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John Cleese is a British comedian, actor and writer who is most famous for his work with the comedy troupe Monty Python. Cleese’s career has spanned more than 50 years, and during that time he has proven himself to be one of the most talented and versatile entertainers in the business. His solo projects have met with just as much success as his collaborations, and he remains a force to be reckoned with on stage and screen. In this blog post, we will take a look at Cleese’s life and career, and explore why he has been such an enduring influence on comedy.

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About John Cleese

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27 October 1939

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Downing College, Cambridge

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Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Producer

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He who laughs most, learns best. β€” John Cleese

Students who laugh more–learn more. Students who laugh more earn more. β€” John Cleese

That’s a lovely experience when you make an audience laugh. Then the nerves go away for a bit. And sometimes you do things then that you’ve never done before that are really funny. β€” John Cleese

Tension is wonderful for making people laugh. β€” John Cleese

he who laughs most learns best John Cleese quote

I think that sometimes you do something that makes a small group of people laugh, which is all we were trying to do; we were just trying to make each other laugh. β€” John Cleese

If I can get you to laugh with me, you like me better, which makes you more open to my ideas. And if I can persuade you to laugh at the particular point I make, by laughing at it you acknowledge its truth. β€” John Cleese


I get bored easily. I’ve been bored most of my life. β€” John Cleese

Only a few things in life matter a little. The rest don’t matter at all. β€” John Cleese

I’ve always found life quite difficult to explain to people or to myself. β€” John Cleese

i get bored easily i ve been bored most of my life John Cleese quote

Life is a terminal disease, and it is sexually transmitted. β€” John Cleese

Filming takes a lot out of you. It really does. It’s immensely demanding, and you have to put the rest of your life in the icebox until you do your final shot. β€” John Cleese

I think humor is incredibly positive, I think it is life advancing. There’s medical research to show that it improves your antibodies. It’s all about sense and perspective. β€” John Cleese

Only an obsessional procrastinator would cry, β€˜Let’s run for our lives, but not till Wednesday afternoon.’ Back β€” John Cleese

If life were fair, Dan Quayle would be making a living asking ‘Do you want fries with that?’ β€” John Cleese

only a few things in life matter a little the rest don t matter at all John Cleese quote

Always start where the energy is. β€” John Cleese


It’s easier to be creative if you’ve got other people to play with. β€” John Cleese

The most creative people have this childlike facility to play. β€” John Cleese

While you’re being creative, nothing is wrong. There’s no such thing as a mistake, and any drivel may lead to the breakthrough. β€” John Cleese

Telling people how to be creative is easy–being creative is difficult. β€” John Cleese

it s easier to be creative if you ve got other people to play with John Cleese quote

Some actors, I think, want to feel that they are as creative as the writer. And the answer is, frankly, they’re not. β€” John Cleese

Laughter is the best creative medicine. β€” John Cleese

To be creative you must create a space for yourself where you can be undisturbed… separate from everyday concerns. β€” John Cleese

Nothing will stop you being creative more effectively as the fear of making a mistake. β€” John Cleese


When you’ve been doing comedy for forty years, you really do know most of the jokes. And even if you don’t know a specific joke, you can pretty much guess what it’s going to be. β€” John Cleese

i want to write a book which is the history of comedy John Cleese quote

I want to write a book which is the history of comedy. β€” John Cleese

Bureaucrats shouldn’t be in charge of comedy. β€” John Cleese

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By watching the great, old comedians I picked up a few tricks about how to do physical comedy. And whenever I could learn something, I sort of added that to my repertoire. β€” John Cleese

Comedy always works best when it is mean–spirited. β€” John Cleese

Michael Palin decided to give up on his considerable comedy talents to make those dreadfully tedious travel shows. Have you ever tried to watch one? β€” John Cleese

bureaucrats shouldn t be in charge of comedy John Cleese quote


English television from the Fifties to the Nineties was the least bad in the world, and now it’s just as bad as it is anywhere. β€” John Cleese

The English contribution to world cuisine: the chip. β€” John Cleese

When you get to my age, and I’m 66 now, you realize that the world is a madhouse and that most people are operating in fantasy anyway. So once you realise that, it doesn’t bother you much. β€” John Cleese

The World is insane. With tiny spots of sanity, here and there… Not the other way around! β€” John Cleese

When we hold a World Championship for a particular sport, we invite teams from other countries to play as well. β€” John Cleese

the english contribution to world cuisine the chip John Cleese quote


I think it takes a long time, as you get older, to realize just how crazy the world is, just how ridiculous it all is. β€” John Cleese

If you are leaping a ravine, the moment of takeoff is a bad time to be considering alternative strategies. β€” John Cleese

You have to create boundaries of space and then you have to create boundaries of time. β€” John Cleese

The most creative people have learned to tolerate the slight discomfort of indecision for much longer and so, just because they put in more pondering time, their solutions are more creative. β€” John Cleese

When people quote sketches to me, half the time I don’t know what they’re talking about so I have to sort of go, aha, yes, oh yep, I remember that and lie my way out of it. β€” John Cleese

you have to create boundaries of space and then you have to create boundaries of time John Cleese quote

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play. β€” John Cleese

I’m not saying Obama is right on everything. Of course not. He may be wrong on a number of things. But what I do know is that he behaves like a very, very sane man almost all the time. β€” John Cleese

My mum died about three years ago at the age of 101, and just towards the end, as she began to run out of energy, she did actually stop trying to tell me what to do most of the time. β€” John Cleese

Ask yourself, ‘When does this decision have to be taken?’ and having answered it, defer the decision until then, in order to give yourself maximum pondering time. β€” John Cleese


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