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Kamala Harris is a strong, independent woman who has made it her life mission to fight for what she believes in. From an early age, Kamala knew that she wanted to do more than just be average. Growing up as the daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica, she was always encouraged by her family to work hard and be the best she could possibly be. Her parents instilled in her a love of education and learning which turned into a passion for law at Howard University where Harris became the first person in her family to graduate from college. At only 32 years old, Kamala was sworn-in as California’s Attorney General after defeating two opponents with over 50% of the vote – making history as both female and African American nominee on

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October 20, 1964

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Everyone’s been worried about’ will supreme court overturn roe v. wade,’. — Kamala Harris

Joe biden and i are very clear : the american people are voting right now. and it should be their decision about who will serve on( supreme court)… for a lifetime. — Kamala Harris

We are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the supreme court, We have to take this challenge head on, and everything is on the table to do that. — Kamala Harris

They are conservative ideologues, not mainstream jurists, senate democrats can not and will not accept them to serve on the highest court in the land. — Kamala Harris

everyone s been worried about will supreme court overturn roe v wade Kamala Harris quote

I love being in a courtroom. — Kamala Harris


I am here to earn everyone’s support, and I’m goIng to fIght to earn It. — Kamala Harris


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The thing i love about california democrats is we are never afraid of a fight, and we know right now weve got a fight on our hands. — Kamala Harris

I love my country, and I feel a sense of responsIbIlIty to stand up and fIght for the best of who we are, I’m prepared to fIght and I know how to fIght. — Kamala Harris

Dreamers cannot afford to sit around and wait for congress to get its act together, these young people are just as american as i am, and they deserve a president who will fight for them from day one. — Kamala Harris

i am here to earn everyone s support and i m going to fight to earn it Kamala Harris quote

The core of my campaign is the people. — Kamala Harris


Clearly president donald trump doesn’t get it. — Kamala Harris

I’m just not going to engage in hypotheticals, i know one thing for sure, joe biden was joe biden. joe biden knows what it takes to be a good vice president. joe biden’s going to make that decision. — Kamala Harris

I cannot waIt to see [harrIs] debate our current vIce presIdent, meeka pInts. or Is It paInts? — Kamala Harris

Baltimore has become home to my team and its disgraceful the president has chosen to start his morning disparaging this great american city. — Kamala Harris

clearly president donald trump doesn t get it Kamala Harris quote

Lynching is a reprehensible stain on this nation’s history, as is the president. we’ll never erase the pain and trauma of Lynching, and to invoke that torture to whitewash your own corruption is disgraceful. — Kamala Harris

Bash biden claims to be the best president we have seen in a generation. well, i say let’s call barack obama, because that’s identity fraud. — Kamala Harris

The road ahead, it will not be easy. but The president–elect and i are hitting The ground running, we don’t have a moment to waste. — Kamala Harris

Who is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris, 49th vice president of the United States, is the first Black woman to have been elected vice president.

She represented California in the U. S. Senate from 2017 to 2021 and served as the state’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017.

Right now, we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons, joe will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose. — Kamala Harris


A family shares hardships and a connected history. — Kamala Harris

a family shares hardships and a connected history Kamala Harris quote

It’s immoral, and let’s be clear, government should be in the business of keeping families together, not tearing them apart. — Kamala Harris

A family looks for ways to support and inspire one another. — Kamala Harris

If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short. — Kamala Harris

Here’s the truth people need to understand: To tackle the challenges of the twenty–first century, we must empower women and families. If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short. — Kamala Harris

So we must right the wrong and––after generations of discrimination––give black families a real shot at homeownership––historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth. — Kamala Harris

a family looks for ways to support and inspire one another Kamala Harris quote

I wIll be a fIghter for the next generatIon on the crItIcal Issues facIng our country, I wIll be a fIghter for mIddle–class famIlIes who are feelIng the pInch of stagnant wages and dImInIshIng opportunIty. — Kamala Harris


We have to act with fierce urgency. Justice demands it. — Kamala Harris

The criminal justice system punishes people for their poverty. — Kamala Harris

I was born realizing the flaws in the criminal justice system. — Kamala Harris

Generally speaking, the public appetite for criminal justice policy is just tough talk. — Kamala Harris

we have to act with fierce urgency justice demands it Kamala Harris quote

We need a green new deal based in climate and environmental justice, which means building a clean economy that protects communities that have been neglected by policymakers for far too long. — Kamala Harris

To change criminal justice policy in any meaningful way means to propose changing a very longstanding system. It’s not realistic to think you can do it overnight. — Kamala Harris


With the advent of DNA, we know that people have been convicted and sentenced to death who later proved not to be guilty of the crime. — Kamala Harris

