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In the movie Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson played the role of Jules Winnfield, a charismatic and tough-talking young man with a penchant for violence. But what many people don’t know is that there is more to this character than meets the eye. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the real-life story of Jules Winnfield and see how he went from being an unknown criminal to one of Hollywood’s most iconic characters.

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Quentin Tarantino

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Lawrence Bender

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Andrzej Sekuła

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Miramax Films

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United States

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$8-8.5 Million

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$213.9 Million


I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to do, but when you try to deal with prescient themes in the present, that is what you’re doing. — Quentin Tarantino

I don’t feel any ‘white guilt,’ because I had nothing to do with (slavery) whatsoever. I feel shame for my country that it happened and that’s why I feel we need to deal with it. — Quentin Tarantino

I am a writer, I deal in words. There is no word that should stay in word jail, every word is completely free. There is no word that is worse than another word. It’s all language, it’s all communication. — Quentin Tarantino

I’m a historian in my own mind. — Quentin Tarantino

Revenge, … All of a sudden, revenge started brewing in the back of their minds. — Quentin Tarantino


I look at ‘Death Proof’ and realize I had too much time. — Quentin Tarantino

I definitely have some colleagues that I respect, and we get together from time to time. But I actually have just like genuine friends. — Quentin Tarantino

Unfortunately, every time I have somebody play an instrument, it’s always like, they don’t know how to do it. — Quentin Tarantino

Ou know, if yOu want to see jackbooting Nazis in movies, yOu’ve got to watch American movies made at that time. — Quentin Tarantino

I was kind of excited about going to jail the first time and I learnt some great dialogue. — Quentin Tarantino

Movies are not about the weekend that they’re released, and in the grand scheme of things, that’s probably the most unimportant time of a film’s life. — Quentin Tarantino

I have loved movies as the number one thing in my life so long that I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t. — Quentin Tarantino

I’m basically like, you know, learned pretty quickly the guy who throws the first punch usually wins, so when people gave me a hard time I just punched them. — Quentin Tarantino


When I’m writing something, I try not to get analytical about it as I’m doing it, as I’m writing it. — Quentin Tarantino

I’m not writing novels, the screenplays are my novels, so I’m gonna write it the best that I can. If the movie never gets made, it’d almost be okay because I did it. It’s there on the page. — Quentin Tarantino

I really become the characters when I’m writing them. I’ll become one or two of them more than others, I’m consistent that way. — Quentin Tarantino

If I really considered myself a writer, I wouldn’t be writing screenplays. I’d be writing novels. — Quentin Tarantino

Everything I learned as an actor, I have basically applied to writing. — Quentin Tarantino

I think that’s, it’s my way of writing, it’s my, it’s part of you know for lack of a better word, God–given talent that I have that I’m really good at that kind of dialogue. — Quentin Tarantino

I’ve always equated the writing process with editing, sort of like when I get through editing the movie, that’s like my last draft of the screenplay. — Quentin Tarantino

I think it almost all has to do with coming at writing from an acting perspective, because I didn’t, like, study writing. I studied acting. — Quentin Tarantino

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I try not to get analytical in the writing process. I try to just kind of keep the flow from my brain to my hand as far as the pen is concerned and go with the moment and go with my guts. — Quentin Tarantino

Critics don’t want to see directors they like make too much of a left turn. That’s good for criticism. — Quentin Tarantino


There was that last blast of Westerns that came out in the Seventies, those Vietnam/Watergate Westerns where everything was about demystification. And I like that about those movies. — Quentin Tarantino

I want do a Mandarin language movie. It’ll probably be the next movie I do after the one I do next. — Quentin Tarantino

I like my song–sequences in my movies, but one of the things I like about them, is I get in and I get out. — Quentin Tarantino

I will never do Pulp [Fiction] 2 but having said that, I could very well do other movies with these characters. — Quentin Tarantino

Then they’d [Nazi] make movies against England, you know, in the same way, to help, you know, feather their nest for what they–their aggressions. — Quentin Tarantino

I couldn’t spell anything. I couldn’t remember anything, but I could go to a movie and I knew who starred in it, who directed it, everything. — Quentin Tarantino

I’m not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies. — Quentin Tarantino

If I’m on an airplane, a Kate Hudson movie is what I’m looking for. I’ll sit there and I’ll cry. I think it’s the altitude or something like that. — Quentin Tarantino

It’s very important that every movie I do makes money because I want the people that had the faith in me to get their money back. — Quentin Tarantino

You get to be analytical about the process and now I can watch the movie and see all the different connection things and see all the things that are underneath the surface. — Quentin Tarantino

My mom took me to see Carnal Knowledge and The Wild Bunch and all these kind of movies when I was a kid. — Quentin Tarantino

I write movies about mavericks, about people who break rules, and I don’t like movies about people who are pulverised for being mavericks. — Quentin Tarantino


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