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In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the quotes compilation of Jimmy Page, one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in rock history. We’ll explore his early life, musical career, and business ventures. Without a doubt, Page has inspired countless entrepreneurs over the years with his innovative thinking and relentless drive for success.

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About Jimmy Page

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9 January 1944

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Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer

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Rock, Blues, Folk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal And More.

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Swan Song, Atlantic, Geffen

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All-Stars, Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages, The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, The Firm, Coverdale•Page And More.


I’m pretty loyal to my guitars, you know, but then they’re pretty loyal to me, too. — Jimmy Page

I’m not a guitar hero. — Jimmy Page

I’m not trying to be flippant here, but I just play the guitar, don’t I? That is my characteristic, and it’s my identity as you hear it. — Jimmy Page

I can communicate far better on a guitar than I can through my mouth. — Jimmy Page

i m pretty loyal to my guitars you know but then they re pretty loyal to me too Jimmy Page quote

He was so in demand, it’s estimated that his guitar can be heard on 60 percent of the records recorded in Britain during the early sixties. — Brad Tolinski

I’ve played guitar in so many different styles, and I want to revisit them all. — Jimmy Page

I always thought the good thing about the guitar was that they didn’t teach it in school. — Jimmy Page

Guitarist keith kicked it off and i began to mould a riff around Guitarist keith guitar part to augment the arrangement. — Jimmy Page

Once I get onstage the tension explodes and I’m fine. I’m in another world–in a trance almost, doing what I love best, expressing myself through guitar. — Jimmy Page

i m not a guitar hero Jimmy Page quote

I played guitar all my life, all the way through the Yardbirds, but I knew that for me this was going to be a guitar vehicle, because that’s what I wanted it to be. — Jimmy Page

From the classical guitar right through to the furthest electrical experiments and everything in–between, it’s amazing what the guitar can actually do. I mean, when one thinks about sounds. — Jimmy Page

My vocation is more in composition really than anything else–building up harmonies using the guitar, orchestrating the guitar like an army, a guitar army. — Jimmy Page


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I consider descending chromatic lines and arpeggiated chords basic skills learned by any student of the guitar. — Jimmy Page

My guitar style was developed during that 10–year period. That’s me. That’s the way I play, and I don’t wish to play any other way. Our own individual identities are firmly stamped on this album. — Jimmy Page

i can communicate far better on a guitar than i can through my mouth Jimmy Page quote


Led Zeppelin wasn’t a corporate entity. — Jimmy Page

I really don’t listen to Led Zeppelin that much. — Jimmy Page

Zeppelin vinyl is quite revered in audiophile circles. — Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin isn’t done yet, quite clearly, because every year since 1968 there’s been new fans. — Jimmy Page

The Yardbirds folded in 1968, and within a handful of months, Led Zeppelin was not only a band but also a very successful one. — Jimmy Page

led zeppelin wasn t a corporate entity Jimmy Page quote

Led Zeppelin was an affair of the heart. Each of the members was important to the sum total of what we were. — Jimmy Page

If you listen to our work, from ‘Led Zeppelin I’ to ‘Coda,’ it’s just a fantastic textbook. — Jimmy Page

It’s good to be in a position to know that I’ve inspired musicians, from what I’ve learned to lay down personally, and collectively with Led Zeppelin. — Jimmy Page

The thing about Led Zeppelin was that it was always four musicians at the top of their game, but they could play like a band. — Jimmy Page

That’s one of the problems with the Zeppelin stuff. It sounds ridiculous on MP3. You can’t hear what’s there properly. — Jimmy Page

i really don t listen to led zeppelin that much Jimmy Page quote

I can play in many sorts of categories because we’ve seen that with Led Zeppelin, all the acoustic stuff, and this, that and the other. — Jimmy Page

In the Led Zeppelin shows of the Sixties and Seventies, it was the same numbers every night, but they were constantly in a state of flux. If I played something good, really substantial, I’d stick it in again. — Jimmy Page


I can tell how far I ought to be going, I know how to get there, all I’ve got to do is keep playing. — Jimmy Page

