to have children, can a woman live like a man. That’s what I’ve done. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

I never realIzed untIl lately that women were supposed to be the InferIor sex. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

It is the plain women who know about love; the beautiful women are too busy being fascinating. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Plain women know more about men than beautiful ones do. But beautiful women don’t need to know about men. It’s the men who have to know about beautiful women. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Sometimes i wonder if men and women really suit each other. perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

show me an actress who isn t a personality and i ll show you a woman who isn t a star Katharine Hepburn quote

How wonderful are the women and men in the world who feed us. Especially those who feed us with no salary. The mothersโ€“I thought. The wives. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

I’ve always thought men and women are not too well suited to each other. It’s inevitable that they should come together, but, again, how well suited are they to live together in the same house? โ€” Katharine Hepburn

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere. โ€” Katharine Hepburn

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