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It may be hard to believe that actress Kate Hudson is only 37 years old. She has been in the public eye for so long and seems like she has been around forever. But, as they say, time flies. And Hudson has certainly kept busy in her career since making her acting debut in 2001. This week we take a look back at the amazing life and career of Kate Hudson.

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About Kate Hudson

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April 19, 1979

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Actress, Author, Businesswoman

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I’m not really single. I mean I am, but i have a son. Being a single mother is different from being a single woman. โ€” Kate Hudson

I always thought my mother was so damn cute! โ€” Kate Hudson

What’s beautiful about my mother is] her compassion, how much she gives, whether it be to her kids and grandkids or out in the world. She’s got a sparkle. โ€” Kate Hudson

I always wanted to be a mom. โ€” Kate Hudson

i always thought my mother was so damn cute Kate Hudson quote


I don’t know if people really want to know how I feel about drugs. I’m not such a stickler. I believe you can choose to live your life any way you want. โ€” Kate Hudson

The reason I trust so much is that I don’t feel like I have anything to hide. If somebody betrays that trust, it could never be so bad, because I don’t keep any secrets. โ€” Kate Hudson

If I feel like I need a little color, I’ll get a natural spray tan. Not only does this give me a little extra coverage, but it also allows me to achieve the bronzed look I want without the sun damage. โ€” Kate Hudson

I sometimes feel like when you’re talking to boys, they just hear certain keywordsโ€ฆ But if you had a bubble above their head, they’d be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food. โ€” Kate Hudson

I’m not a big fan of romantic comedies, believe it or not… โ€” Kate Hudson

i m not a big fan of romantic comedies believe it or not Kate Hudson quote

I don’t believe [monogamy] is realistic. But, I believe that we, as people, have the power to make it happen. โ€” Kate Hudson

I do think that there is an innocence to people who are searching for things. It’s a beautiful thing when you leave yourself vulnerable to discover anything and everything. โ€” Kate Hudson


Just as it takes work to be in a relationship, so it takes work to not be in a relationship. โ€” Kate Hudson

I actually really love to work out. You need to find what you love. โ€” Kate Hudson

I’d like to be able to experience things. That’s the best thing for my workโ€“to be somebody who does get to travel and observe people. โ€” Kate Hudson

just as it takes work to be in a relationship so it takes work to not be in a relationship Kate Hudson quote

If it’s a big hit, fantastic. If it’s not, then it’s not. I don’t worry about my work. โ€” Kate Hudson

I’m going to go to work out, and I’m going to enjoy it, and I’m going to eat really healthy. But I’m going to go to Vegas, and I’m going to stop at Inโ€“Nโ€“Out Burger, and then I’ll be back on track. โ€” Kate Hudson

The goal when you get into a relationship is not to be out of the relationship. It’s to try to stay in the relationship. But if it doesn’t work, you can’t force those things. โ€” Kate Hudson

I think for all the women who are working parents it’s difficult to balance your workโ€“life and your homeโ€“life. You make obvious sacrifices because you really just want to be with your family. โ€” Kate Hudson

I love my shape because I work really hard at it. I honor my body by working out and seeing what it can do. โ€” Kate Hudson

i actually really love to work out you need to find what you love Kate Hudson quote

I was a dancer, so for me, if I don’t work out for a week or move my body in some sense, I feel weird. โ€” Kate Hudson

A triathlon is on my bucket list. I started training a long time ago, and my life took a different turn: Things happen; work happens. I will definitely accomplish that at some point! โ€” Kate Hudson

If you work out 20 minutes a day in some way, you’re going to see changes. โ€” Kate Hudson

Forgiveness in any aspect of something that is complex is the greatest tool. โ€” Kate Hudson

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Alec Baldwin made us all feel like [we could] pal around with him and come up with the best scenarios or scenarios if you’re a fโ€“king asshole. So working with him was Alec Baldwin does it the best. โ€” Kate Hudson

i don t like working out with lots of makeup because i don t like it getting into my pores Kate Hudson quote

I don’t like working out with lots of makeup because I don’t like it getting into my pores. โ€” Kate Hudson

When you’re nursing and you’re working 18โ€“hour days, that’s pretty hard. โ€” Kate Hudson

I’m working 18 hour days and I’m feeling guilty not being able to be there when all those times I want to be mother. โ€” Kate Hudson

As a woman, and as a working mom trying to get things done, you find yourself meeting adversity a lot, but you never talk about it because you don’t want to bring attention to it. You don’t want to go there. โ€” Kate Hudson


I’m superstitious … but not like wear the same underwear for two weeks superstitious. โ€” Kate Hudson

i m superstitious but not like wear the same underwear for two weeks superstitious Kate Hudson quote

You don’t wear stuff for other people; you’ve got to wear it for yourself. โ€” Kate Hudson

I try to give everyone options because no matter what you think you’re going to wear, what you actually put on depends totally on how you feel. โ€” Kate Hudson

When in doubt, wear white. I think white is a very important color just spiritually, and I think when you’re feeling that way white is a great color to wear. โ€” Kate Hudson


I like when life is sort of spontaneous. I like the unexpected. I’m comfortable in that! โ€” Kate Hudson

I went on countless auditions. I begged my parents until I finally was allowed to be in a theatrical play when I was 13. It was the most important thing in my life. โ€” Kate Hudson

i like when life is sort of spontaneous i like the unexpected i m comfortable in that Kate Hudson quote

Obsession is such a naughty wordโ€“it’s a very intense word. I’m obsessed with music, always have been. I can’t lie. And I’m obviously obsessed with my child, my child’s life and the little things that he does. โ€” Kate Hudson

Being active and good health is the most important beauty regime because that will affect you for the rest of your life. โ€” Kate Hudson

If I think about my life, I’m not reluctant about taking chances. I’m definitely not reluctant about relationships. โ€” Kate Hudson

When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong there. โ€” Kate Hudson

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