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Jim Harbaugh is a successful coach. He has coached many different teams and in the process, he has won many championships. However, despite his success as a coach, he was not always that way. One of the most important lessons Jim learned throughout his career is to never give up on your dreams.

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December 23, 1963

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6 Ft 3 In

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215 Lb

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Palo Alto


We would take as many ronnie bells as We could possibly get on this team, mentally, hes as tough as anyone We got and physically the same. — Jim Harbaugh

Winning as a team is better than anything. It’s great to share success. — Jim Harbaugh

I have always believed that you win as part of a team effort. I’ve learned that if everybody does a little bit, it adds up to a lot. — Jim Harbaugh

All human beings have a great agency for being part of a team. — Jim Harbaugh

winning as a team is better than anything it s great to share success Jim Harbaugh quote

People often think that there’s a general who makes all the difference, but I would reject that. It’s a team effort. It’s the power of the wedge. — Jim Harbaugh

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I’m always available to sit down with the owner or general manager––absolutely. — Jim Harbaugh

Realistic expectations for life are that we are going to be better today than we were yesterday, be better tomorrow than we were today. That’s a plan for success. So [the key is] simple: just work. — Jim Harbaugh

I dIdn’t agree wIth the call. — Jim Harbaugh

It’s more than personal. I can’t screw it up. I have to do. — Jim Harbaugh

i m always available to sit down with the owner or general manager absolutely Jim Harbaugh quote

You’re kind of numb after 50 shots to the head. — Jim Harbaugh

The effort was a plus–plus, They fought like champs. — Jim Harbaugh

I love being part of something that is working toward a greater goal, and there’s no more satisfaction in life than achieving those goals as a team and being a part of that team. — Jim Harbaugh

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I love football. Love it. Love it. I think it’s the last bastion of hope for toughness in America in men, in males. — Jim Harbaugh

There are no turnarounds at Michigan. This is greatness. Long tradition of it. — Jim Harbaugh

there are no turnarounds at michigan this is greatness long tradition of it Jim Harbaugh quote

What will happen will happen, what won’t happen won’t happen. — Jim Harbaugh

I was reminded of another very special word when I was driving into Ann Arbor this morning, and that word is homecoming. Our family’s had three homecomings to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in my lifetime. — Jim Harbaugh

I love people, I really do. I’m a people person. I think that’s a strength of mine. I love being around people, especially in a team setting. — Jim Harbaugh

Perception is NOT reality. People have always said that–perception is reality. I reject that hypothesis. — Jim Harbaugh

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I’m aware of it, and i understand what it means, never give in. — Jim Harbaugh

what will happen will happen what won t happen won t happen Jim Harbaugh quote

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The high road’s the only road I know. Let’s keep on that way. — Jim Harbaugh

I wanted to fInIsh what I started––what we started, and I have great fond memorIes of It. — Jim Harbaugh

Some people say ‘Why is a football coach concerned?’ I explained I’m an American first and all Americans should care about justice. — Jim Harbaugh

Do we need a top–flight quarterback? Do human beings need air to breath? — Jim Harbaugh

Fans have a constitutional right to expect success and have high expectations. — Jim Harbaugh

the high road s the only road i know let s keep on that way Jim Harbaugh quote

I was and still am happier than a pig in slop. — Jim Harbaugh

I am now in control of all things. — Jim Harbaugh

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