I love playing. If it was down to just that, it would be utopia. — Jimmy Page

I’ve never mastered the guitar. Either I was playing it, or it was playing me; it depends how you look at it. As a kid, the only things I had to do was go to school, do my homework, and play guitar. — Jimmy Page

i love playing if it was down to just that it would be utopia Jimmy Page quote

I really love playing live–it’s such a gas. — Jimmy Page

When I started doing sessions, the guitar was in vogue. I was playing solos every day. — Jimmy Page

It’s interesting when something new comes along, a band of dwarfs playing electronic harps or something, but I’m not searching. — Jimmy Page

But if you want me to knock Kingdom Come, all I will say is that I heard the guitarist said he’d never heard my playing, and I’d defy any guitarist in American not to have heard Led Zeppelin. — Jimmy Page

Listening to John Bonham is just a sheer celebration of his playing–it can’t help but fill you with so much joy. — Jimmy Page

i really love playing live it s such a gas Jimmy Page quote

I love playing. If it was down to just that, it would be utopia. But it’s not. It’s airplanes, hotel rooms, limousines, and armed guards standing outside rooms. I don’t get off on that part of it at all. — Jimmy Page

My guitar playing touches so many different areas of the form, but the important thing is what it represents across the form. — Jimmy Page

I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it. — Jimmy Page

There’s music that can affect people in their lives, and they will always relate to the point that they heard it and experienced it, either if you’re playing it or you’re receptive, as an audience. — Jimmy Page


I suggested back in 1980 to do a chronological live album, but there wasn’t that much enthusiasm for it. — Jimmy Page

i do not recall ever seeing spirit perform live Jimmy Page quote

Live Aid did feel like one hour’s rehearsal after several years, but to be part of Live Aid was wonderful. It reall was. — Jimmy Page

I do not recall ever seeing Spirit perform live. — Jimmy Page

I do not worship the devil. But magic does intrigue me. Magic of all kinds. I bought Crowley’s house to go up and write in. The thing is, I just never get up that way. Friends live there now. — Jimmy Page

Traveling the world was a constant thing, rich with experiences. But all of it was relative to being able to play live onstage and really stretch out. — Jimmy Page


Music is the one thing that has been consistently there for me. It hasn’t let me down. — Jimmy Page

music is the one thing that has been consistently there for me it hasn t let me down Jimmy Page quote

I always believed in the music we did and that’s why it was uncompromising. — Jimmy Page

I can listen to all different sorts of music. I don’t really care about The Next Big Thing. — Jimmy Page

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There’s too many good musicians around for the music around for the business to be sagging. — Jimmy Page

I am very good at remembering music and am absolutely certain that I never heard ‘Taurus’ until 2014. — Jimmy Page

I do know there’s a lot of music where Led Zeppelin has been leant on. We didn’t do anything about it. And I wouldn’t want to, either. — Jimmy Page

i always believed in the music we did and that s why it was uncompromising Jimmy Page quote

So far I’ve been very, very fortunate because it appears that people like to hear the music I like to play. What more fortunate position can a musician be in? — Jimmy Page

Here’s where it goes with Led Zeppelin. It didn’t matter what was going on around us, because the character of Led Zeppelin’s music was so strong. — Jimmy Page

I liked the Sex Pistols’ music. I thought it was superb. — Jimmy Page

Music can always be a life–changing experience, for musicians and fans, or at least life–affecting, but it depends on to what degree. — Jimmy Page

There’s so many different styles and facets of the 360–degree musical sphere to listen to. From tribal to classical music, it’s all there. If the bottom was to sag out of that, for God’s sake, help us all. — Jimmy Page

i can listen to all different sorts of music i don t really care about the next big thing Jimmy Page quote

The idea of a hypnotic riff as the prime mover of a piece of music has been around for a long time, whether you’re talking about the Delta blues or music from Middle Eastern and African cultures. — Jimmy Page

With Led Zeppelin, it has always been that mystique of how the music is done–how it works, why it works. — Jimmy Page

That’s exactly why I came into music in the first place: to be inspired by what I hear to make it something else, to make it my own. That’s how culture, creativity, moves, isn’t it? — Jimmy Page

I can’t think of a greater guitar icon than someone who has the musical intellect to change what was there before and take music in another direction. That’s a guitar hero for me. — Jimmy Page


