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Jimmy Hoffa was one of the most infamous labor union leaders in American history. He is best known for his work with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and for his mysterious disappearance in 1975. This quotes compilation details Hoffa’s life and career, and explores some of the theories behind his disappearance.

Here are the best quotes from Jimmy Hoffa, and much more.


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About Jimmy Hoffa

birth of the author

February 14, 1913

occupation of the author

Trade Unionist

conviction of the author

Criminal Penalty:
Aggregate Of 13 Years’ Imprisonment

Inspiring Phrases From Jimmy Hoffa

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but man, did they get a break on the labor. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

When you go to prison they forget it’s your Constitution, too. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

Power leads to more power, no matter what your racket, and not only were they rich and influential but they were smart as hell, too. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

Hell, I’m not saying I’m an angel, but when it came to dirty tricks I couldn’t hold a candle to the Irish Mafia. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

rome wasn t built in a day but man did they get a break on the labor Jimmy Hoffa quote

But to hear Kennedy when he was grandstanding in front of the McClellan Committee you might have thought I was making as much out of the pension fund as the Kennedys made out of selling whiskey. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

When you run an organization like the Teamsters one man has to be the boss and run things. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

I do to others what they do to me, only worse. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

Various Statements From Jimmy Hoffa

You almost had to live through it to really know the gut ripping misery of the depression during the early thirties which led to labor’s bloodiest and most violent days. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

There are simply no public figures today who so challenge the elite business and government establishment and so champion the working class as Jimmy Hoffa did almost daily and with arrogance. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

don t let any man into your cab your home or your heart unless he s a friend of labor Jimmy Hoffa quote

Don’t let any man into your cab, your home, or your heart, unless he’s a friend of labor. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

More apparent to Teamster members than any moral lapses were the tangible gains that had been steadily realized under Hoffa since his advent to power. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

From 1955 until 1965 Jimmy Hoffa was as famous as Elvis Presley. From 1965 until 1975 Jimmy Hoffa was as famous as the Beatles. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

It has to be considered damned unusual that no other union was ever investigated. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

I may have many faults, but being wrong ain’t one of them. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

it has to be considered damned unusual that no other union was ever investigated Jimmy Hoffa quote

More Phrases From Jimmy Hoffa

Run from a knife and rush a gun. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

We never had any silk sheets in our family… โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

Sure, we loaned money to build hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. So what? Las Vegas borrowers were good customers. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

In the ten years I was president of the Teamsters, I had raised the membership from eight hundred thousand to more than 2 million and made it the largest single labor union the world. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

Redundant Thematics

In Jimmy Hoffa Statements


He’s not just the most powerful man in labor,’ Robert Kennedy had said in the wake of Hoffa’s announcement; ‘he’s the most powerful man in the country, next to the President. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

run from a knife and rush a gun Jimmy Hoffa quote

You never reveal how You feel. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

Are there any other missing persons living under your roof? Elvis? Jimmy Hoffa? Amelia Earhart? I’d just like full disclosure now, before we go any further. โ€” Maggie Stiefvater

Deeper Quotes From Jimmy Hoffa

They all know I’m back, very much back, and that I will be the general president again come hell or high water. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

I’ll have an Irish banquet waiting for youโ€“a bottle of Guinness and a bologna sandwich. โ€” Charles Brandt

In the old days all you needed was a handshake. Nowadays you need forty lawyers. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

in the old days all you needed was a handshake nowadays you need forty lawyers Jimmy Hoffa quote

Mob guys had muscle, and where in hell do you think employers got the tough guys when they wanted to break a strike? โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. The strong survive and the weak disappear. We do not intend to disappear. โ€” Jimmy Hoffa

JIMMY HOFFA Quotes Take Away

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