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Jessie Reyez is a singer, songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Jessie has written songs for Jhene Aiko and Nicki Minaj. She released her debut EP in 2017 and will be releasing her debut album on September 14th.
The first track off of the album Figures is about feeling insecure but moving forward anyway. This blog post discusses how to overcome insecurity by looking at the work of Jessie Reyez.

Here are the most inspiring phrases from Jessie Reyez.

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About Jessie Reyez

birth of the author

June 13, 1991

genre of the author

R&B, Pop, Hip Hop

occupation of the author

Singer, Songwriter

instrument of the author

Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

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Years Active:

institution of the author

Fmly, Island

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
6Lack, King Louie, Tim Suby, Calvin Harris, Eminem And More.


My earliest memories have to do with music. — Jessie Reyez

To be honest with you, the fact that people vibe with my music is just a really positive byproduct of something that is just a reflex to me. The fact that people even care to listen means a lot to me. — Jessie Reyez

I purposely try to make my music cinematic. I try to inspire visuals even though I’m only an instrument of sound. — Jessie Reyez

I feel like my objective in music is to take a hammer and nail and chip away a piece of my heart and give it to someone, so I feel, with merch, it’s a tangible parallel of that. — Jessie Reyez

my earliest memories have to do with music Jessie Reyez quote

I was very small when I started making music. I think the first song might have been when I was, like, in grade one, maybe? It was really ironic, cause it was a kid talking about taking time with growing up. — Jessie Reyez


I love my smart, supportive, if–I–see–something–I’m–going–to–speak–up type of men. — Jessie Reyez

I love being in the woods when I can just walk barefoot in the grass and just sit down and breathe. I love that so much. — Jessie Reyez

The luxury of not getting judged for ‘loving’ who you want to love should be given to everyone–including women. — Jessie Reyez

The key to having something beautiful is being able to convey a normal human emotion but say it in a way that’s never been said. — Jessie Reyez

i love my smart supportive if i see something i m going to speak up type of men Jessie Reyez quote

Inspiring Phrases From Jessie Reyez

Frank Ocean–I have so much respect for him. — Jessie Reyez

Some people’s parents listened to the Beatles… but my family is Alquimia, Celia Cruz, and Carlos Vives–this old, rich Colombian music. I loved hearing that while I was growing up. — Jessie Reyez

At Afropunk, everyone can be themselves, and I think that’s beautiful. — Jessie Reyez

Talk to your enemies; sometimes ignorance comes from a lack of understanding. — Jessie Reyez

My God, it’s laundry and family when I come back home. I’ve got to see my brother and kids, and my sister–in–law, my aunts, my uncles, cousins; everybody is here. — Jessie Reyez

frank ocean i have so much respect for him Jessie Reyez quote

The second you’re not honest with yourself, you’ve lost everything. — Jessie Reyez

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At every show, I pray with my band. It’s a big thing. — Jessie Reyez

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When I sing in Spanish, my tone is different. I feel more relaxed because that’s how I speak to my family. — Jessie Reyez

Authenticity is hella important. — Jessie Reyez

I want to be remembered for doing something bigger than myself and making a positive impact on the world. I want to make my life worth something and to die a legend and to make my family proud. — Jessie Reyez

authenticity is hella important Jessie Reyez quote

Fear is a real thing. — Jessie Reyez

Music’s always been in my home. My dad plays guitar, and I grew up listening to cumbia and salsa and boleros. — Jessie Reyez

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