This week, I’m a gypsy. Maybe next week it’ll be glitter rock. — Jimmy Page

this week i m a gypsy maybe next week it ll be glitter rock Jimmy Page quote

The blues appealed to me, but so did rock. The early rockabilly guitarists like Cliff Gallup and Scotty Moore were just as important to me as the blues guitarists. — Jimmy Page

The term ‘genius’ gets used far too loosely in rock & roll. — Jimmy Page

You get as much out of rock & roll artistically as you put into it. There’s nobody who can teach you. You’re on your own and that’s what I find so fascinating about it. — Jimmy Page

I’m pretty optimistic about the future of rock… it will be back to composition as in classical music or jazz. — Jimmy Page

The way I see it, rock & roll is folk music. Street music. It isn’t taught in school. It has to be picked up. — Jimmy Page

There’s a certain standard in classical music that allows the application of the term ‘genius,’ but you’re treading on thin ice if you start applying it to rock & rollers. — Jimmy Page

When you hear the melodic structures of what classical musicians put together and you compare it to that of a rock & roll record, there’s a hell of a long way rock & roll has to go. — Jimmy Page

There’s always music that moves me. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s within the parenthesis of rock or blues, or whatever. It’s usually far more reaching than that. It can be in many different genres. — Jimmy Page


Everything that came later… the roots are all there in the first album. — Jimmy Page

Every album that I’ve attempted, I suppose, has been different–it’s bound to be. — Jimmy Page

everything that came later the roots are all there in the first album Jimmy Page quote

I don’t think drums had ever sounded so big until Led Zeppelin’s first album. — Jimmy Page

I can understand why we got bad reviews. We went right over people’s heads. One album would follow another and would have nothing to do with what we’d done before. People didn’t know what was going on. — Jimmy Page

The one person who’s disappeared out of the business is the A&R man. Because the listener at home becomes the A&R man. He’s the one who chooses what tracks he wants on the album. And that’s cool. — Jimmy Page

I always felt if we were going in to do an album, there should already be a lot of structure already made up so we could get on with that and see what else happened. — Jimmy Page

Our intent with Led Zeppelin was not to get caught up in the singles’ market, but to make albums where you could really flex your muscles–your musical intellect, if you like–and challenge yourself. — Jimmy Page

every album that i ve attempted i suppose has been different it s bound to be Jimmy Page quote

The passing of John Bonham… Let’s just put it… Before we say, ‘the passing of John Bonham,’ the introduction of John Bonham on the first album and ‘Good Times Bad Times,’ it changes drumming overnight. — Jimmy Page


I really wasn’t needed… Just straightening up riffs, that’s all. Just two guitarists doing it instead of one. — Jimmy Page

You’ll find so many of the guitarists from the ’60s will all say Lonnie Donegan was the influence. — Jimmy Page

I’m not a guitarist as far as a technician goes, I just pick it up and play it. Technique doesn’t come into it. — Jimmy Page

I do really believe that all guitarists have a different character that comes through, that’s a strong character, the stronger the person is. — Jimmy Page

Certainly, as a guitarist, I was aware of descending chromatic lines and arpeggios long before 1968. — Jimmy Page


When I went over to the States to promote Outrider, everyone was telling me I was a blues guitarist. I’m not a bloody blues guitarist. I’m a guitarist. — Jimmy Page

My influences were the riff–based blues coming from Chicago in the Fifties–Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Billy Boy Arnold records. — Jimmy Page

I think it was that we were really seasoned musicians. We had serious roots that spanned different cultures, obviously the blues. — Jimmy Page

I’m just a simple guy, I live from day to day. A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away. — Jimmy Page

You can’t overthink the music. Mood and intensity can’t be manufactured. The blues isn’t about structure; it’s what you bring to it. The spontaneity of capturing a specific moment is what drives it. — Jimmy Page

JIMMY PAGE Quotes Take Away

In the end, Jimmy Page is an incredible musician who has inspired people for generations. His words are a reminder that we should all continue to push ourselves and never give up on our dreams. We hope you’ve enjoyed these inspiring quotes from one of rock history’s most legendary figures.

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