I believe that a child going without an education is a crime. — Kamala Harris

Getting smart on crime’ does not mean reducing sentences or punishments for crimes. — Kamala Harris

i believe that a child going without an education is a crime Kamala Harris quote

If you want to deal with an epidemic–crime or health–the smartest and most effective and cheapest way to deal with it is prevention first. — Kamala Harris

To be smart on crime, we should not be in a position of constantly reacting to crime after it happens. We should be looking at preventing crime before it happens. — Kamala Harris

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The aim is to scare immigrant communities. … and so, hes going to… do These raids which is a crime against humanity, we are on your side, we stand with you togeTher. — Kamala Harris

I strongly believe that for serious and violent criminals, we must absolutely hold them accountable for their crimes and send them to prison. — Kamala Harris

It was an act of patriotism when we worked to pass a law allowing the prosecution of federal hate crimes in the name of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd. — Kamala Harris

Times have changed–marijuana should not be a crime, we need to start regulating marijuana, and expunge marijuana convictions from the records of millions of americans so they can get on with their lives. — Kamala Harris


We’re going to have many opportunities for us to spend time together. — Kamala Harris

I have decIded that I am, wIth great enthusIasm, goIng to endorse joe bIden for presIdent of the unIted states, I really belIeve In hIm and I have known hIm for a long tIme. — Kamala Harris

Isn’t is exciting ? this is the first time this has happened in american history, and in my view it should have happened a long time ago. i think it’s terrific. — Kamala Harris

We right now have got a lot of work to do with the people in our country who have served their time and have been prohibited from voting. — Kamala Harris

we re going to have many opportunities for us to spend time together Kamala Harris quote

I would not get Into court packIng, we add three justIces ; next tIme around, we lose control, they add three justIces. we begIn to lose any credIbIlIty supreme court has at all. — Kamala Harris

Here’s the thing: every office I’ve run for I was the first to win. First person of color. First woman. First woman of color. Every time. — Kamala Harris


I believe in that old adage that ‘as goes California, so goes the country.’ — Kamala Harris

It’s a yes or no answer, do you believe the previous interrogation techniques were immoral ? i’m not asking if you believe they were legal, i’m asking, do you believe they were immoral ? — Kamala Harris

I belIeve In joe. I belIeve In joe, I know joe. and that’s why I’m supportIng hIm. — Kamala Harris

i believe in that old adage that as goes california so goes the country Kamala Harris quote

All i can tell you is what i believe. and that is there is an enormous amount to be gained from markets. — Kamala Harris

I disagree with any policy that would turn America’s back on people who are fleeing harm. I frankly believe that it is contrary to everything that we have symbolically and actually said we stand for. — Kamala Harris

Did Kamala Harris run for president?

Kamala Harris sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. The nomination was secured by Joe Biden, who chose Harris as his running mate.

I do not believe that government should be in the business of telling women what they should do with their bodies. — Kamala Harris

On the issue of walmart, yeah they should stop selling guns. i do believe that, we need background checks and we need people to be, as i’ve said, respOnsible in the way that they’re selling guns. — Kamala Harris

I want to use my position of leadership to help move along at a faster pace what I believe and know the Obama administration wants to do around the urgency of climate change. — Kamala Harris


And lets be clearthere is no vaccine for racism, weve got ta do the work.for george floyd. for breonna taylor. for the lives of too many others to name. — Kamala Harris

My work is] so much a part of me. I think about my job all the time, not in a way that is burdensome but in a way that asks, ‘How can I do good?’ I’m also blessed to do work that I really enjoy doing. — Kamala Harris

I’ll be judged on the body of work and not the popularity of any one decision. — Kamala Harris

I thInk there’s no questIon that new york sen. kIrsten gIllIbrand’ve got to crItIcally re–examIne Ice and Its role and the way that It Is beIng admInIstered and the work It Is doIng. — Kamala Harris

The president has asserted that torture works, do you agree with that statement ? — Kamala Harris

i ll be judged on the body of work and not the popularity of any one decision Kamala Harris quote

We need to incorporate that age–old concept of redemption into the work that we do in the criminal justice system in California. — Kamala Harris

I’ve had the good fortune and blessing to run for the offices for which I really wanted to do the work. — Kamala Harris

In order to find balance, I feel very strongly about two things in particular in terms of routine. Work out, and eat well. — Kamala Harris

As a young prosecutor right out of law school at the Alameda County DA’s office that Earl Warren once led, I started my work. — Kamala Harris

What’s important for my daughter to know is that… if you are fortunate to have opportunity, it is your duty to make sure other people have those opportunities as well. — Kamala Harris

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